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How many of you would take a look at profile that is trying to say “CEO of Miniscule Technologies” – Well, I am sure ‘Not Many’ as that restricts the boundary of your ‘Personal Brand’. The best way to go about a ‘Professional Headline’ on LinkedIn is to describe your personal brand in those limited characters assigned to you. Believe me, it is not a difficult task.

Professional Headlines are nothing but shortened version of your profile. A headline helps you sum up your professional identity in a short p Usually when you register your profile on LinkedIn with a little of information, LinkedIn creates a professional headline for you automatically. But, as LinkedIn says and as I believe creating your own headline would be much more effective than the one we select.

Tips to Write a Professional Headline:

1. Ensure you first list down all your personal branding commandments on a paper or a notepad.

2. Choose the top 5 and ensure you summarize them in words, crisp them into 120 characters.

3. Keywords are essential. Incorporating keywords related to services your offer will help you get traced fast on the LinkedIn search option.

4. Do not miss out on your designation as that is essential keyword for many to search and generate a contact behavior (perception) for the person trying to reach you.

Example: (Social Media, PPC, SEO and Email Marketing Expert | 10 years Industry Experience in India| CEO @ Miniscule Tech) – This defines the depth of the experience, services and the position the person holds.

Below are few examples of impressive Professional Headlines on LinkedIn:

1. The person has only one “Personal Branding” statement that could evoke action for contact:
linkeding professional headline
2. The individuals below have neatly crushed their strong personal branding statements in 120 characters involving keywords:

digital marketing blog
digital marketing blog

digital marketing blog
3. Professional Headline that has got no ‘Personal Branding‘ sentence but involves keywords and statement that could raise curiosity resulting in action for contact:

digital marketing blog

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