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Looking for some inspiration for your brand’s Independence day creatives and social media campaign ideas?

Read through my list of top 10 amazing Independence day social media post ideas.

No matter how old we grow or where we go in the world, the zeal of patriotism still lies within us.

The major reason being we had such a great and proud history of famous freedom fighters struggling their whole life to give us a free and independent India.

Our Indian movies speak no less of these. No matter how many other genres come, there is always a special place for patriotic movies.

Independence day marks the end of the British Raj in India.

This also a remembrance of the partition of the great subcontinent into India and Pakistan that happened in the early hours of 14-15 August.

This day is celebrated to remember all the brave souls that sacrificed their lives for our country and also those who are still doing so in guarding and protecting our nation.

It is celebrated by honoring our tricolor flag by hoisting it in the red fort. Flag hoisting, cultural events, and parades are all a part of this celebration.

How many of you still remember how you celebrated this event in your school?

How about getting nostalgic in remembering the dance programs, the national anthem, the speech, and the sweet distribution?

Today in this post we will see how brands portray their patriotism through creative posts.

Here are some amazing social media creative ideas to get inspired from for Independence Day.

Top 10 Independence Day Social Media Campaign Post Ideas for Your Brands for 2021

1. Furlenco

2. Subway India

3. Dineout India

4. SBI Life Insurance

5. Tata Trusts

6. Frozen Bottle

7. Oyo Rooms

8. Modern Foods

9. Honda

10. Indigo Paints

What do you think?

What is your favorite social media creative in these?

Let us know in the comments.

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