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Google Adword’s SMS Extension Will Now Make Interaction Lot Easier

Google is testing to add a new extension on Adwords which will allow you to text the company, advertising on it. A click on the text message icon will lead you to get in conversation with the brand advertising on it. Google have been making updates to reach and target users easily across different devices. Just like the extension of calling the company, now you will be able message them as well.


How it works?

When a consumer enters a keyword in the search engine from a mobile phone and sees the ads of companies relating to the search.Further, the ‘text us now’ link can be accessed, to directly have a conversation with a representative from the company who have advertised. The click on the icon will open the default messaging app in your phone which will be pre-filled with the brand’s number and the body of the message. The customer will just have to press the send button and the brand will receive it. This direct conversation can help the advertisers to address each of their prospects through messages and try to make conversions.

Does it have a high potential?

We do not talk any more, texting is the way the entire generation communicates and there is a scope of businesses getting mobile-centric in near future where this new ad extension will be of benefit.

According to ZipWhip blog, the first Google Adwords’ “text us now” campaign had shown a 265% increase in click through rate over similar ads on a phone call. . If it continues to perform well then it will increase the click through rates of the ads, which will have a huge impact on advertising.

This is a great opportunity for marketers too as it immensely creates a sense of easiness for customers to connect with the brand and also sometimes to save the numbers on an immediate note and contact when in need.

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