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In this journey of my #DigitalTalkShow, I got to meet and interview some of the most remarkable names in the industry and speaking of Indian Blogging and Digital Marketing industry, Harsh Agarwal’s name come on the top!

Harsh Agarwal is an award-winning Indian Blogger and Affiliate Marketer who runs the popular blog called With his 11 years of strong experience, he earns close to $250,000 per year through his blogging activities.

The Interview was an informative one with many insights provided in the world of blogging, digital marketing and even, meditation!

Some excerpts from the interview are:

  • Keep your goals ready. If you have long-term goals, then you start breaking them to quarterly and monthly goals, and then weekly and daily goals.
  • Create a list of 5 things that you’re passionate about and then match those with 3 factors: The Trend, The Advertisers, and The Search. Map them, and see which one is more profitable for you.
  • Once you start seeing the reality the way it is, it actually gives you a lot of clarity.
  • I don’t do active backlink building of any sort, the reason I don’t need to do that is because I focus on creating content, which is basically the best content in that particular topic and my goal is to make them rank in the first page.

It was a fun interview where Harsh not only shared his blogging and marketing tips but also about his run with a kind of meditation he is now attached with.

This was followed by a fun rapid fire round, where Harsh reveals his alternate plans for his blog name, the number of countries he has traveled so far, and his biggest mistake in his journey.

Click Below to watch the gull interview:

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