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Infographics are now an important part of Social Media Marketing strategy for many brands. Many find it difficult to create a infographic as there definitely is a intense research based thought process, creativity involved.

I was just accessing to one of the @Jeffbullas blog post thats when I had come across the Twitter Infographic online software that you can use to create infographic of your twitter profile or can use to compare two profiles in a infographic way.

 Visual.ly has made infographic creation process easier. You can create a free infographic of your twitter profile or comparison of two profiles by using this free tool on their site. It will just take 30 seconds for the magic to happen.

I have compared Airtel and Tatadocomo’s Twitter profile and their activities are tracked below.

  • The facts clearly indicates @Airtel_Presence is more active than @Tatadocomo
  • @Tatadocomo Retweets a lot of tweet, where as @Airtel_Presence picks up conversations and is interesting enough.
  • Though the infographic shows @Tatadocomo is more social, I would slighlty disagree to the fact as my experience with @Airtel_Presence is more social and interactive than with @Tatadocomo.

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