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Effective Interactive Facebook Post Ideas Using Newsfeed SmartApps – Case Studies

Are you running short of innovation to engage your audience on Facebook? Are you bored of regular ideas? Do you find it troublesome to create interactive Facebook posts? Well, Newsfeed SmartApps patent pending technology is the ultimate solution that your organization is looking for. Advertising and marketing executives are planning to increase their investment up to 50% on solely Facebook Marketing this year. It is simply because Facebook has invented great products for businesses such as Pages for Business, Ad Platform, Lead Ads, Canvas Ads, Custom Audiences, Video Ads, Carousel Ads etc. But let’s face it, a normal user doesn’t log in to Facebook to see an advertisement, which can be ignored if they want. Unless your ads are fascinating and interactive, the attempt is futile. A Page holds its relevancy as long as there is interesting and engaging content. AliveNow, an India based Digital Marketing Agency launched Newsfeed SmartApps in the year 2015 – they help brands to achieve ‘Attraction Marketing’ through the innovative interactive Facebook post feature that they have launched and have applied a patent for the same.

Who has used the Interactive Facebook Posts – Newsfeed SmartApps?

Newsfeed SmartApps – The highly interactive Facebook posts has been used by brands like Huawei, Reebok, Nike, Pepsi, HSBC, Samsung, Castrol, BMW, Chevrolet, Pepsi, Motorola, Chevrolet and more. In less than 2 years they have more than 100+ world renowned brands and digital marketing agencies using them. digital marketing blog

How does it really work?

Newsfeed SmartApps, the patent pending technology, helps create interactive status updates for brands on Facebook. This means that updates look like regular posts on the newsfeed but allow its viewers to interact and play directly on the interactive Facebook posts. Additionally, their interactive status update acts like a small window within the Facebook feed letting users interact with the Facebook page.

5 Ways NewsFeed SmartApps Can Help Your Brand:

  1. It’s Responsive: Newsfeed SmartApps are easy to post, work on newsfeeds, work on desktop and mobiles efficiently. They are shareable, likable, and promotable.
  2. Rich Content: They allow companies to post rich content that promote increased engagement with their clients, including using games, quizzes, and surveys. In fact, it has redefined the possibilities of gamification in the status update on Facebook.
  3. Gamification: The user can play simple or complex games directly in Newsfeeds and engage in the brand’s work.
  4. Better Engagement, Time Spent Data: Newsfeed SmartApp claims 3x to 6x more engagement than normal Facebook Post, and also offers “time spent” data in any particular Newsfeed SmartApp, which wasn’t available earlier.
  5. New Way Of Collecting Data: Brands are offered to create data collection apps that collect user data voluntarily, which is indeed effective. Newsfeed SmartApps also helps brands analyze how well the newsfeed performed to make improvements and tweaks in the next version of the newsfeed.
Here’s a product video to give a better sense of what they do:
Newsfeed SmartApps – Interactive posts playable in the newsfeed

Nike, McDonald's, BMW & others have used our patent pending technology to create interactive content experiences playable in the newsfeed —> Resulting in higher engagement & increased brand recall. Meet us at ad:tech New York this November to learn more & click here to discover more case studies –

Newsfeed SmartApps यांनी वर पोस्ट केले बुधवार, २२ फेब्रुवारी, २०१७

3 Effective Case Studies of Brands using Newsfeed SmartApps in Different Styles:

  1. Titan Juxt used an interactive Facebook post to increase engagement and pre-bookings for their smart watch. They built a smooth UI which allowed the users to browse through the features, watch videos of the product, and allowed them to pre-book it before it’s out of stock! As a result of this app totally about 1,00,000+ people engaged with the videos, about 11,000+ people clicked on the pre-order form and totally about 1,600+ people filled the pre-order form. And all this was achieved without moving the audience from Facebook to a microsite.
digital marketing blog
  1. Nike: Using Newsfeed SmartApps, Nike Running users could customize their upper from 5 available options, then customize the swoosh and a text that appears on the shoe and instantly see the custom Nike they’ve created. With this technology, Nike could bring the complete experience of customizing the NIKEiD and picking a goal right to the Facebook newsfeed.
digital marketing blog
  1. Emirates NBD (ENBD) created a simple interactive survey that could be completed in less than 30 to 40 seconds. The brand received about 1,600+ responses from their audience. ENBD gained incredible insights, with data points like what services their customers used and which of their products/services are their users interested in! 301 users, who don’t currently use ENBD products, shared data on what products they would be willing to avail in the future along with their contact details.
digital marketing blog Newsfeed SmartApps identifies five steps to create the ideal Facebook marketing for its brand. Their steps include:
  • Conceptualize: Create a concept for the brand’s interactive content strategy. This will primarily depend on your audience and the objective of your campaign.
  • Design: Newsfeed SmartApps have both internal designers and partner designers that can help design the Newsfeed app, based on the specifications determined in the conceptualization stage.
  • Develop: Newsfeed SmartApps develops and tests the app in all environments and shares the test results.
  • Launch: The actual launch of the interactive Facebook post takes less than 30 seconds and doesn’t even require you to have admin rights for the page. It is as simple as posting a page.
  • Analyze: Finally, after the launch, to understand how the newsfeed performed Newsfeed SmartApps analyzes every action on the newsfeed.
Newsfeed Apps have the unique benefit of the user not needing to allow the apps, as opposed to Facebook apps that require users to “allow the app” to access it. This decreases the drop off rates and increases engagement. They work across platforms including desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Further, all the Facebook guidelines are adhered to as part of the building process of the newsfeed; and the terms and conditions include a clause that ensures all the data collected is provided to the brand and not given to Facebook. You can also use the Facebook tools available to boost or promote ads like you do for any other posts of Facebook pages. Finally, all the analysis is done in a back-end panel that is accessible only to the brand or agency intimating on how many users clicked the app, the areas, which users clicked on and the data that they were willing to share. digital marketing blog Check out the demo dashboard here: What this does for brands is improve their communication with their customers, helps them interact better, and also encourages them to stay engaged in other things than direct sales. This ensures that the brand recall is better. It is also an opportunity for brands to grow their email list and advertise better. Brands can further access the user data to improve their targeting and messaging out suit according to specific demographic and customer base. Beyond doubts, the concept of displaying dynamic content and content based on external API is innovative. Overall, Newsfeed SmartApps are redefining engagement using a much-popularized platform – Facebook, to help their brands reach more people with innovative digital marketing and smart posts.

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