Top 12 Must Have Free Digital Marketing Certifications For Every Marketer

Running echoVME, one of the oldest Digital Marketing Agencies in the country, has opened up a number of opportunities for me to help people with their queries while they are at the beginning of their career as well as when they’re trying to up their games in the Digital Marketing industry.

In a previous article of mine, I’ve penned down why a Digital Marketing Certification is important. It is that one fundamental distinguishing factor which serves as a one-way ticket to employability. So, in this article I’ll be talking about a list of certifications you’re supposed to have in your arsenal, what they deliver and about how they optimize your chances of increasing your employability. A certification exam’s key focus is on inculcating best practices and result oriented approach.

Before you get started, here is what you should learn. Digital Marketing Certifications don’t really matter unless you put your learnings into practise. Only practise can make you a great Digital Marketer. These certifications will really help you boost your resume and as an employer I really take people coming with following certifications seriously. But, I do judge them on their experience and their ability to execute the things learnt in the below certifications.

Most of these certifications have their cheat ways to crack. But, be honest and crack this at your own pace. In no particular order, here are some Digital Marketing Certifications that you should own as a marketer:

1. Adwords Search Certification by Google:

This certification is the foundation for a Digital Marketer, taking them through the basics of Digital Marketing. It takes you through the benefits of online advertising and how much it has evolved over the years. The focus here is on creating and optimizing search ad campaigns across the search network. It involves using tools like Keyword tools, targeting tools, bidding and budgeting tools. I have written an article on ‘How to Get Google Adwords Certification’ that you may want to read.

Adwords Search Certification: Validity – 12 Months

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2. Shopping Advertising Certification By Google:

This exam requires on-job experience of running a shopping campaign to increase one’s chances of passing. The course educates a person on how to

  • Create a Merchant Account
  • Create a Product Data Feed
  • Create & Manage a Shopping Campaign

The certification leaves you equipped with a grasp on all the above topics. Also, it teaches you about how shopping campaigns function, bidding and optimization.

Shopping Advertising Certification: Validity – 12 Months

3.  Youtube Video Certification:

These certifications allow you to venture into the lengths and depths of channel creation, growth, optimization, and monetization. The certification is given in four different modules,

  • Content Ownership
  • Asset Monetization
  • Channel Growth
  • Content Strategy

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Youtube Video Certification: Validity – 18 Months

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4. Mobile Advertising Certification By Google:

Tailor-made for individuals and agencies who are looking into specializing on Mobile Advertising, this certification helps in showcasing your expertise. The course material teaches you about the psychology of mobile users, how to influence them to make a decision, bidding and targeting strategies, measuring performance and conversions.

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Mobile Advertising Certification: Validity – 12 Months

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5. AdWords Display Certification By Google:

Display ads are the building blocks to meet initial branding goals. This course material covers how to reach different types of audience by targeting at what kind of display content would lure that particular demographic.

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AdWords Display Certification: Validity – 12 Months

6. Google Analytics Certification :

This certification can be acquired by any individual, free of cost. It requires the person to successfully complete the Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam. Google provides course materials for the exam in two main modules,

  • Google Analytics for Beginners
  • Advanced Google Analytics

 The basic course for a beginner starts off with how to create an account & implement a track code.

The advanced course teaches you how to collect, decrypt data and conversion of them into reports. It takes you through advanced topics through 4 units which revolve around Data Collection, segmenting, processing & remarketing.

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Google Analytics Certification: Validity – 18 Months

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7. Google Tag Manager Certification:

Using clichéd or misleading tags reduces the site performance phenomenally. The course will teach you how to use Google Tag Manager, which cuts down your work and makes the tags more efficient.

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Google Tag Manager Certification: Validity – 18 Months

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8. HubSpot Academy’s Inbound Certification

This free course is stretched over a 5 hour class and guides you through SEO, blogging, nurturing & conversion of leads. All of these put together, a modern inbound strategy is formulated.

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HubSpot Academy’s Inbound Certification: Validity – 25 Months

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9. HubSpot Content Marketing Certification:

Highlighting the difference between Inbound and Content Marketing, the course will aid you in creating your own content library and also making your content assets more efficient. You will be taught to write engaging content, which you can promote and give back leads & new customers.

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HubSpot Content Marketing Certification: Validity – 25 Months

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10. Bing Ads Accredited Professional Certification:

Bing Certification aims at pushing your existing marketing strategy beyond its limits to increase your ROI. The courses are self-paced and free of cost, which is the same with the exam as well.

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Bing Ads Accredited Professional Certification: Validity – 12 Months

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11. Hubspot E-mail Marketing Certification:

While there are over 2 million mails sent every day, most of them go unopened or end-up on the spam folder. The course will embed you with skills on how to write engaging emails and to define your own E-mail marketing strategy, through analytics and optimization.

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Hubspot E-mail Marketing Certification: Validity – 25 Months

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12. Facebook Blueprint Certification:

This certification aims at using the Facebook fraternity of apps to your advantage. Although the courses are free of cost, anyone who wishes to get an official certificate from Facebook needs to pay to schedule an exam.

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Facebook Blueprint Certification: Validity – 12 Months

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 While there is a plethora of Digital Marketing courses that are available to be taken, in my opinion, these courses would form the building blocks for every person who aspires to become a Digital Marketer.

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    All these certification are really good for marketer. I am done with google analytics and adwords one. Looking forward for remaining ones. Thanks for the information Sourav!


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