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Instagram seems to bring analytics to business profile that is not only advertiser targeted feature that it has cooked up.

Elliott Murray, who is head of innovation at Social Chain, decompiled the code for the new Instagram and discovered that there are four potential game changing features that have not been activated yet.

Murray detailed about all the hidden features in the Medium Post, stating that all the four features are Boolean variables and is set to true or false, depending upon the user.

1. can_boost_post: Instagram will allow the users to boost their post reach across the network in the same way as Facebook is currently doing.  This paid method of boosting can help business to reach followers more efficiently, as many businesses have their page in Facebook.

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Instagram’s Analytics Panel


2. can_see_organic_insights: Well this is interesting one. Last week some screenshots were leaked which showed how upcoming analytics interface of Instagram will look like. It is clear that paying user will have access to all these insights. But the fact is that there is a new label for organic_sights which may suggest that regular users will have ability to gain analytical insights into their posts data. Twitter similarity grants regular user to access this information and will bring vast change to Instagram’s display of data if they will allow regular users.

3. can_convert_to_business: You may recollect when Facebook started to force businesses to convert their profiles into pages. Facebook wanted to distinguish among regular users and businesses and until this point Instagram lacked this differentiation. Instagram will encourage or force some pages to migrate.

4. show_insights_terms: Insights are the terms used to describe analytical insight data such as views, reach, impressions, clicks, likes, comments and engagement rate. The potential to increase analytical insight into these areas would be enormous for users with a serious social strategy.

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Screenshot, displaying the undisclosed classifications used within the Instagram app

We have to really wait and see how Instagram’s new features bring about changes in business profiles before making any judgement.

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