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Looking for some inspiration for your brand’s International Men’s Day creatives and social media campaign ideas?

Read through my list of top 10 amazing International Men’s Day social media post ideas.

Can men cry?

Can they like pink?

Can they like flowers and art?

Yes, why not!?

Since time immemorial men were portrayed as indestructible and proud that always made them hide their feelings and keep a straight face.

While it is important to understand and let be men the way they are it is also important to recognize their feelings and give them the freedom to express them.

Brands are taking the whole Men’s Day thing to a different level by breaking taboos and giving a whole new perspective to how Men’s Day should be denoted for.

Here are some of the best and most touching social media creatives for Men’s day.

Top 10 International Men’s Day social media post ideas for your brands for 2021

1. Furlenco

2. ICICI Bank

3. Bartiaxalife

4. Century Plyboards

5. Ishq

6. Nicotex

7. MuscleBlaze

8. Reliance General Insurance

9. The Banksia Project

10. Manforce India

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