An Interview With Gopal Krishnan On Getting Daily Leads And Sales On Facebook

Do you want to generate leads for your start-up? Are you looking to boost your company’s daily sales? We have Gopal Krishnan – Founder & CEO – Visual Marketer, with us today who has answered the common questions that pop up when businesses plan to venture into lead generation on Facebook. Q1. Sorav: How do […]

Do you want to generate leads for your start-up? Are you looking to boost your company’s daily sales? We have Gopal Krishnan – Founder & CEO – Visual Marketer, with us today who has answered the common questions that pop up when businesses plan to venture into lead generation on Facebook.

Q1. Sorav: How do you define the 4-hour Facebook Funnel with respect to Lead Generation?

Gopal Krishnan: The 4-hour Facebook Funnel was designed for Busy Entrepreneurs who want to launch a profitable Facebook campaign without landing pages, emails or a website.

It’s about creating an ad with a Unique Concept and an Irresistible Offer that the market has not seen before and getting low cost leads because of the higher engagement on the ad as its so much different from every other ad in the market.

This has worked for so many different markets like training, consulting, real estate, franchisee sales etc and its the fastest way for Entrepreneurs with Zero Tech Skills to launch a profitable Facebook campaign.

Q2. Sorav: What’s the role of WhatsApp in 4-hour Facebook Funnel?

Gopal Krishnan: We use WhatsApp to onboard clients and deliver what we promised in the ad. This way, we eliminate the need for emails or automation.

Our students send case studies, testimonials, and engage in meaningful conversations and convert leads into sales.

With WhatsApp for Business, now you can send automated replies, send quick messages and a lot more that makes communication faster and easier.

WhatsApp brings a lot of intimacy into the Funnel as prospects share their most intimate contact information: their phone no. We have students who have more than a 50% conversion rate from leads to sales because he uses WhatsApp.

In the Intimate Zone, WhatsApp scores better than Email or Facebook Messenger. While its not fully automated, the brand that takes the time to create intimate conversations will win over brands that are fully automated.

In an automated marketing world, using WhatsApp could be the biggest competitive advantage one can have over others.

Q3. Sorav: What’s the best case study of your client that you would like to share?

Gopal Krishnan: One of our students Varun who is in the Event Management Training space created an ad around the unique concept “How to Become a 1 lakh/month Event Manager?” and with an ad spend of INR 5000, he was able to get a Return on Ad Spend of INR 5,00,000.

That’s a 100X ROI on his Facebook ad campaign. He sends case studies/testimonials on WhatsApp and converts them into paying customers with a single presentation.

Q4. Sorav: Which Email Marketing Platform Would You Recommend and Why?

Gopal Krishnan: I use Drip for its Marketing Automation. It helps me send emails to people who haven’t opened my emails. The delivery rate has been good as well. It has helped me to convert a lot of my Webinar Attendees into paying customers.

Q5. Sorav: Do You Believe In Making Money Online? If yes, what steps do you take?

Gopal Krishnan: Digital Marketing is a goldmine for people who understand Marketing. I spend a lot of time learning from the Masters of Marketing and focus on solving a specific problem for a specific segment. My business is about making Entrepreneurs earn INR 1 lakh/month or more with Facebook ads promoting their products/services.

With one Automated Webinar Funnel, I am currently building my course and agency business without writing blog posts or doing 100 other things.

My whole brand is now built around the Unique Concept of “4-hour Facebook Funnel”

Q6. Sorav: What’s your 4 Hour Funnel Course All About? Would you like to throw some light? with link for registration so that my readers can access your free course.

Gopal Krishnan: It’s a course about mastering marketing practically with Facebook Lead Ads. It brings down the learning curve of launching a profitable campaign to hours from weeks and months.

You can learn everything about the 4-hour Facebook Funnel by going to the link and attending my FREE workshop.

Q7. Sorav: What’s the tone of communication one should use you in their Facebook Advertisements? What’s the role of Fear? Can you cite an example?

Gopal Krishnan: The tone should be conversational and should entertain/educate. It should be focused fully in the prospect. Fear of doing something they don’t want to do is the reason most people buy products/services.

For e.g if you are training people to get a job, you start the ad with

“Are you tired of searching for your dream job?” which focuses on their fear of not getting a job forever.

Basically, a Facebook Advertisement should be about 3 stories

1. Story about their pain

a. The more vivid and detailed you are about listing down their pains, the better you would be able to connect with your prospects.

2. Story about their gain

a. This is about the unfair gain they will be able to get with your product/service. You need to package your product correctly for them to see the unfair gain they will be getting.

3. Stories of people going from the pain to gain

a. These are case studies/testimonials of people who have gone from their pain story to the gain story.

If you are able to tell the three stories on your ads, WhatsApp Sequence and your Sales Call, you will be able to convert a lot of strangers into leads and lots of leads into sales.

The 4-hour Facebook Funnel is not a course about Facebook ads, but rather its a course on how to tell the 3 stories in the correct sequence. When you do it right, you will get the magical powers of persuasion.

Q8. Sorav: Which are those top 5 tools you would recommend to Digital Marketers?

Gopal Krishnan:

  1. Powerpoint/Keynote – To create a winning presentation
  2. Drip – For Email Marketing
  3. WhatsApp Business – for chat
  4. LeadSync – Helps you sync lead ads to your CRM/email provider for free
  5. Unbounce – for creating beautiful landing pages

Q9. Sorav: What are those changing trends in Facebook Ads domain that you are more likely to observe in 2018? Or strategies you would recommend for 2018?

Gopal Krishnan: There will be more advertisers competing with us. But you can build a brand around your ad if you know how to do it right. Focus all your time in building your brand around an ad and you will come out on top in 2018.

Remember, you are just an ad away from getting leads and sales for your business.

This interview comes as a part of our #DigitalQandA sessions on our Facebook Group. Join our group for an immersive experience of collaborative learning and knowledge sharing.


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