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How #JainismRocks became a Trending topic of India:
Untitled (1)Let me clarify, #JainismRocks trend has nothing to do with Jain’s minority status and nor it has to do with BJP, Congress, AAP or any political scenario! Yesterday in Mumbai, Jain International Youth Organisation hosted its first Social Media Marketing workshop (2 days) for the Jain Youth in Mumbai! This workshop was organised in association with my organization based in Chennai; Echovme -Digital Marketing Agency and Training company.

There were about 50 participants for this workshop and while I was teaching them the value of hashtags and the importance of trending topics. I introduced this hashtag #JainismRocks for students to explore and share their ideas on the subject!

With 500+ tweets, this topic became trending topic! The following process was followed by team to make it trend:

  • 1. Participants were asked to make 5  tweets at a stretch and schedule 5 tweets in duration of 60 minutes.
  • 2. They were asked to invite their Jain friends on Twitter to participate. Each one was given responsibility to invite 5 people.
  • 3. Each one of them were asked to carry their own WiFi dongle – thus technically tweets were not coming from the same server. 50 people tweeting from the same ISP server will not have that much impact when they tweet from different servers.
  • 4. Team Echovme (the knowledge partner for the workshop) from Chennai was asked to participate., thus involving people from other cities as well.
  • 5. #JainismRocks was first trending in Mumbai, bringing in some controversial tweets from people around and then it got momentum across India.
  • 6. As the topic #JainismRocks talks about a particular religion, it got in a lot of controversial tweets from the ‘wannabe’ tweeters.
  • 7. The Echovme team and workshop participants continued to respond to all the controversies with #JainismRocks

I suggest, please avoid using any foul languages or anything against the community as to avoid any communal issues.


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