10 Worst Google Adwords Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Okay I completely buy the idea – Mistakes are Okay to make! But, not repeated. Here are some errors that I often see Marketers make in the Digital Marketing world. In this blog we have compiled some of the most common mistakes with some hilarious GIFS, we are sure you are gonna love this post! […]

Okay I completely buy the idea – Mistakes are Okay to make! But, not repeated. Here are some errors that I often see Marketers make in the Digital Marketing world. In this blog we have compiled some of the most common mistakes with some hilarious GIFS, we are sure you are gonna love this post! 🙂

Let’s Begin the Google Adwords Mistakes Saga! 

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Any internet marketer worth their salt knows about Adwords and how it can be used to divert traffic and thereby increasing the conversion rate and return on investment which translates to profits at the end of the day.

But you cannot simply approach Adwords like a newbie and simply expect the entire thing to work. Like with anything there are a set of rules to follow. Failing which results in making mistakes and in the corporate sector these are mistakes that result in losses at the end of the day. There are various Google Adwords mistakes that marketers do: No proper keyword research, groupoing og keywords, relevant ads, quality score of the advertisements and many more. Here we have a list of things to not do when you use Google Adwords.

Proper Grouping of Keywords

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AdWords allows you to create different ad groups to manage various types of campaigns. With the help of this you are able to fully customize the keywords and the ads into different types of ad groups.

The inability of using ad groups is one of the more common mistakes that are made by business owners. The proper format or procedure requires that the ads are separated into groups which are based around similar keywords. The problem here is that users simply lump the keywords together into one ad group and show the audience a single ad.

Common Pay Per Click knowledge tells you that the ad being shown on your screen should match the one being searched. The closer the ad copy is to the keywords the higher the chance that people will select and order from the ad.

If of course the keywords are not sorted out into other ad groups then of course everything will simply be lumped together under a single copy. This takes away the chance to customize the ad to properly fit the term being researched. The more the ads are segmented into themes, the easier it becomes for campaigns to fully monitor and prioritize.

Just Looking at the Accounts

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Another well know mistake that is a trend among many is that people don’t tend to do the work required when it comes to ad research and simply sit on the accounts. Nearly half of 1 percent of the total accounts gets worked on even once per week. The worst part is that this mistake is not limited to small business owners. High ranking if not experts employees that excel at PPC account managers are also known to rarely put in the time to do the necessary account work when they are handling multiple clients. The only way to avoid this mistake is to create a work flow that allows the owners to quickly figure out everything they need to tweak every week in a way that it does not take up too much time.

Negative Keywords are not Utilised

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Here is a common known mistake that is bound to happen at some time. With the help of AdWords users can also use or create negative keywords to exclude certain words or phrases that are not a proper match to their product.

In a simple example: Imagine a store that excels in selling fresh sea food and not canned food. The owners will not want their store to come up when searched for preserved foods but rather they should come up during searchers for fresh sea foods. By this logic, the owners will need to add “canned” as a negative keyword so that the ads are not shown for any types of searches that include the word “canned”.

Creativity over Numbers

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Many a time business owners tend to fall in love with their own copy. A little effort and work, and they think that heir copy is great and tend to view it through a skewed perception. One needs to test a copy. For sure there are some variations allowed like a headline with different copy or another call to action but testing nonetheless is a way to fully know what type of formula works best and at what time.

Once the testing is actually underway it is advised to not prefer any version of the copy over any other. Choose the one with the right results which means the ones with the highest click through rate and lowest cost per acquisition. Never make the mistake of preferring a clever copy over the results that they are getting.

A Dedicated Landing Page

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A really big mistake that any AdWord beginner can make is not properly driving their paid traffic towards their homepage. The homepage is a great way to explain and tell the customers what the business is about, but it will never be as good as a well thought out and properly crafted landing page.

When a campaign is created it needs to have a specific campaign objective in mind before being set up. Having a landing page that is dedicated to such an objective plays a large role in maximizing the return on investment that comes from the ad.

Brand Bidding

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Bidding on your own brand will always help to drive conversions. By bidding on your own brand you are promoting your own business while taking away the chance for competitors to bid on your brand and poach your customers. By not bidding on your brand there is the chance of missing out on possible conversions and sales. Along with this bidding on your own brand can help you take top position on the SERP of google which is always good for creating brand awareness and reputation.

Proper Tracking and Attribution

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When it comes to PPC or Google AdWords beginners tend to make a mistake for proper tracking and attribution. Many are so excited to drive the traffic that they fail to get a strong foundation for tracking conversions. Thanks to this the ability to fully find the success of the campaigns is completely hindered and hampered. Business owners need to have a proper set up for their tracking which also includes Adwords and any other platform that they may be paying for a single click.

Know the Competition Always

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A tried and tested strategy that works in any and all businesses is to always know who the competition is. It is always important to know whatever you can about the competition. What adwords do they use, what does their landing page look like.

There are thousands of E-retail stores these days and each of them have their own plus points and minus points. The trick is that they continue to adapt and change and develop with the times. It is up to the business owner to find out how they adapt and what type of strategies or campaigns they use to help them stay ahead of the competition. Doing proper research and seeing the differences between them and you can be the factor that drives customers from one retail store to the next.

High Expectations

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There is always the chance that people can expect too much from Adwords alone. It goes without saying that a lot of people start their businesses with a small budget and to be able to stand in front of a large audience is definitely not good with a tiny budget. Most of the time that money is burned through testing and other times there’s no way of telling how the ads to until they start performing. It is highly rare for a campaign to do well right off the bat as experience, time and research is always needed to optimize the ads. Many times the budget leaves very little room for experimentation and owners will often have to wait a great deal of time before they can do any other tests which can get more frustrating after some time.

Clear Goals

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There has to be a very clear and very real objective in mind or else there is no way to gauge whether Adwords are working well or not. The first thing to always do is to fully determine what the ad is trying to accomplish before anything is done with the PPC amount. Sadly, many companies or businesses tend to skip over this step. The problem is since there are no clear goals in mind, their results don’t ever live up to their expectations and that adds to the confusion further.

 It is vital to set goals and make decisions towards said goals. It is fine to change or possibly refine the goals but it is important to know what should be accomplished so that decisions related to Adwords becomes easier.

Click here to read more about how to set up a Goal in Google Analytics

With the help of these ten tips its time for you to start learning and seeing how to better improve adwords to further the business. Google Adwords is in the end a tool and those who use it well are the ones that stand at the top. It’s time for you to join them.


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