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InflueNex Review – Best Influencer Search Tool in the Market

What’s the Best Influencer Search Tool in the Market? Influencer marketing is one of the most effective marketing techniques, that can be leveraged to your business’ benefit. Popular influencer marketing platforms include social platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. So, who is an influencer? There’s a misconception that influencer is just a […]

What’s the Best Influencer Search Tool in the Market?

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective marketing techniques, that can be leveraged to your business’ benefit. Popular influencer marketing platforms include social platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. So, who is an influencer? There’s a misconception that influencer is just a popular figure with a huge following, but it’s not the case. An influencer is a person who is able to bring about a change in the mindset of a certain set of people.

3 factors that determine an influencer would be the reach they are able to bring, the value that they hold in the minds of the audience and how well are they able to project your product/service, in essence, their sales skills. Usually, an influencer is chosen and paid to speak about a campaign or a product but this method will not fetch the best results. When you want to do a right influencer campaign it should be about the connection the influencer shares with your brand and your audience.

For starting influencer marketing, you would have to choose the right person for your marketing purpose. This is where InflueNex is going to bring about a change in the world of influencer marketing. Wondershare launched InflueNex with the aim to assist anyone in finding the right YouTube influencer for their campaigns. You can track, analyse and perform the entire influencer campaigns here.  It is a robust tool to identify the right match for your business. It is one of the best influencer search tools today, as it holds more than 200K YouTube influencer database.

Key features of InflueNex:

First, getting into the platform is pretty simple. The page elements are easily adaptable. Overall it’s simple to understand and start working. I can very well say that the interface is user-friendly both in mobiles and in desktops. There are 4 major tabs, pricing, my favourites, message and demo; all of which are self-explanatory. There are a number of useful features that I came across, let me list down a few of them.

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# It has rich filter conditions to help you to locate the influencer accurately.

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There are over 10s of categories, countries, languages, price ranges, and other filters you can choose from. The results would reflect on precisely what you need for your influencer campaign. The filtered result carries the number of subscribers, the number of YouTube videos, the number of views that the channel had received. This helps you to further narrow down your search.

# One important feature of this product is the InflueNex rating system which basically provides an analysed score for each channel. This score shows the reach and popularity of the YouTube channel.

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# You can manage, track and analyse your influencer marketing campaign. InflueNex provides you with multi-dimensional data analysis for you to make an objective decision. By the end of the data provided you would be fully able to understand the influencer.

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You can filter month on month and week on week to figure out the growth projection of the channel and subscribers.

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You can see a graph of the performance of the last 20 videos of the channel.

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Find the views the videos receive daily, weekly, 2 weeks and monthly.

# You can check the recent video performance of the influencer. this feature helps you to understand the influencers’ engagement easily.

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This helps you to check the number of views, likes and comments for the influencer’s recent videos.

# It has a precise sponsored price evaluation system; based on over 10K database with estimated cooperation pricing. The provided price is for reference and comparison purpose and not the actual price deal.

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# There is a message option where you can easily message the influence via email. If you want to message a bunch of influencers then group message option is also available. Email templates are also available in the message dashboard.

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# It facilitates to manage influencers in groups. You can bookmark quality influencers if you want to resort to them in the future.

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# Video tags for the channel is also available. These are the keywords for the particular YouTube channel. These tags help you to identify what type of audience the channel receives.

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Above-mentioned are some of the key features of the tool. Hope it was informative!

Now, here are simple steps on how to use Influenex to search for influencers. I’ve used my influencer database as an example to help you understand the basic working principle.

First, you have to create an Influenex account.

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You can enter a channel via the search tab or you can get a list of channels depending upon your criteria.

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In the drop-down box, you get the result for the keyword that was entered.

When you click on the channel name you get a gist on the channel including a number of subscribers, a number of videos uploaded and a number of views received, along with a one-line description. In the same result, you can also notice the score of the influencer.

You would be able to see a red heart in the above image. It is an option to add the influencer to your favorites list.

Now, click on the name of the channel from the result shown.

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Once you click on the name you would be moved to another tab where you would be able to see a detailed study on the influencer.

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This is the dashboard for Sorav Jain YouTube channel. The InflueNex score depends upon the overall performance of the channel.

One scroll down and you would be able to see the stats and figures that were stated above.

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Scroll further and you would be able to see the recent additions to the channel and how they are performing.

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After the analytics, you would find the video tags.

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Then you would be able to see the related videos of the influencer.

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By the end of the page, you would find similar influencers to your search.

Benefits of Using InflueNex:

Without doubt, if you’re looking to organize an influencer campaign that fetches ROI you need a tool like Influenex. You can find the right influence for your marketing campaign just by filling in keywords or using the multidimensional filter search. Moreover, it allows you to track, measure, contact, manage and analyse your campaign.

? The rating system helps.

As I mentioned earlier, Influenex rates a YouTube channel based on the number of subscribers, views, videos and frequency. You can easily do your initial analysis based on the rating.

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Above-image shows the rating system, explained by InflueNex.

? Message influencers directly.

InflueNex makes it easier to contact an influencer directly. by clicking on the send invite button you can easily contact the influencer.

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? Visual charts:

Every data is provided as a visual chart. You need not form a separate database. All the analysis is done and given to you.

? Video tags:

Tags are considered an important ranking factor in YouTube’s search algorithm. You as a business can track whether your audience coincides with that of the influencer.

? Share database directly:

You can share the database with clients and stakeholders directly. With unlimited packages, you can even share n-number of influencer database with n-number of people.

? Contact influencers in batches:

You can contact an infinite number of influencers in a single batch if you take the enterprise package. Even in the basic package, you can contact up to 100 influencers at a time.

? Recommend influencers:

By the end of the influencer dashboard, you would be able to find a recommendation to similar influencers.

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? Feedback to InflueNex:

You can send your feedback directly to InflueNex and they would get back to you on your query or concern.

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I, being a current user of the product would definitely recommend you to get your hands on this influencer search tool. There are some pretty great pricing options that are available for the product.

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You can choose a package depending upon your needs. If you are an influencer marketing agency then InflueNex is a must. You can add members to the account and they would also be able to use the platform.

All-in-all, InflueNex is a user-friendly software and is going to take influencer marketing to another level. Aa their tagline says, InfluNex is truly a nexus between you and some of the best influencers.

What do you think about InflueNex? Leave it in the comments section.

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