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Looking for some inspiration for your brand’s international Friendship day creatives and social media campaign ideas?

Read through my list of top 10 amazing International Friendship day social media post ideas.

Who are your best buds?

There’s no doubt that everyone has at least one.

They say if your friendship lasts for more than seven years then it is said to last a lifelong.

Right from sharing your break snack to sharing your punishment in schools, from sharing the home food when you’re in the hostel to sharing the same pen to sign your offer letters, friends are in every walk of our lives.

While many come and go, some stay constant. You know them.

You feel from their vibes that they are the ones who will come to the end.

There have been so many movies on friendship and is still a major genre in the film industry.

Old-gold songs on friendship to advertisements, our people have always aced in portraying this relationship the best way. 

A common practice on friendship day is exchanging friendship bands.

Today let’s see how creative are brands for having brought this beautiful relationship on their social media page.

Here are some of the best friendship day creatives on social media.

Top 10 International Friendship Day Social Media Post Ideas for Your Brands for 2021

1. Furlenco

2. Subway India

3. Dineout India

4. Frozen Bottle

5. Oyo Rooms

6. Modern Foods

7. Honda

8. Indigo Paints

9. Fevicol

10. Dunzo

Who are you tying a band this friendship day?

Tag your bestie in the comments section below!

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