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How is it to meet the Digital Marketing Experts in India under one forum?

Well, join the India’s biggest expert panel on the Digital Marketing Question and Answers Forum on Facebook for Free.

So what happens in this panel?

Digital Marketing Question and Answers is a community that aims at uniting experts and beginners of Digital Marketing industry across the world under one forum and the year 2018 is dedicated for collaborative learning. In this style of knowledge sharing, each week is dedicated to a separate panelist. He or she is responsible to drive the conversations, post interesting content pieces and go live once in that week on Thursdays to interact with the group members. The live sessions are positioned on Thursdays calling it #GuruCoolThursdays

Focus is to build networking opportunities for those who cannot afford or don’t have time to travel or attend conferences, workshops or events. There is nothing like collaborative learning.

These are the expert panelists listed below:

• Jan 15th 2018 – Jan 20th 2018: Rob Peck, Director O3M {Topic: Google Adwords}
• Jan 22nd 2018 – Jan 27th 2018: Kulwant Nagi, Blogger & Affiliate Marketer, (Topic: Affiliate Marketing)
• Jan 29th 2018 – Feb 3rd 2018: Pradeep Chopra, CEO, (Topic: Digital Marketing Career in India)
• Feb 5th 2018 – Feb 10th 2018: Sorav Jain, CEO, echoVME (Topic: Social Media Marketing)
• Feb 12th 2018 – Feb 17th 2018: Vikas Chawla, Co-Founder, (Topic: Influencer Marketing)
• Feb 19th 2018 – Feb 24th 2018: Malhar Barai, Group Manager – Marketing, Tech Mahindra & Co-Founder: #SEOTalk (Topic: SEO)
• Feb 26th 2018 – March 3rd 2018: Deepak Kanakraju, Founder, (Topic: Email Marketing)
• March 5th 2018 – March 10th 2018: Peter Claridge, Marketing Director, (Facebook Engagement & Insights)
• March 12th 2018 – March 17th 2018: Jitendra Vaswani, Founder, (Topic: Blogging and Basics)
• March 19th 2018 – March 24th 2018: Viral Jadhav, Founder (Topic: Digital Marketing Hacks, Workflow & Automations)
• March 26th 2018 – 31st 2018: Saurabh Choudhary, Independent Digital Marketing Consultant (Topic: Dropshipping, eCommerce)
• April 2nd 2018 – April 7th 2018: Jyotsana Ramachandran, Founder, Happy Self Publishing (Topic: Publishing a Book / eBook)
• April 9th 2018 – April 14th 2018: Gopal Krishnan, Founder, (Topic: Facebook Ads Brand Funnel)

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