Howuku Review 2020 – Best Alternative For Zoho PageSense & Hotjar

In my years as a digital marketer, I’ve observed that getting quality leads from your campaigns is only half the battle won. If you don’t know how to leverage those leads and convert them into sales for your business, then all your effort goes down the drain! Guaranteeing conversions is a coveted skill set in […]

Howuku Review - Best Alternative For Zoho PageSense & Hotjar

In my years as a digital marketer, I’ve observed that getting quality leads from your campaigns is only half the battle won. If you don’t know how to leverage those leads and convert them into sales for your business, then all your effort goes down the drain!

Guaranteeing conversions is a coveted skill set in the digital marketing universe because it’s as much about marketing as it is about digital. To get consistent conversions, you have to play your cards smart, as you’ll see in this Howuku tool review.

Fortunately, plenty of tools exist to help you maximise conversions from your campaigns. These tools are always on the job to provide valuable insights on campaigns, helping you stay a step ahead of the competition.

I’ve used popular tools like Zoho PageSense and Hotjar for conversion tracking in the past. Sure, they get the job done, but they’re also not everyone’s cup of tea. Whether it’s about the price or the ease of use, it’s essential to find the right conversion tracker for your brand.

Through this article, I’m going to introduce you to a new conversion tracking tool that’s an ideal Hotjar alternative. Say hello to Howuku, your one-stop destination for better sales and profits!

What is Howuku?

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The All-In-One Conversion Optimization Suite for Website

An easy to use conversion tool to help you build a better website and effectively reduce Cost Per Acquisition and increase Customer Lifetime Value.

Increased conversion rate = Increased sales = Increased profits

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Howuku: Heatmap, Recording & Feedback Tool for Website

 At its core, Howuku is a CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) software that’s all about streamlining your sales and profits. How does Howuku promise to accomplish this? By taking the analytical route. Howuku dramatically simplifies the process of understanding your brand’s performance in the market through smart research. From a broad perspective, Howuku’s services are categorised into four main avenues:

  • Insight: Getting an inner perspective into the stats of your campaign performances.
  • Behaviour: Understanding client response to your brand on a deeper level and tailoring your campaigns accordingly.
  • Experiment: Go ahead and tweak with possible scenarios and campaign options through simulated outcomes.
  • Traffic: The number-crunching side of things. This avenue is where Howuku keeps you in the loop about the analytics of your brand’s performance.

These aspects are the broad strokes of what Howuku can do for your brand. In this Howuku tool review, I’ll be taking you through in-depth coverage and honest assessment of everything Howuku has to offer as a conversion tracking tool. Let’s begin with the most fundamental question at hand: Is Howuku worth your time and effort? Why choose Howuku?

Why Howuku?

 Let’s take a slightly different route to answer this question. Time for some fact-checking!

According to Howuku’s website, they list three main reasons as to why you should pick their service. Let’s check if their claims are legitimate?

– Higher Profits:

This is the big draw for any conversion optimiser, and Howuku doesn’t disappoint in this aspect. The tool provides excellent coverage of metrics and parameters such as heatmaps and polls in a user-friendly interface. It works with you, showing you the way to craft more successful campaigns and rake in the profits.

– Reduced Cost:

Is Howuku easier on your wallet? It is, in more ways than one! Howuku is significantly cheaper than its competitors in the market, making it more accessible. Not only that, but the software also takes active steps to reduce the cost per asset/acquisition that you employ, through metrics and other features. This approach will save you a lot of funds, making it an ideal Hotjar alternative.

 – Increased value.

This claim is slightly challenging to validate for me. As a CRO, Howuku has all the bells and whistles, yes. However, its competitors have all those features under the hood as well. Howuku offers a seamless UI/UX, so that’s a plus. The bottom line is, while Howuku may not have groundbreaking credit to its name, what it does, it does supremely well.

In a nutshell, if you’re in the market for a reliable CRO tool that can help you elevate your business through digital means, Howuku is an excellent pick. The service is suitable for newbies as well as veterans. Further along in this Howuku tool review, you’ll see ample cases that substantiate Howuku’s mettle as a CRO software.

Howuku Best Features

Time to get into the meat of this review. Let’s take a look at Howuku’s features in detail so that we can come to an informed conclusion. Let’s start with the launchpad.

– Dashboard

howuku review

When you log in, you come face to face with a straightforward control centre for all the services that Howuku offers. From here, you can access quick information at a glance.

– Your Monthly Traffic Graph

– Pageviews at a glance

– Project switching for easy access

– Settings (user management, account moderation, website registrations)

In short, it’s a clear-cut interface that gets you where you want, instantly. What lies beyond Howuku’s dashboard? Let’s find out.


This field is the hub where you can gauge your audience response precisely. Howuku goes about this with two types of tools:

Feedback responses can be scheduled around certain aspects of your projects. At any time, you can access the impressions, reactions and conversion percentage. You can also toggle the queries themselves!

digital marketing blog

Polls work along similar lines as feedback, except they’re more detailed in terms of options. These let you filter the search as well, and view the exact times of response. You can also get the data as PDF for added versatility!

howuku polls


This is the proactive section of Howuku, where you can control and assess what kind of audience you’re attracting for your campaigns. Pay close attention because this is a crucial part of the Howuku tool review.

Recordings let you take a closer look at the specific demographics of the visitors to your site. In particular, you can check how many mobile users and identified users are part of the target group.

Heatmap is one of the most value-for-money tools that Howuku has to offer. Like in other software, it gives you a concise picture of where visitors are hovering in your site. Howuku provides an array of in-depth statistics that give you a clear picture of audience interaction.

howuku heatmap

As you can see, this roster of services places Howuku in contention to be an excellent Zoho PageSense alternative. Let’s shift our focus to the Experiment and Traffic Sections next.

Event Tracking lets you stay updated with how specific events posted on your site are doing. Functionally, this feature is similar to the poll tracking feature. You get real-time updates on the metrics of your event.


This part of the review will go over what Howuku can do for you in terms of lead generation innovation. To help you redefine your strategies, Howuku offers the following features.

A/B Testing is a staple in CRO software nowadays, and Howuku is no different. It brings a dedicated A/B testing feature that lets you run simulations for campaigns. It’s quite simple: you set a goal, specify the parameters and leave the rest to Howuku! It will then give you a rundown of all specific outcomes.

The rest of Howuku’s feature range can be summed up in two words: website optimisation. As a CRO software, Howuku brings a significant value-add through these services. Take a look for yourself!

Personalization: Build your website and create content.

Analytics: Get in-depth statistics about your site’s performance.

howuku analytics

Funnel: Boost your sales models with precise funnels and real-time tracking.

Error Tracking: Keep your projects running smoothly with this feature that tracks bugs and lets you rectify them.

That rounds out the list of features that we’ll cover in this Howuku tool review. I can say with absolute confidence that Howuku is worth every penny if you’re looking for a CRO!

Is Howuku A Good PageSense/Hotjar Alternative?

To answer this all-important question, let’s put all three contenders together! That way, we’ll be able to get a clear perspective on where each software shines.

Factor/Software Howuku Hotjar PageSense
Free Plan Yes (5000 pageviews) Yes (2000 pageviews) No (only 30-day free trial)
A/B Testing Yes (all plans) No Yes (all plans)
Session Recording Yes (unlimited across all plans) Yes Yes (all plans)
Basic Pricing $16/mo $39/mo ₹1,050/mo
Event Tracking Yes (auto across all plans) Yes (feedback responses) Yes
Split Testing No No Yes
Survey Yes (pop-up survey; all plans) Yes Yes
Integrations Yes (Webhook, Zapier) Yes Yes
Heatmaps Yes Yes Yes
Website Personalization Yes No Yes
Funnel Analysis Yes No Yes
Watermark removal Yes (all plans) Only business plans Yes


What makes Howuku such an excellent Hotjar & Zoho PageSense is their accessibility. While in most other fields it’s neck-and-neck, Howuku reigns supreme in the feature distribution and pricing plans. It truly is an all-in-one CRO tool!

Howuku: The Good And Bad


  • Affordable Pricing: Aside from the forever free plan, Howuku’s programs are flexible and accessible to all.
  • Feature Distribution. The plans only differ mostly on the scale of operations. Everyone gets a complete experience on Howuku.
  • No Watermarks. Use Howuku’s services without the hassles of unwanted watermarks, on any plan.
  • Unlimited Recordings. Ideal for keeping your site optimised.
  • Regular Updates. Howuku is continuously working to be better and faster.
  • Affiliate Program


  • No integration options on lower-end plans.
  • Limited team members per plan.
  • Custom white labelling only on the Premium plan.

Howuku Pricing

Let’s get to the business end of this Howuku tool review. Time to scope out the plans!

Howuku is straightforward in their pricing plans. As a definite plus, they have a 14-day free trial on all plans. Once this period is up, you will default to their free forever plan, unless you pick and pay for a program. The free forever plan comes with:

– 5000 page views

– 200 recording cap

Fortunately, all of Howuku’s plans are affordable for their target audience (at least by CRO software standards). You can switch between plans midway, but you get no refund on your existing plan. Part of their appeal as a Hotjar alternative comes from this accessibility. I would recommend Howuku to anyone looking for a quality CRO software that’s within their reach!


Though Howuku is relatively new in the CRO market, they’ve quickly built a reputation for themselves as a reliable, all-in-one tool for online business. From their funnel analysis to their in-depth heatmaps, they have everything you need to maximise your conversions and make your business soar. Sign up for Howuku today and let me know what you think!

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