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Something incredible just happened in Indian Social Media sphere yesterday. Jackie Shroff, the otherwise forgotten face of Indian cinema, has sprung to public limelight on Twitter. Ironically, the reason is not some outstanding performance of acting, but a string of heavy-duty abuses. The immortal moments are gloriously captured in a YouTube video that shows what happened behind the scenes during a polio awareness campaign in 1998-99. Shroff fails to get his dialogs right repeatedly in both Hindi and Marathi, and instantly switches to denouncing mother and sisters.
The delightful video can be accessed here.

It’s not known as of now how this video was leaked, but it sure is generating tremendous interest among the Twitterati. “Jackie Shroff”, #mausichigaand, and #maushi are trending on Twitter, garnering excited comments as they travel across thousands of accounts:


Lessons for the PR World

This shows how sensitive and alert public relations needs to be. Social media has altered the dynamics of the modern world, and this type of negative publicity can be impossible to contain. Of course whether this was approved by Shroff himself is also not clear, but my guess is he had nothing to do with this defaming video.

Lessons for Movie Stars

There are some important lessons for movie starts also. Social media can get you instant publicity, but make sure it is not of the wrong type! At the same time, social networks like Twitter are full of intelligent audience, so on no account should you try a negative publicity stunt – it will do you more harm than good!
Before I close this, here’s three cheers to another remarkable happening on Twitter!

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