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This week in my Digital Talk show, I was accompanied by the young and dashing YouTuber, Sahil Khanna.

In this very informal conversation, Sahil shares the golden secrets of his YouTube Income, his weapon of choice in his YouTube shooting, and how he runs his Digital Marketing Academy.

Here are some informative points from the interview:

  • People usually say when you start a new channel share it as much as you can. And being an extrovert, I had many contacts, which I made when I was in my college and many jobs. So when I used to upload, I shared it with close to 2000 people and came home to see only 12 views (out of which my mom saw it 10 times and I viewed it twice). So sharing wasn’t the only solution. Then people said consistency is the key and you should upload videos at regular intervals. But again I have seen YouTubers upload only 1 video per month and get millions of subscribers. It was then that I found out, what really matters is the content. So if your content is awesome (faadu!), and if there’s no other video better than yours in your niche, then you can grow automatically.
  • In handling abusive comments, most people advice that it’s better not to read them. But as a Digital Marketer, I gain many major inputs and valuable suggestions from the comments. So ignoring them completely is never an option. What I do is, if I see a person consistently spreading negativity in many of my videos, I just go ahead and block him. And if someone crosses a line, I reply to them in my own way.
  • Make sure you mention in the description as to what is your Video about and try to add keywords in there too. And add all your social media icons and links below, although I think not many people sit behind to read the description. But if you ask your viewers in the video to go and check the description, then there is a chance to get a CTR.

This was one of the most fun videos where he answered questions like, ‘What are the key steps you follow while uploading a video?’, ‘Have you ever stolen someone’s content?’ and ‘How many girls have sent you YouTube proposals?’ Catch his interview here.

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