20 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Determining how to manage your marketing online is difficult if you don’t already have a team. The costs involved with hiring an in house team is that they are expensive and can also drain your annual marketing budget. A digital marketing agency is affordable, flexible and presents you with your desired outcome. Here are 20 […]

Determining how to manage your marketing online is difficult if you don’t already have a team. The costs involved with hiring an in house team is that they are expensive and can also drain your annual marketing budget. A digital marketing agency is affordable, flexible and presents you with your desired outcome.

Here are 20 reasons why you should be hiring a Digital Marketing agency for that next online marketing stint.

1. Affordability 

When you hire a digital marketing agency, you have full access to a team of professionals for the price of a single hire from the in-house marketing team. Why pay for every expert in the field when you can get the work done at a reduced rate and with a well-qualified team of experts. For example:

Having a Digital Marketing head, Social Media content person, technical and design people on board will not cost you less than 3,000 -4000 US $ (2,00,000 INR per month). Its best you test your Digital Marketing activities by hiring an external agency to get started – let them incubate the brand first and then think of installing a team in place for your organization.

2. Marketing Expertise

With a Digital Marketing agency you can be assured that only the best practices are being put to use for the online marketing. They have a vast expertise on dealing with various businesses. You have access to social media professionals, SEO professionals, content writers, web designers and much more. It can be risky hiring in-house marketers for this purpose since they don’t have as much knowledge as a digital marketing agency does.

For example: At echoVME, we always aim at inspiring the team to do something creative every month for our clients. Some of our posts and campaign have got us spectacular results. Every Friday we have some external speaker from the advertising or marketing industry visit us to think out of the box. Some of the speakers have been Pravin Shekar, CEO of Krea.in |  Kiruba Shankar, CEO of Business Blogging | Abhishek D Shah, CEO of BePositive24.com, Anand Arun from Rubecon Ad Agency, Karthik, Co-Founder of Purple Mango  and more. At echoVME, we have been hiring people regularly who are updated with latest trends and we ensure a mechanism to keep the team and clients updated with latest technology and tools.

3. Consistency

Digital marketing agencies work full-time towards fulfilling online marketing campaigns and their focus falls on carrying out the client’s requirements. In-house marketers always have other things to concentrate on apart from the campaign and it is impossible for them to handle the campaigns alone without help from marketing agencies.

As a matter of fact, we have proven track record of things we deliver. Similarly, many other agencies perform consistently to deliver value across digital properties of their clients. Look at company who would want to work with you as your digital partner. echoVME works with companies as digital partners strictly – we don’t call ourselves vendor! We believe in partnerships and we ensure to add all those important elements that can make the client’s digital journey interesting and successful.

4. Process Driven

The digital marketing agency has a methodology of creating buzz online. They have a concentrated process which they follow for successfully establishing online campaigns. They are familiar with what to focus on as the process develops.

Right from the time we take a client in, we have a process put into practice. While most of our activities are very process driven we ensure all of these processes are creatively led by a team of individuals who would love carry this forward passionately. Strategy, Execution and Reporting everything is done considering various processes.

There are templates agency puts into practise, at echoVME we use the following templates:

  1. Strategy models.
  2. Three months positioning and game plan.
  3. Weekly goals.
  4. Daily activity tracker sheet (can be tracked by client – if required)
  5. Monday mails
  6. Monthly reporting.
  7. Fortnightly reporting.

5. Tools and Technologies

There are so many tools available these days to increase productivity and efficiency in terms of performance. Unfortunately, these tools cost a lot of money and small or medium sized companies cannot afford to buy them. Digital marketing agencies already have these installed and give the desired output. At echoVME we have used tools like:

Zapier, Aweber, MailChimp, InfusionSoft, LeadConnectio and other analytical, CRM softwares.Most of these tools are adapted. We have an inhouse team in place that completely takes care of developing new tools for streamlining better results for clients we work for.

 6. Updated Strategy

A marketing agency is well aware of what works and doesn’t work in the digital marketing business. They have a wide array of clients to their credit and know what best strategy to apply. Marketing agencies also know how to drive results and can show you best design options that your campaign requires.

As a matter of practise, at echoVME Team is subscribed to some of the best blogs of the world:

SocialMediaExaminer.com, NeilPatel.com, JeffBullas.com, SocialSamosa.com, LightHouseInsights, Facebook News Room, Twitter Blog, Pinterest Blog, LinkedIn Blog and more – Channels like these helps team stay updated and benchmark the industrial activities. Be it a special day or summers or winters or spring – the strategy revolves around the mood of the season!

Some of the objectives that people set while working with echoVME are:

  1. Engaging audience across different platforms.
  2. Demand Generation for a fairly new product / service.
  3. Demand fulfilment by tracking search behavior and running ads on search network.
  4. Thought leadership through corporate blogging.
  5. Influencer marketing for reach through strong word of mouth.

7. New Perspective

Involving a marketing agency means introducing your brand to someone who can give an unbiased opinion. Agencies are best at doing that since they have the perception and understanding from the customer’s point of view rather than from an in-house employee perspective. They can strategize and assess your brand and give it a whole new perspective which will boost your brand’s online presence.

8. Experience

Unlike in-house marketers, Digital marketing agencies have the experience of dealing with various industries and have catered to their needs in the past successfully. If you are looking at building a winning brand image for your business your only option must be to look for a digital marketing agency so as to succeed with your brand in the marketplace.

Since Digital Marketing doesn’t require all 8 hours to handle one particular brand its best that you hire a Digital Marketing Agency as they are more likely handle a brand in Team of 4 to 5 distributing different tasks as per their expertise.

9. Evaluating Competitors

Since digital marketing agencies have dealt with various industries and clients they have better knowledge at measuring competitors. If as a business head you find that your competitor has been more successful than you have been, it’s time to hire a digital marketing agency that has studied your competitor better than you.

Competitor tracking can be tasking, deploying tools can be expensive. We sort this problem by keeping a close eye on competitor’s strategy through tools. These tools help us track the traffic estimation of client, strategic calls that are observed through their behavior

10. Going more Social

Digital marketing agencies are experts in understanding where to post, what to post, when and how to reach customers on social media. There are hundreds of social networking sites available today and strategizing on how to drive traffic in these platforms is something that these agencies do best. They have studied the length and breadth of social media marketing and help establish the right presence for your brand.

11. Search Engine Optimization

Ensuring that your website is intact and fully optimized for all major search engines is very important for brand presence online. People depend on search engines as their ready reckoner for anything and everything. A digital marketing agency ensures that your website or blog stays ahead of your competitors in popular search engines like Google, Bing, yahoo, AOL and Baidu.

They adapt various content writing, content marketing, content amplification mechanisms that can help you not just gain social media traction but also search engine value positioning for your website.

12. Expertise on Community Building

Posting online alone will not help build the community you target. You need to have a fixed plan and know what will attract your community towards your brand. Digital marketing agencies have that plan which will help your brand succeed. At echoVME we manage many micro communities. These communities are either content communities, subject communities, custom audience communities or brand based communities.

When brands don’t have a budget we don’t enforce them to invest in Like Campaigns. We rather focus on promoting content to the larger audience and then build community around the same. We also focus on creative custom audience strategies for interest of an audience.

13. Customized Package

Based on your company’s demand and budget, digital marketing firms offer packages. You can save yourself from paying each and every expert in the field and get the work done at a lower cost by hiring a digital marketing team that specializes in online marketing.

14. Get Educated From Experts

Many business owners are experts when it comes to building products and services but talk about promoting them online and they don’t have a clue how to proceed with it. Time is another constraint with business heads. Hiring a Digital marketing agency gives you access to a team of specialists rather than relying on a single person.

15. Data Driven Decisions 

With many people involved in an in-house marketing plan it is hard to measure the Return on Investment or the results of the overall marketing. A marketing agency has the expert knowledge and is able to measure the outcomes effectively since the plan has been planned and incorporated considering the right goals. Agency believes in tracking performance on time and take the right data driven decisions.

16. Speed

A digital marketing agency has to its credit the ability to run a campaign within days or weeks of incorporating a strategy. A business person will take time to familiarize with the whole process of digital marketing. This will delay the process of the online campaign and this is reason enough to believe in investing in an agency. Also, the speed with which an agency can deliver the task – it comes out the vertical industry expertise. If an agency is into Real Estate Digital Marketing, Healthcare Digital Marketing or any particular niche then they are more like to show you quick results.

17. Brand Identification

Since digital marketing agencies have worked with different brands and companies, they are well aware of the different guidelines that need to be followed while strategizing for the brand. A digital marketing agency is familiar with general customer behavior and might even have experience with your competitors.

18. Best Resources

A digital marketing agency has a team of professionals and there is always the option of choosing the best expert for the campaign. In-house marketing team does not give you the option to choose the best since they only have one person for each task.

19. Value Based Pricing

Time and performance based contracts seldom succeed due to pressure for the agency to deliver results within a stipulated time. Paying the agency on an hour basis has more risk for clients and paying the agency based on performance has huge risk for the agency.

You pay the agency for the value you give for their services. Also value based contracts give freedom to the agency and the risk here is evenly spread between both the company and the marketing agency. Value based contracts give promising results most of the time.

20. Technicality

Digital marketing agencies have technical experts as well that manage the client’s website. Hiring a digital marketing team gives you access to team of web development and technical experts.

Hope this post gives you an idea as to why you should be hiring a digital marketing agency for your next big or small online marketing stint. If you are still stuck with your in-house marketing team, make sure that they adhere to the above mentioned things. In case you change your mind, you know we are always there to help.

This article was contributed by Sorav Jain, Thinker in Chief, Karthik, Digital Marketing Head and Varshaa, Social Media Intern at echoVME.

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