Interview with Isaac Rudansky on How Online Courses Can Win You Big Clients

Today in my #DigitalTalksWithSorav I have with me the CEO of AdVenture Media Group and the guru of messenger marketing and Google Ads, Isaac Rudansky. When I say guru, I also mean it in the literal sense, as he is a very popular teacher on the internet, and is known for his online courses on Udemy.

His Digital Marketing journey is full of insights not only for emerging marketers but also for people wanting to teach and learn online. He not only earned millions through his online courses but also got hold of some big clients, thanks to his courses that give a deep understanding of the subject matter.

The interview gave a great deal of information that was both comprehensive and simple.

Here are a few excerpts from the interview with Isaac Rudansky:

‘A lot of people don’t understand the amount of effort, time and consistency that really goes into it. When I first made my course, I had to invest my own money in professional cameras, lighting, microphones and had to spend time learning how to record a video. But I made sure what people got was high quality and people would enjoy it!’

‘My agency wouldn’t have been as successful and growing as fast as it is today if not the success of courses bringing me clients. So that’s one of the biggest impacts this journey has had on my life. And apart from that, like I was at a restaurant the other day and people come to me and they recognize me from my course and say that it helped them learn and changed their life. I got some really nice emails that meant a lot to me.’

‘The biggest thing is automation. There is no question about it. Automation is the biggest that’s been happening in the Google ads ecosystem over the last few years but it only got important over the last year or two, coz up until then, the automation strategies weren’t effective and but now Google has increased the computing power of its automated bidding power exponentially and now in many cases automated bidding works really well.’

Apart from these, the interview was full of great tips on training, online teaching, his one of a kind agency overdrive membership and how his followers earn thousands of dollars every month through it.

Catch the full interview here:

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