Top 16 Indian Real Estate Companies on Social Media & Digital Marketing Front!

After our research report on the top 20 hospitals in India and their social media activities, we bring to you a report on the real estate builders and their digital marketing scenario in India! We find that the real estate industry isn’t behind when it comes to their digital marketing activities. Right from opting for a […]


After our research report on the top 20 hospitals in India and their social media activities, we bring to you a report on the real estate builders and their digital marketing scenario in India! We find that the real estate industry isn’t behind when it comes to their digital marketing activities. Right from opting for a responsive website to maintaining and managing their real estate social media strategy across varied channels, we have judged some of the top real estate brands in the country in this report.


The industry has a plethora of potential in innovation and in connecting with their audience when it comes to digital marketing. Thanks to behavioral targeting, customized targeting, re-targeting and display ads, audience segmenting has become smarter today. But marketers need to ask themselves if it’s being put to use. For an integrated digital marketing approach, the use of websites and social media channels with the right elements incorporated is an important step for marketers.

1) Sobha Developers 


Having completed 20 years, Sobha Developers from Bangalore have secured a strong foothold in the real estate segment in the digital and social media front. With a clean website, their domain is almost 13 years old! They are also among the very few in this list to have a page rank of 4 and with an Alexa rank of 9,356 (local) and 66,756 global rankings, respectively. Their Reference Domain is at 320 and with over 4,486 backlinks. Another important feature is, their website is responsive which is a big boost to their search engine rankings! They also currently run Google search ads:


Some of the highlighting features in their website include a “property search” feature, social plugins, highlights of their projects, sustainability report, social media feed and an enquiry form titled “Own a Sobha Home”!


Facebook: Their social media presence boasts of a strong following on Facebook with over 2,94,631 and with a good mix of posts related to their brand, corporate news, tips property promotion and quotes among a few. They also run contests for special occasions like Teachers day and are very nimble in understanding the importance of hashtags and have used them efficiently!

Twitter: With a remarkable figure of 14 tweets per week on an average, Sobha is at the top, sharing the space with MMR Group with the appropriate use of hashtags. Their hashtags are either based on the location of their project (eg. Bangalore) or the kind of flats they are making (eg. villas) or their company name, Sobha. The tweets are often accompanied by pictures portraying their ultramodern construction or their strong footprints in the real estate sector.

LinkedIn: They have a very strong presence on LinkedIn with 10,715 followers and replicate content that is being posted on Facebook.

Google+: With an overwhelming 4, 51, 540 views and 424 followers, they come after Hanu Reddy Realty, who are dominating the list with more than 5 lakh views. Hashtag is well made use of here.

Pinterest: Their start on this platform is very modest. The boards they have created are based on their different projects across the country.

YouTube:  With 75, 940 views, they have over 84 videos and a total of 326 subscribers!

2) Tata Housing


Replete with social plugins on the website, Tata Housing’s domain is almost 8 years old (7 years 10 months). Their website is fast with crisp and clear content and clutter free! Their page rank stands is at an impressive 4 and their Alexa rank is 7,476 (local) and 96,426 (global) respectively. However, the backlinks remain at 1646 and with a reference domain of 220. Their website is also responsive. They also have an enquiry form integrated along with a live chat option.

They are present on all the major social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram but lack a LinkedIn account!

Facebook: With 171238 likes on their Facebook page, their approach is to either simply update pictures of their uber stylish houses, or club them with some stunning landscape. Except for these, there is no general mix of brand or engagement related posts. With plenty of audience to engage, they can make use of engagement strategies which can work in their favour as audience engagement is on a low! The hashtags used are more of campaign based rather than locations or #RealEstate or #Property and #Apartments.

For Vinayak Chathurthi, the brand has come up with an excellent strategy that seamlessly blends the brand’s features to the festival:


Twitter: With an astonishing 13.2K followers, their presence on this platform is paramount. They are way ahead of Raheja Developers and Nitesh Estate in terms of number of followers, who share the second and the third spot with 9.6K and 8.1K respectively, while others top Twitter profiles have 900-1.0K followers.

The hashtags used however are more of common words and the locations are used with hashtags:


They are active with contests on Twitter and are also active with interactions with their followers:


Blog posts are also being shared here, unlike on Facebook.

Google+: With over 2 lakh views and 472 followers. Hashtag usage is the same as Facebook here and updates on Facebook are updated here. Blog posts are also being posted.

Pinterest: Their boards are titled based on their many projects with images that flaunt the luxury apartments.

YouTube: a total of 138 varied videos of apartments, launches and more.

3)  Urban Tree Infrastructures


A one of a kind web presence, Chennai’s Urban Tree Infrastructures website is a crisp – the enquiry form is integrated at the top next to the toll free number. The social icons are also integrated to the site. The site’s domain age stands at 4 years and 5 months. With a page rank of 1, their local Alexa rank stands at 194,186 and global is at 1,252,617. Their reference domain is 58 and they carry 317 backlinks. Their website is also responsive!

Their dynamic social media presence is one that stands out from all the other brands in this list; they have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram. Their social media updates are all upto date and are well integrated across all the channels. The brand also has a blog.

On Facebook, the brand indulges in an interesting mix of updates ranging from engagement related posts, special days, informal updates, current affairs, property promotions, construction site images, video customer testimonials, series posts, office celebrations on special days, project launch campaigns, offers, contests and more. The wall is open for public and the enquiries are also responded to promptly. Every update also carries a call to action, a link to the website and a phone number. Engagement is top level in the page, with one particular update fetching a whopping 8612 shares and 3594 likes.


Video testimonials are also used extensively in this page.


Blog posts are frequently updated, with an average 10 blogs and resharing of old blogs every month. The current campaign that is being run is the builder’s ‘Superb’ property launch. An interesting name, the brand has made use of the hand gesture signifying superb as a contest.




The last Facebook offer run was exclusively for teacher’s day.


Occasionally, the Chennai element is roped in for the brand’s promotion; posts revolving around the city are extensively used. The special day creative are posted with an interesting creative as well! When Facebook introduced GIFs during mid September, the brand was the first to smartly make use of the feature and immediately posted an innovative GIF:


The brand also actively runs Facebook ads including scroll ads, website re-targeting ads and timeline ads!



On Twitter, the brand actively engages in interacting with the audience and s striking up conversations. Everyday updates are shared and hashtags are actively used, pertaining to the location as well as industry related. The brand has a total of 3081 tweets with 213 followers.


On Google+, Pinterest and Instagram also, the brand is active and shares daily updates, with regular hashtag usage.

The same goes for LinkedIn as well; the brand has a cover picture and a total of 101 followers!

On YouTube, the brand actively updates testimonials. The brand has a total of 44 videos and 27,105 views.

The impressive factor about this brand is that, it posts updates every single day and follows an integrated communication approach; the strategy is well synced on all the channels!

Urban Tree makes use of their social media presence to their fullest and strictly follow the integrated communication approach – they ensure that all the channels carry the same posts at any given day. Aside from this, the brand also makes sure that each post reaches to maximum of their audience. They also run launch campaigns actively for their projects.

4) Casa Grande


This well known brand in Chennai has a top class website with every little detail one could possibly ask for! Positioned as a luxury home brand, its site smartly carries an icon showing the number of completed, ongoing and upcoming projects:


The enquiry form, as seen above is static and floating and the phone numbers are displayed for all their branches – Chennai, Coimbatore and Bangalore. The domain is 5 years and 11 months old; ranks 3rd in its page rank, holds a local Alexa rank of 60,095 and a global rank of 464,081. The reference domain stands at 111, carrying over 194 back links. And the website is definitely responsive! The brand also has an active blog. They also run Google search ads:


The social media icons are also perfectly displayed on the website. On Facebook, the brand has an impressive 106,915 likes! The call to action button is incorporated and the wall is open for public. The brand has received a total of 471 Facebook reviews; though engagement and comments on the page is on a low.

Facebook: The brand seems to be experimenting with quite a few content strategies: the recent ones being Home Stays, motivation quotes, a series on the expensive homes of India, real estate tips, brand offers, blog posts and special day posts. The brand also actively promotes updates with 20% texts and boosts them:


The brand also does not miss out on adding the call to action in promotional posts; the phone number and link is added. Contests are also run.


On an average, there are 3 to 4 posts a week.

When it comes to Facebook ads, Casa Grande is one of the very few brands to run sponsored and re-targeting ads. The ads keep appearing on your timeline atleast for 2 weeks! This shows that the brand is very serious about their digital marketing activities:


Their Twitter strategy on the other hand is nowhere as impressive as Facebook. Apart from the active post updates, there are no interactions with the audience and the hashtags used do not carry location or industry based ones. The follower count is 1577 with a total of 1719 tweets. With this follower base, the brand can make a better engagement strategy which will benefit well.

On LinkedIn, the brand follows the a different strategy from Facebook and strictly posts only promotion based updates about the properties and the brand.

The YouTube channels showcases a plethora of construction site, commercials and brand promotion videos and carries a total of 77 videos.

On Google+, the brand has actively carried out contests and follows the Facebook strategy for posts.

On Pinterest, the brand has a total of 90 pins and 7 boards.



Of 4 years and 6 months old, BBCL’s website is most impressive in terms of design and navigation. Their project information is neatly projected and showcases its status as well. The unique feature contains the live chat option and the toll free number for both India and USA.

The website ranks 2nd in the page and has a local Alexa rank of 48,346 and a global rank of 560693. Its reference domain stands at 32 and carries a total of 766 back links. The website is also responsive and has an integrated blog.

The social icons also has been integrated in the site. The brand has its presence in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube. It is absent on Pinterest and Instagram.

On Facebook, the brand has 33,761 likes, call to action button, ‘Book Now’ has been integrated and regular updates. Each update carries the link which is integrated with UTM codes and excessive hashtags. The updates revolve around the brand’s projects and carry the project’s specifications as well. Interaction and engagement on the page is also at a minimal.


However, BBCL also runs Facebook ads.

Blog posts are also extensively updated. However, there are no campaigns or contest run.

On Twitter, the brand posts tweets regularly though not everyday. Hashtags are used well including the location and real estate related. Contests and campaigns are not being run at present. There are also no interactions.

On Google+, the brand has a total of 97 followers and shares the same updates that is shared on Facebook and Twitter with proper hashtag usage.

Its LinkedIn presence shows to be active two months ago. Up until then, the brand has shared regular updates that although is not the same as Facebook.

On YouTube, the brand has shared 16 videos that are a mixture of testimonials and commercials.

6) Kolte-Patil


Builder Kotle Patil’s website is yet again a single scroll website with a help desk live chat at that prompts any visitor to drop in their questions, an appointment schedule form, property finder, and pre-launch registration form. What’s more, a BMI calculator and an online booking feature are incorporated as well.

Their domain is 13 years and 6 months old and rank 3rd in page rank. The Alexa ranking (local) is 18,394 whereas their global ranking is 171,258. With a Reference domain of 360, they have a whopping 24,086 back link which boosts their SEO. The website is also responsive! Their Google search ad runs for:


Though their cover picture on Facebook was exactly similar to Tata Housing’s (Tata Housing having updated it on the 5th of September), Kolte Patil earns brownie points for having their page verified on Facebook!


Their presence is strong with 38K likes and an overwhelming 297 reviews and an average rating of 3.7 stars out of 5. Their posts are on in general about homes and not particularly on branding or properties for which there are no engagements, unsurprisingly. However, they actively update pictures of events which they associate/host/sponsor and launch strategies as well. Their captions do not carry links to the website or include a phone number for call to action.


A few of their posts also have hashtags, chiefly on names of different places, where their projects are under construction. Contests are run as well!


Twitter: Their presence shows that they interact with their audience, share tweets on questions in order to engage with the audience and also ReTweet tweets. Contests with hashtags are being run as well. Use of hashtags is more prominent here. Some of the frequently used tags are Jaipur, Raipur, and Jabalpur etc. They have also shared the link to their FB page with every post. There is still room for improvement on almost all the fronts, viz. no. of tweets, followers, average number of tweets etc.


LinkedIn: Their follower base is also strong, with more than 4K followers. The updates are frequent, and they seem to share blog posts as well in this channel.

Google+: Google account is in a so-so condition. There is definitely a lot to improve. Posts here mirror the ones on Facebook. Hashtags are a mix of places names and general words.

YouTube: they have uploaded a total of 73 videos, which are an interesting mix of property launches, animated videos, etc. If these videos which are helpful for buyers actively promoted on all the other channels, the views can definitely increase!

The brand is absent on Pinterest.

7) Prestige Group


The brand’s website is certainly eye-catchy. The list of their projects are immediately visible. But there are no unique features like the enquiry form or live chat. Also having a a domain age of 17 years and 8 months, its page rank is unfortunately zero! With a local Alexa rank of 10,574 and a global rank of 92,096. It has a reference domain of 579 with 1644 back links. The website is also responsive! Their Google search ads are active:


The social icons are present simply below the logo. It has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+.

On Facebook, the brand has 315,681 likes and posts on projects, corporate news, trivias, tips, engagement posts and more! The wall is open for the public and comments are responded to for queries. There are no campaigns however.

On Twitter, the brand updates only on the projects and brand based tweets. There is no engagement and hashtags are well used. With a follower base of 1616, the brand can make use of the audience and interact with them and run campaigns too!

On LinkedIn, the brand seems to be less active as the last update to be found is a month ago.

The Google+ page is inactive and has no updates.

On YouTube, the brand has used videos on walk-throughs and media clippings.

8) Ace Group


The first thing you are likely to notice on Ace Group’s website is that it’s a single scroll website – leaving the user with every section of the website right before his eyes and visible. The social plugins are also prominent and noticeable, and so is the live chat option.

Their domain is 12 years and 6 months old but the page rank is at zero. Their local Alexa rank is 115,058 and global stands at 784,985. Reference domain is 238 and they have over 3,023 back links. The website is also responsive. However, no Google search ads are being run by the brand, currently.

Facebook: their strategy includes carefully structured posts on properties, tips, special occasions, videos of their properties, media news and pictures of their construction buildings! Their use of hashtag is smart and also have 25 reviews on page. Though there is no engagement, comments are being responded to. But posts on their wall goes unresponded. There is also no contest or campaigns presently. They have also included an area map on their page.


Twitter: Their presence on Twitter is good. They have more than 1.0 K tweets and around 1.9K followers. Their tweets are same as their FB posts. Twitter is a very important platform and very different from Facebook in terms of its usage protocols and interface. Ace Groups should have used this space in a more efficient way, rather than just making at a copy of their FB page. There are no interactions or campaigns.


LinkedIn: They has only 193 followers on their company page. They have regularly updated their page with pics that informs people about their various projects.

Google+: posts on Facebook have been posted here with hashtags incorporated.

Pinterest: Their presence here is very strong with 500+ pins across 16 boards; the boards are named on their project names. They can, however, improve on their number of followers. They currently have one-fifth of the number of people that they are following.

YouTube: Over the period of 2 years, they have only uploaded only 25 videos on a total.

Ace Group has intelligently placed the pics of Deepika Padukone as their brand ambassador, due to which, their social media accounts definitely look distinct from other developers’ accounts.

 9) Aadhar Group


Aadhar Group’s website sports a different approach – you see their types of apartments, the payment plan, and an application form all on their home page. Additionally, they also have an SMS option which is distinct from the other developers’ sites. The enquiry form remains in the static tab though it doesn’t float. The social plugins are also incorporated on the site. With a domain age of 2 years and 1 month, Aadhar Group is the youngest in the list. Their local Alexa rank is 49, 967 and global stands at 584,094. With a reference domain of 256, they have 2917 baklinks which for a beginner is not bad at all! They also have a blog and their website is responsive! No Google search ads are being run by the brand currently.

The social media presence however is not as impressive. Despite having a follower base of 32k on Facebook, their updates go unseen. The updates seem to be based only on promoting brand Aadhar group other than promotions on a particular offer. Though they have used #AadharGroup, other location or industry based hashtags are not used. Their wall is not open to comments although the call to action button “Book Now” has been incorporated.


On Twitter, the brand follows the same strategy that is being followed for Facebook – the same posts are being posted, the Facebook page is also integrated to the Twitter profile. Hashtags used are only #AadharGroup and lacks location or industry wise tags. There is also no interaction and there are also no campaigns being run. On an average, there are 3 to 4 tweets being made every day. With just a paltry 709 tweets, the interactions can be greatly improved with their 902 followers!

LinkedIn: Their LinkedIn page remains dormant with 69 followers and there is nothing to write about.


Google+: The Google+ page’s last updated post reads 7th April, 2015. The page has a total of 7 followers and over 11,043 views.

On Pinterest, the brand seems to be active with 24 boards, 177 pins and 8 followers! Not only that, their descriptions also carry hashtags. There are pictures of completed projects, retail projects and various events at the office are posted.

Strangely enough, their YouTube page carries the name “A Google+ Page” with a total of 10 videos. The last video was updated a year ago.

10) Wave Infratech


Wave Infratech’s website is a common site hosting 6 different websites for its projects in its home page along with the social media plugins. With only 6 tiles, a user can get confused about how to proceed. Only on clicking on the tiles does one get any clarity on the brand. With a domain age of 1 year and 8 months, Wave Infratech is the youngest brand to make it to the list. Their reference domain is at 20 with a local Alexa rank of 28,610 and a 250,550 global rank. Their page is rank is currently at 0 and does not carry any meta tags. Surprisingly, the site is not responsive; the individual sites however carry blogs and social media plugins on their own. The brand is not running any Google search ad.

Their social media presence includes channels on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.

Facebook: With over 21k likes, the positioning here is Noida as an investment capital for property. Updates are lesser compared to the other builders and most updates are blog posts. An average of 2 to 3 posts are being updated in a week. Interaction is very few although the wall is open and the call to action button on the wall has been integrated. No campaigns are being run by the brand.


Twitter: With 1821 tweets, the tweets are mostly blog links. There are no interactions or campaigns being run and the hashtags used can also pertain to industry related like #realestate, #home #apartment, etc.

LinkedIn: The LinkedIn presence though being used well, the posts are sporadic; with a two month gap in updating. Engagement on the other hand is commendable.

Google+: the channel remains dormant after the last post is posted on July. The posts shared are usually blog posts and the captions accompanying it talk about the specifics and features of their buildings for sale. The page has a total of 42 followers and 47,640 views.

The Pinterest account on the other hand is well organized. Full of images of construction sites, furnished homes, interiors, architecture deigns, buildings and the like. They have a total of 35 boards and 454 pins. The hashtags here are used in accordance to the keywords.

The Instagram presence on the other hand carries an interesting mix of content: tips, media clippings, FAQs, statistics, posts on projects, etc. are posted. With a total of 221 posts, they have a following of 50!

On YouTube, Wave Infratech has a total of 74 videos, 174 subscribers and 209,393 views.

11) Purvankara


Puravankara is one of the leading real estate developers in India. With a pan India presence, the website is beautifully designed and detailed. Pop-ups greet the user with a 24×7 live chat option, a floating enquiry form which could come in the way of browsing the website and a project locator which automatically shows their nearby projects to you. There is also a “Speak to an expert” tab which enables users to leave a call back message. Also, there is an online booking option available! The toll free number is also incorporated in the site.

Along with the social icons, the website also provides a customer login access!

With a domain age of 17 years and 7 months, Purvankara has the oldest domain name amongst this list. The page rank is at 3 and an Alexa rank of 18,441 (local) and 112,803 global rank. With a reference domain of 706, their back links stands at a whopping 28,127, the highest in the list of brands. The only drawback is that the site is not responsive! Google search ads are not being run by the brand either.

Their social media presence includes the Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.

Facebook: The brand has an impressive approach to updates – trivias, quotes, posts revolving around the ‘home’ element, news, brand based, project promotion, blog posts, project launch promotion, hashtag created posts, etc. Despite these factors, the engagement is almost null, there are no comments and the wall is closed to the public. The brand has a total of 12k likes.


On Twitter, the brand is inactive with the last tweet made on August. Prior to which, the brand has run contests and has made well use of the hashtags.

Puravankara’s presence in LinkedIn is in the lower end of the spectrum. The about section of the page is beautifully detailed with all the important information pertaining to the company. The page has a total of 3434 followers but there are no updates and the cover picture is absent. Their presence however is not updated on the brand’s social media icons on the website.

On Google+, though the brand has acquired about 41 followers, the page lands straight to the YouTube page integration and therefore, displays only videos.

On YouTube, the brand has a total of 81 videos.

On Pinterest, the brand has a total of 2 pins and 3 boards and is inactive!

12) Raheja Developers


Raheja Developers’ domain is of 14 years and 5 months old with a page rank of 3. Their back links stand at a low 2130 and have and global Alexa rank of 8,493,586. Currently under construction, their website has the social plugins, property finder feature and an enquiry form as well. No Google search ads are being run by the brand, currently.

Present on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and blog with active updates, there is not much on the engagement or best practices front.

Facebook: with 1,01,143 total audience their strategy includes updates on branding which include media articles and sharing of video links with poor captions. The images don’t seem to be specifically designed for Facebook – they are more like brouchers. The posts do not contain any call to action though the comments are responded to. Their wall is also not open for queries to be posted. Contests and campaigns are also absent on their page.


Twitter: They have tried to differentiate their Twitter account with that of Facebook by mainly posting videos on their profile. These videos are either about current news feeds related to them or about their various projects. Although now, their tweets are protected. Their follower base on the other hand, is 10k! With quite a huge number of followers, it is a pity that the brand has protected account. With the right strategy, the brand can indulge in some fabulous social media campaign that could bring it to the top!

LinkedIn: Their presence is undisturbed and does not have any activity; their follower base is 225.

Google+:  They have a weak Google+ presence with just 10 followers and 22K views. All the posts are in the form of videos, minus relevant hashtags. On an average, there is one post in a span of 4 to 5 days.

Pinterest: Although they do have a Pinterest account, it doesn’t really add to their social media presence, as there are only 14 pins, 4 followers and 0 boards.

YouTube: they have over 1023 videos, and the brand is quite active with their updates. The videos comprise of customer testimonials, property construction updates, media updates, etc.



13) Oberoi Realty


Oberoi realty is one of the premium developers in India dealing only in luxury homes. Its website oozes sophistication and elegance. It is simple and easy to navigate. Other than the property finder, there is no other significant feature in the site; there is not live chat or enquiry form available. The domain age stands at 5 years and 3 months old; page rank is at 2 and the Alexa ranking is 31,785 locally and 340,053 globally. The reference domain is at 217 and has a total of 1162 back links. The website is also responsive. Their Google search ad consists of:


But there is a downside; it does not have the social media icons to connect to its pages. The brand is present on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest.

True to the brand positioning, on Facebook: Oberoi realty’s images mirrors luxury and keeps the positioning intact. The page is also verified! Hashtags are used though the call to action is absent. The about section is incomplete and the wall is not open for public. There are no contact numbers on the page either. On an average, there are 3 to 4 posts per week.



The Twitter page is not well maintained. Sporadic posts with no updates about their projects, incomplete bio and no interaction make its page less lively. The tweets are automatic updates from the page’s integration of its Facebook page. Needless to say, there is no interaction or campaigns and the hashtag usage is at a minimal.

On LinkedIn, the page does not contain a cover or a profile picture, the about section is largely incomplete; it carries 1303 followers.

The Google+ page is a mirror of the Facebook page – updates on Facebook are posted here. There are a total of 11 followers.

The Pinterest presence of Oberoi is limited too. There are boards which are neatly arranged but limited in number. There are placeholders too for future projects. But none presented in an interactive manner.

Oberoi Realty might be a giant in the real estate market, but when it comes to social media presence, there is a lot of room for improvement.

14) Hanu Reddy Realty


Hanu Reddy Realty’s website carries the second oldest domain name in the list, being 16 years and 7 months falling behind Purvankara Homes. And yet, their page rank is at zero with a local Alex rank of 934,008 and 633,842 global rank. Their Reference domain stands at 123 and has a total of 6991 backlinks to the site. Although, it comes as a surprise that the website is not responsive.

Though the website is not really neat, it is very user friendly, especially for a visitor who is home hunting. The location search stands out at the top right corner of the page and further down, featured properties for sale and rent are well listed. However, the inquiry form and live chat options are not incorporated in the website. Google search ads are not being run by the brand either.

The social media icons have been integrated towards the bottom on the site; their social media presence includes channels only on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Youtube. The brand is absent on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!

The Facebook page has acquired only 2294 likes on a total – the wall is open for enquiries and the brand has received plenty of reviews from customers! Otherwise, there is no engagement to boast of in the page. The posts revolve around the brand and the corporate news. Testimonials are posted, though in negligence – it would serve well to update as an image. Links are posted without descriptions and image and there seem to be no posts during special/important days.


The LinkedIn page has a total of 745 followers; the updates here are purely industry based with articles on the real estate industry shared often. The page does not have a cover picture.

The Google+ page however shows no posts to see, although the page has acquired 14 followers and a total of 6,87,688 views. Both the cover and profile picture remains absent but the page is filled with 5 star reviews!


One of the very few brands to make use of video customer testimonials, the brand has focused on posting only testimonials on their YouTube page! Save this, there are no other videos shared on the page. The last video uploaded was 2 weeks ago.

Absent on the website’s social media icons, the Twitter profile is a disappointment. With a total of 19.1k tweets, the account lies dormant with the last tweet on July 2014. Prior to which, the tweets seem to have comprised of retweets (irrelevant ones at that), blog links, and automatic updates on Facebook posts.


15) Akshaya

akshayahomestwitter (1) digital marketing blog

Chennai’s Akshaya builders carries a simple and crisp website. The only unique feature of the site however is the live chat option. Their domain age though is 16 years and 8 months old. This contributes to their page rank of 3. Their Alexa rank is 52,663 (local) and 4,36,549 (global). They have a reference domain of 217 and carry 857 back links. However, the site is not responsive and does not have an integrated blog.

However, their Google search ads are on:


The social icons are integrated on the site as well but the presence is far from good. Present on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, their Facebook page is titled “Uncompromise” which may confuse users. Their page is positioned with more of awareness related updates than promotion as there are not many project or brand related posts. There is no engagement, no call to action used and no campaigns run either. The wall is also not open to the public. The posts also lack descriptions. With 57k likes, the brand can definitely make use of the audience to have a commendable social media presence.

On Twitter, the underlying message is thus:


Automatic update of Facebook updates is what we see.

The YouTube channel carries a total of 3 videos, the channel being active a year ago.

On LinkedIn, the page does not have a profile or cover picture and has a total of 410 followers.

Given Akshaya’s brand name, appeal and reputation in the city, the digital marketing activities can be cashed in on, if invested well and taken up seriously.

16) Vijay Shanthi Builders

R14 (1)

Upon visiting the website, the pop-up that appears prompts you to visit Vijay Shanthi’s newest property. Past that, the site greets you with its premium apartment divisions. The site carries a domain age of 14 years and 7 months old and has a page rank of 3. The alexa rank (local) stands at 142,431 and the global rank is at 1741212. With 2427 back links, the site has a reference domain of 145. But it is not a responsive designed website and also does not carry a blog.

The social icons are also integrated in the site; the brand is present on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Despite its presence, the brand is sporadic in its updates.

On Facebook, the wall is not open, the CTA button is not integrated and the posts are updated at an irregular interval. For September, there has been only one update, so far. There seems to be updates only on special days and brand related updates are only very few. The page has a total of 8351 likes. With the brand’s popularity in the city, it would do well to carry out an active social media strategy!

On Twitter, the last tweet made was on the 23rd of August. It has a total of 100 tweets and 15 followers.

On LinkedIn and Google+ as well, the brand’s last post was on January. However on Google+, the brand has received quite a number of reviews.

Having made quite a name in Chennai, Vijay Shanti Builders should look at a better positioning digitally!

Even though most brands have transcended the digital marketing boundaries, more and more brands need to cross over to the digital side. During our research we found that brands like DLF have a poor presence. Chennai’s Doshi Housing’s “OMR is now OMG” campaign that has the city talking can do much and more with a definitive digital marketing campaign if they leverage their audience and promotion digitally as well. The campaign which has made so much noise offline is however not the same online. Syncing both offline and online promotions is yet another important feature for a real estate brand.

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  1. genesis

    Companies have reopened, schools are back in session, and farmers have returned to their labor.

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  15. mohit

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  17. Justin Heat

    Hi Sorav,
    Very informative blog.Happy to hear that all famous builders in India are utilizing the opportunities of Digital Marketing.

    • SoravJain

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  18. Rahul Sharma

    Very well said about digital marketing. Now most of the companies are getting diverted towards it.

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