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If you love drinking beer and are offered FREE unlimited with your friends what more will you ask for? I’m sure you will glorify the various attributes of host for a long time to offer you that unlimited FREE beer experience with your friends. Kingfisher Beer a very popular brand known nationwide organizes something similar for the twitter community. Kingfisher announces a tweetup for beer lovers every week on Saturday that limits to “Twitter Users” only! In fact, this beer up is announced on Twitter and restricts to 50 -80 twitteratis registering first come first serve basis.

Kingfisher promises #KFBeerup in a city one month in advance and if you have registered you can drink as much Kingfisher Premium Beer as you can. No conditions apply 😉


From the time Kingfisher announces the #KfBeerup in a city with Invitation for registrations (on The word starts spreading, twitter world starts buzzing with hash tag “#Kfbeerup”, people start tagging their friends on twitter to inform them about the #Kfbeerup and many make fake profiles of their friends for sake of registrations.

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This is what I call as complete ‘experiential marketing’ or giving it a other name the ‘innovation in marketing’. Very few brands in the world believe that the usage of twitter is beyond Internet and when used they can create wonders. Below are some benefits that the brand avails by hosting #KfBeerup:

1. The event helps spreading the word of mouth about the brand when people talk about the registrations, live event activity and post event experience thus reaching thousands of people with #KfBeerup.

2. The event creates brand enthusiasm amongst the twitter community and the enthusiasm impacts the brand equity.

3. Brand is well aware that the twitter is the new trend in the country and going with the trend in a innovative way is the need of the hour and thus securing the future communication strategies + attracting the mainstream media to cover the innovation.

4. The aim of giving customers an experience definitely impacts the brand loyalty and thus anticipating sales in the future.

Watch a Recent Mumbai based #KFBeerup video coverage on Youtube. 

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