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GetResponse an email marketing provider recently released a report titled “Email Marketing and Social Media Integration Report” integrating social media buttons to your email marketing template can increase the click through rate of email marketing by up to 55%. Other fascinating facts from the report were:

1. Adding social media sharing buttons created a click through rate 30% higher than email without social media sharing options.

2. Emails with a Twitter sharing option alone were among the most effective, with a 40% increase in click through rate for a Twitter button itself.

3. Integration has become key prime of the customers these days. Integrating Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and Digg with email is increasing on a daily basis.

4. The button that worked most were Twitter and Facebook with highest Click Through Rate, LinkedIn and Digg recorded the lowest CTR.

5. The total number of so sharing links in each email message 60% of social emails linked to 1 network 26% of social emails linked to 2 networks, 8% linked to 3 networks and 6% linked to 4 or 5 networks

Reason being: Credibility of the emails get easily evaluated with the direct links to the company’s Social Media accounts that shows the human value of the email and makes them stand unique from usual bulks. Sharing email template on Social Media is not an easy task, integrating buttons allowing readers to share the information on Social Media spreads the word and increases the CTR of the email campaign.

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