8 Google AdWords Ad Extensions to Improve CTR

Google’s Ad Extensions support center states that all ad extensions will display on all devices. Many people often wonder about Ad extensions and sometimes would dismiss this as a feature that is not worth their time. They are wrong, in fact the Ad extensions are very important for a business to succeed on the online […]

Google’s Ad Extensions support center states that all ad extensions will display on all devices. Many people often wonder about Ad extensions and sometimes would dismiss this as a feature that is not worth their time. They are wrong, in fact the Ad extensions are very important for a business to succeed on the online platforms as they provide vital information that companies use to further improve their business. In this article we talk about the types of Ad extensions, what an Ad Extension is by definition and the importance it has in a company.

Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are what allows you to show additional information on the Google AdWords ads, like the location, sitelinks, click to call and more. These extensions will help the ad stand out and can direct users to relevant content on the website. Here is a list of the different types of ad extensions that can be used to give customers more information about their business:

google adwords extensions

Types of Google Adwords Extension

Choosing Ad Extensions Based On Device Type

The various types of extensions are beneficial for the many types of devices that range from desktops to mobile devices. Knowing where each of the extensions is mostly effective can help the users make decisions on the information that is used in each ad extension type.

For eg,

  • Ad extensions that are great for desktop searches: Sitelink, annotations, seller rating annotations and review extensions
  • Ad extensions for mobile searches: Call extensions, app extensions and location extensions
1. Sitelinks

With the sitelinks extensions, users can now display their links to pages on their website in addition to the main landing page in the AdWords ads. Ads that are shown on desktops as well as tablets can be shown anywhere from two to six sitelinks and ads that are displayed on mobile devices with full browsers can show up to four additional links which can be a big deal.

The sitelinks extensions feature also has a detailed report that shows users how many clicks any part of the ad has received each time an individual sitelink has appeared. There is also the chance to edit their sitelink extensions without resetting any of the performance statistics, Users can also specify sitelinks that they want to show on mobile devices and select specific dates, days of the week, or times of day they want their sitelinks to show.

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 2. Location Extensions

Enhance the Google AdWords ads by dynamically including the address of the business. Location extensions can improve all ads by showing the potential customers a map of the business’ location. Advertisers can also add the location of the business in many AdWords campaigns like Search, Display and Search with Display ads. People who then search for targeted keywords, may be shown a link of the business address as well as the contact number with the ads. This makes customers want to click on the map link to get more useful details. On a mobile platform, the map can generate a navigation view that will take the viewer to the office or store.

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 3. Call Extensions

Attaching a business phone number to the ads is also a great way to encourage potential customers to call the company directly. This is also known as click-to-call on mobile devices, call extensions also come with the added benefit of a very detailed reporting. Companies can then measure phone call conversions, which is a valuable feature for businesses that do rely heavily on call traffic more than anything else.

Google also offers calls with the google forwarding phone numbers. This is a service that lets users to forward their calls to different phones, which can help to track conversions from your AdWords ads with call extensions. Calls are then shown on desktops, tablets and mobile devices. The cost per call can be similar to the costs that come with pay per click, since max bids apply to these type calls as well.

A well known reporting feature of call extensions allows the user to see the number of clicks that are received on each part of the ad when a call extension is also included. Aspects such as the clicks on the headline of ads versus clicks on the call extension can be found with the help of the reporting feature.

Users can also choose when call extensions will appear along with ads without resetting their performance statistics. Specifying the dates, days of the week or times of day when the user want their call extensions to appear.

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4. Structured Snippet

Structured snippets let your ads highlight a specific aspect of products and services. These ad extensions the provide context on the variety and nature of the products and services. The snippet works by deciding what type of information a potential customer will find most important in regards to a product and the services therein. The snippet then selects a predefined header following which the user adds specific details to call out.

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5. Product Listing Ads

If the user has a Google Merchant Center account, it can contain products that are relevant to what someone is searching for. With the help of product extensions features like the images, titles and prices of those products are then shown underneath the ad. This allows the user to include more relevant and detailed information about their products.

product listing ads

6. Review Extension

Review extension show the customer-submitted reviews of their buying experience with any particular business. These ratings are then placed next to the AdWords ads and appear on desktops, laptops and mobile devices with full browsers.

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 7. Callout Extensions

The callout ad extension allows us to include additional text along with regular character limit in our search ads. This let us provide detailed information about your business, including products and services we offer.

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8. Automatic Offer Extensions

Sometimes, Google will enhance the AdWords ads with the help of an automatic extension that appears as a link labeled “View this ad’s deal” below the ad. This often entices a potential customer further to click on the ad and promote the deal that is mentioned in the ad text.

Automatic offer extensions can appear when AdWords system scans the ad text to find any terms that are associated with deals or special promotions. If found, the system will review the ad’s text as well as destination URL to ensure that the deal is still active on said landing page, and to ensure it complies with all of the Google’s policies.
Since this is automatic, Google does provide a form to opt-out of any automatic offer extensions.

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Below mentioned are some other ad extension which also helps to increase the CTR

Dynamic Search Ad Extensions

Dynamic Search Ads are shown in the Google search results based on the content of the users website, instead of their keywords. Although Google automatically shows the ad based on the content of the site, users still have the ability to include any of the above ad extensions with their Dynamic Search Ads in order to show other potential customers additional information about their business.

dynamic search ads

Google Adwords provide ad extensions that enable advertisers to increase their usability, the performance and finally the conversions by adding more details to the ads. Google shows the extensions according to a set of pre-programmed criteria which depends upon the screen size, search terms, types of devices, ads etc.

Social Extensions

Including a link to the Google+ Page with the AdWord campaigns with the social extensions feature can also help. This will show all of the +1s from the company page, website, ads and searches combined. Customers will also see the “recommendations” the business has received when they see the ad, a search result or the Google+ Page.

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What’s The Cost of Ad Extension:

Actually there is no additional cost that comes from using extensions in an ad. Users are charged only for clicks on the ad which includes clicks on certain ad extensions, like app, location and call extensions. There are a also a few where there is no charge for clicks at all. These are social and seller rating annotations and review extensions. To access ad extensions users must go to their google adwords account and select the ‘ad extensions’ tab on top. Use the drop down feature to select the different ad extensions.


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