How to Create Backlinks for Website for FREE – 50 Link Building Techniques [Proved]

You are reading this blog post titled “How to Create SEO Backlinks for FREE”, so I am assuming that you must be from a digital marketing background. Right? If yes, great! Then we don’t have to talk much about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) now. I’m going to directly jump into the topic. So, what is […]


You are reading this blog post titled “How to Create SEO Backlinks for FREE”, so I am assuming that you must be from a digital marketing background.

Right? If yes, great! Then we don’t have to talk much about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) now. I’m going to directly jump into the topic.

So, what is a Backlink?

Backlink is nothing but a hyperlink (It can either be clickable or non-clickable) which directly points to our website or blog.

Why Backlinks are Important?

#1 Generating backlinks (we can simply call it as off-page SEO) is one of the most important ranking factors among other 1000+ factors (No one knows the exact number, not even Google bot 🙂 🙂

#2 Domain Authority (DA) plays a major role in today’s Digital Marketing world. Quality backlink profile takes up one-fourth of the role to increase the Domain Authority (DA).

Is getting the #1 position in #1 page of Search Engine Result pages (SERPs) your dream? Then you shouldn’t be ignoring the backlinks.

Types of Backlinks

Backlinks can be broadly classified into two types:

#1 Natural Backlinks – People get interested in our blog or website and give link back without our influence. Google actually values such links a lot.

#2 Un-Natural Backlinks –Yes, I can hear what you’re thinking! The links which we are trying to create or generate or acquire from other sources are all considered as Un-Natural.

Not all the Un-Natural backlinks are unethical, we can still work to get quality link in Un-Natural ways.

Just keep reading for 30 more seconds to know more about How to actually acquire quality SEO backlinks through 50+ smart ways.

Both Natural and Un-Natural backlink can be generated with two attributes DoFollow and NoFollow.

#1 DoFollow–The link which pass link juice and page authority to external link is called DoFollow or Follow link.

#2 NoFollow– The link which doesn’t pass any link juice or page authority to external link is considered as NoFollow

NoFollow link can be done with the attribute ‘rel=nofollow’ within the anchor text.


<a href=”>On Page SEO Techniques</a>

Know About Backlink Profile

All the search engines, especially Google, will keep suggesting the webmasters to have good backlink profile for better ranking.

So what is the backlink profile then? Simply put, it’s from where and which source you are getting backlinks.

Backlink profile = Backlink Source

Are you clear about what backlink is, why backlink really matters to us, what type of backlinks are there?

Cool, let us jump into the actual game now.

How to create or generate backlinks for your website:

You can build your backlink profile either by creating links by yourself like submitting your link in other websites, inter linking within your own blog etc., or generating shareable content which can make people to link back, without you forcing them to.

Below I have listed Best 50 Smart and Easy Ways to Generate Backlinks for FREE which is tested and proved in most of our clients’ and our own websites

(The list of strategies are in no specific order)

S No Backlink Strategy Risk Rate Difficulty Value
1 Quora Participation Low Low High
2 Guest Blogging Moderate Moderate High
3 Online Web Directory Risk Low Low
4 Web2.0 Blogs Moderate Low Moderate
5 Be Interviewed Low High High
6 Interview Experts Low Moderate Moderate
7 Participate in Roundups Low Moderate Moderate
8 Q&A Forums Moderate Low Low
9 Yahoo Answers Moderate Low Low
10 Blog Commenting Moderate Low Moderate
11 LinkedIn Groups Low Low Moderate
12 Social Media Mentions Low Low Low
13 Social Bookmarking Moderate Low Low
14 Infographic Submission Low Low Low
15 Guest-Infographic Moderate Moderate Moderate
16 Link Baiting Techniques Low High High
17 Search Engine Submission Low Low Low
18 RSS Feed submission Low Low Low
19 Niche Forum Signature Moderate Low Low
20 Blog Directories Moderate Low Low
21 Press Release Moderate Moderate Low
22 Document Submission Moderate Low Low
23 Wiki Links Low Moderate Moderate
24 Testimonial Writing Low Moderate High
25 Participate in .edu Forums Low Moderate Moderate
26 Image Submission Moderate Low Low
27 Local Business Directories Low Low Moderate
28 Free Downloads Low Moderate High
29 Video Submission Low Moderate Moderate
30 Free WordPress Plugins Moderate High Moderate
31 Browser Extension Moderate High Moderate
32 Write About Celebrities Low Moderate Moderate
33 Influencer Outreach Moderate High High
34 Networking Low High High
35 Broken Link Building Moderate Moderate Moderate
36 Slideshare Moderate Low Low
37 Write “How to Content” Low Moderate High
38 Write “List Content” Low Moderate High
39 Interlinking Low Low High
40 Article Submission Risk Moderate Low
41 Publish Casestudies Low High High
42 Publish Surveys Low High High
43 Facebook Groups Low Moderate Moderate
44 Google+ Communities Low Low High
45 Request Link in List Article Moderate Moderate Moderate
46 Write on TrendyTopics Low Moderate High
47 .gov Forums Low Moderate Moderate
48 Publish eBook Low High High
49 Profile Building Moderate Moderate Moderate
50 HTML Sitemap Low Low High


Want to know more about each backlink building techniques for your website one by one, then keep reading the blog.

Just 3 more minutes reading…  Go ahead carefully.

#1 Quora

Quora is one of the high authority and most visited question and answer forums. We can easily get the backlinks from this forum in two ways.

  1. Find the relevant topics and answer the questions. You can insert your link subtly in your answers.
  2. You can also raise a question with a link and people will answer.

Link Attribute: DoFollow/NoFollow

Note: By default, we get NoFollow link only, to make it DoFollow get maximum number of up-votes for your answer.

#2 Guest Blogging

Approaching guest blog authors and getting your article published in their blog is another amazing content marketing technique nowadays.

Link Attribute: DoFollow/NoFollow

Note: Don’t get any guest post published in PBN blogs. Google can easily find you and penalize your website. Approach high quality blog owners and request for a guest post.

#3 Online Web Directory

Web directory is pretty old school but still it works if you go with directories related to your niche. There are many websites out there in internet only to list out related business.

Link Attribute: DoFollow/NoFollow

#4 Web2.0

Web2.0 backlink building is the easiest method to generate link backs to our website. Just pick best web2.0 platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Medium etc., and keep posting relevant content. Place your link subtly within the content.

Link Attribute: DoFollow/NoFollow

#5 Get Interviewed

Give interviews to other bloggers or experts who are more likely to give the backlink to your website or blog.

Link Attribute: DoFollow

#6 Interview Experts

Interview the experts in your industry and publish it as an article in your blog. Don’t forget to share the published article with them. Also, ask them to share the link in their social media channels. They might also give a link back from their blog post in the future.

Link Attribute: DoFollow

#7 Participate in Roundups

Keep checking for the roundup blogs in your industry and approach the bloggers or webmaster to add your piece of content with link credit.

Link Attribute: DoFollow

#8 Q&A Forums

Like Quora, there are tons of Questions and Answers website forum available in internet. Wisely choose those website forums and make use of them. Post your answer in highly relevant pages and add your link in the signature.

Link Attribute: DoFollow/NoFollow

#9 Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answer forum is another opportunity for webmaster to add ‘n’ number of answers and place the link in it. Get more number of followers for your profile to get more likes for your answers.

Link Attribute: NoFollow

#10 Blog Commenting

Commenting on other blogger’s article is still a valuable link building techniques. Try to find relevant blogs which accepts links with DoFollow attribute.

Link Attribute: DoFollow/NoFollow

#11 LinkedIn Groups

Whenever you publish new blogs, you can share the link in relevant LinkedIn groups. Ensure you are sharing the link in really relevant audience. Digital Marketing and Business blog owners and webmasters can find out some amazing LinkedIn groups with 10K active members.

Link Attribute: NoFollow

#12 Social Media Mentions

Social Media mentions is another ranking factor in SEO. It also drives huge traffic to your website. So share your blog post immediately whenever you publish. Ask your friends and relatives to re-share the link (If it is really informative to your circle)

Link Attribute: NoFollow

#13 Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a little outdated link generating technique but it still holds great value if you go with high authority bookmarking websites. It also helps new pages to get indexed easily by Google search engine

Link Attribute: NoFollow

#14 Infographic Submission

People are more interested in visually appealing infographics rather than huge content piece. Make use of this opportunity, convert your blog content in to infographic image and submit in websites which accept new infographics for FREE. There are many image submission websites don’t allow webmasters to submit the informative infographics. Don’t forget to add a piece of description about the infographic image along with one backlink to your website or blog.

Link Attribute: DoFollow/NoFollow

#15 Guest-Infographic

Just like the Guest post approach, there are a few guest bloggers who are ready to publish high value infographics in their blog. Just go and Google the term “submit [keyword] infographic”, you will get some really good number of blogs. Send your infographics to the webmaster, they will publish your piece.

Link Attribute:DoFollow/NoFollow

#16 Link Baiting Techniques

Link baiting is not just creating amazing content, but it has to connect with the emotion of the reader and get them link back to you. Link baiting technique is not a work, it is an art.

Link Attribute: DoFollow

#17 Search Engine Submission

Search Engine Submission is the first step you can do whenever we create a new page or post. Submit all the link periodically in all the major search engines.

Link Attribute: DoFollow

#18 RSS Feed submission

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is nothing but a XML structure designed feed URL for syndication. If you use popular CMS (Content Management System) the default feed link would be: Just take the feed link and submit in major RSS feed submission websites.

Link Attribute: DoFollow

#19 Niche Forum Signature

Forum participation link building techniques exist from long back. Find relevant forums in your industry, keep using the forum and have your link in the signature. Most of the forums allow the hyperlink in the signature only when you have some good number of answers or questions in your profile.

Link Attribute: DoFollow/NoFollow

#20 Blog Directories

Just like web directories, high quality blog directories are there in the internet. Collect all the blog directories and submit your blog with proper description and category.

Link Attribute: DoFollow/NoFollow

#21 Press Release

Both free and paid press release are available. You can get the FREE listing in popular PR Websites as well. Write a unique press release content about your product or blog or services and submit it to the websites.

Link Attribute: DoFollow/NoFollow

#22 Document Submission

Like image or video submission websites, few websites are accepting your article in the format of PDF or PPTX. You can convert your article in pdf format and publish it in document sharing website.

Link Attribute: NoFollow

#23 Wiki Links

Wiki link is most powerful link in this industry. You can create backlink in wiki pages in three ways.

  1. You can find broken link in wiki page and replace it with your own link
  2. Find the relevant existing page and place your link
  3. Create a new page with really useful information and add your link in resource section

Link Attribute: NoFollow

#24 Testimonial Writing

If you are using any services or products from reputed brands, you can write testimonial and send it to them, they are more likely to publish your testimonial along with your profile and website. By this way you can generate more links quickly.

Link Attribute: DoFollow

#25 Participate in .edu forums

Google treats links from .edu websites positively. Check for .edu forum and keep building your profile there and have your link in the signature as well as in the forum page.

Link Attribute: DoFollow/NoFollow

#26 Image Submission

Tons of image submission website are out there, just submit your own image along with credit and proper description. The People who are using your images in future will start giving you image credits.

Link Attribute: DoFollow/NoFollow

#27 Local Business Directories

Local business directory websites play a major role in the local SEO techniques. There are many popular websites and directories available for every city. Go and list your website there. It is very easy to get it listed in the local directories.

Link Attribute: DoFollow/NoFollow

#28 Free Downloads

People always show more interest in FREE stuff. If you have any interesting content or information and if it can really add value to your readers, convert the piece into a  PDF and let your reader download it. Add your link in the footer or in the credit section.

Link Attribute: DoFollow

#29 Video Submission

Video Submissions is one of the emerging techniques in the modern SEO world. You can convert your article into a video format and publish it different video website. Add your link in the description. So many free tools are available to convert the content in to video. Make use of it in smart way.

Link Attribute: DoFollow/NoFollow

#30 Free WordPress Plugins

It is a little complicated process but if you build a team, then you shouldn’t miss this opportunity. Create some basic WordPress plugin and publish in the plugin directory. You will get backlink from those who are using your plugin.

Link Attribute: DoFollow

#31 Browser Extensions

You can also create one Chrome or Firefox extension if possible and make it available. This is one of the advanced way to create backlink for your website.

Link Attribute: DoFollow

#32 Write About Celebrities

Celebrity talks are always in trend and search volume is too high to ignore in this industry. Talk about celebrities and link to their official website and social media profile. People in the same industry might get a chance to go through your blog and link back. If you really publish.

Link Attribute: DoFollow

#33 Influencer Outreach

Influencer outreach is one of the very effective link building techniques nowadays. Approach the influencers in your industry and tell them to read your article (Make sure your article is read worthy). They will probably read and include your content in his/her article if your article content is relevant to their audience.

Link Attribute: DoFollow

#34 Networking

Getting in touch with like-minded people regularly, attending seminars, chit-chatting with other bloggers will help you to get back links.

Link Attribute: DoFollow

#35 Broken Link Building

Broken link is little time consuming process but you can do it in quickly in smart way. There are many broken link finding tools available, take it and check for broken links in other blogs, and tell that blog owner to fix the broken link or replace it with your blog. If we do a small favour to them and they won’t mind to do you back a favour by giving your back link.

Link Attribute: DoFollow/NoFollow

#36 Slideshare

Slideshare is a website which accepts the content in pdf, word document and PPT format from the user. Convert your blog into one of these formats and get it published on

Link Attribute: NoFollow

#37 Write “How to Content”

People are looking for “How To” guide articles in almost all the industries. If you are good in your industry, then try to create how to article as much as possible. In return you not only get huge traffic but also trackback links for sure.

Link Attribute: DoFollow

#38 Write “List Content”

Another way to generate huge traffic in short time in content marketing is “List Articles”. List article will consume time for you but worth it. Try to have small list initially and keep increasing the list with time. You will start getting backlinks as soon as possible.

Link Attribute: DoFollow

#39 Interlinking

Interlinking doesn’t involve other website. You can do it by yourself. Find the relevant links within your website or blog and link to another article. Interlink not only give us SEO value but also help us in decreasing the bounce rate.

Link Attribute: DoFollow

#40 Article Submission

Writing unique article and submitting in article submission website old class strategy but still we can make use of it by picking only quality article submission website. If you write one article then submit in only one article site. Don’t submit same article in another website.

Link Attribute: DoFollow/NoFollow

#41 Publish Case Studies

Writing case-study is another smart way to let other people link back to our blog. Add stats and facts as much as possible in the case-study and provide your feedback in the end of the article.

Link Attribute: DoFollow

#42 Publish Surveys

Preparing a survey is not an easy task. It involves too many resources, time, effort etc etc., but once you’re done with the survey, you can publish it your blog, and share it with all the people who had participated in the survey. Almost everyone is more likely to link or even share the link in their social media.

Link Attribute: DoFollow

#43 Facebook Groups

People are very active in most of the Facebook groups. Whenever you have a new blog post published, you can share in relevant Facebook groups. People who show interest will re-share the link and you also get other engagements like comments, shares, likes etc.,

Link Attribute: NoFollow

#44 Google+ Communities

Links from Google+ profile or Google Community forums matter a lot in SEO off page. Each mention is considered as a vote for your blog post to rank high in Search Engines.

Link Attribute: NoFollow

#45 Request Link in List Article

If you find any blogger who has written a list article which you find relevant, don’t hesitate to ask them to add your listing as well. Send them your details, description and link.

Link Attribute: DoFollow/NoFollow

#46 Write Topical Content

Sometimes the topical content has very less lifetime but it reaches the audience very quickly. If you are good with such content, you don’t need to work for link building, your article will be linked by others in staggering numbers.

Link Attribute: DoFollow

#47 .gov Forum

Just like .edu link, .gov link is most powerful from the Google perspective. It is really hard to find relevant .gov website but if you find such a forum, make use of it.

Link Attribute: DoFollow/NoFollow

#48 Publish eBook

You can convert all your informative articles into an eBook format and make it downloadable from your blog. Add your link in all possible places in the eBook.

Link Attribute: DoFollow

#49 HTML Sitemap

HTML Sitemap is another inter linking techniques where you can list down all your blog links in hyperlink (anchor text) format. This also helps search engines to easily crawl through all your inner pages quickly.

Link Attribute: DoFollow

#50 Profile Building

Nowadays, the option to create a profile is available in almost all the website. It can be social media profiles, discussion forum websites, directories, book marking websites, video submission sites, image submission sites. You can create 50 profile links in the above listed 50 link building techniques.

Link Attribute: DoFollow/NoFollow

Bonus backlink generating tip for you is “Outbound Link”. Once you’ve started adding external link we can call it as outbound link, we will get two important benefits immediately.

#1) Those external websites owners or webmaster may get to know about your page and link back to your page (If your blog page is really exciting and add value to their audience)

#2)The authority of your own webpage will increase if we place the relevant and high authority blog links.

Makes sense? Then go ahead and start building the SEO backlink profile for your website or blogs in every ethical way possible.

Happy Journey Guys!

This article was contributed by Karthik, who works as the Digital Marketing Manager at echoVME. He loves to explore the latest innovations that rock the digital world.


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