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The Internet started as a system to communicate between computers and has now evolved and become an integral part of our lives. And with the advent of Social Media 2 decades ago, the bond has grown even stronger.

Social Media in itself has grown to include features like video sharing, likes, shares, pokes, pins, retweets, subscriptions, connections, live streams, filters, and so much more. The list is endless, and there are new updates literally every week.

With so much happening in the Digital Space, here are some interesting facts about the Internet and Social Media to give you the big picture and that will help you in comparing other channel specific statistics:

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  1. As of today, the World’s Population is 7.7 Billion, out of which there are 4.2 billion internet users.
  2. Asia alone contributes to 55.1% of the population with 49.0% internet penetration.
  3. It is believed that there has been close to a 7% increase in internet users in the last year alone.
  4. By 2020 videos alone will account for 79% of global Internet traffic.

Smartphones have given the fuel that kick-started the concept of The Internet the next level. This was due to its ability to connect to the Digital space merely with by tapping a few buttons. Here are some Smart Phone related facts about the Internet:

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  1. There are close to 5.1 billion unique mobile users.
  2. There are over 3.1 billion active mobile social media users.
  3. There was an increase of 13% increase in active mobile social media users.

Due to its instantaneity, the Internet has been a boon to the Marketers worldwide as it enabled them to reach out to new potential targets for their products and services from anywhere and anytime. Here are a few mind blowing statistics about the Internet in Marketing:

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  1. Every day, 91.8 million blogs are posted on WordPress websites.
  2. The most used content marketing strategies used around the world includes social media content, blogs, and email newsletters.
  3. 43% of Indian Internet users use social media platform for the purpose of business networking.
  4. 35% of Internet users say that influencers have influenced their decision of buying clothes online, followed by shoes with 30%.
  5. Over 84% of digital marketers today use one or two content marketing strategy
  6. Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates 3x more leads.
  7. 80% of executives and business owner wants articles as a source of company’s information than advertisements.
  8. 75% digital marketers plan to invest in interactive content in coming years.
  9. 60% of digital marketers produce at least one new content post every day.

For many people out there, Social Media is synonymous to the Internet. For them, using the Internet is using Social Media. Such has been the influence that there is a new user every few seconds. Take a look at these Social Media numbers:

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  1. There is a hike of 320 million social media users over last year.
  2. Every 10 seconds there is a new social media user.
  3. There are 3.397 billion active social media users.
  4. There has been a 10% increase in active social media users
  5. It is believed that people spend about 116 minutes every day on social media.
  6. 1 in 4 users is following brands on social media from which they could potentially make a purchase.
  7. Buy button on social media make user likely to buy something online
  8. According to an analyst, social networks in India are mostly urban, male and under 35 years old.

Positive or Negative, these numbers prove that the Internet is a growing powerhouse and will not show any signs of stopping any time soon. For marketers, these numbers are proof that investment in Digital is a great option to go for.

Which Internet Stat or fact did you find the most intriguing?

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