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Kodak has always been the love of all the Photographers and Cinematographers Worldwide. The secret that only Photographers and Cinematographers knew has now been made more open, by Kodak through Social Media Network, enabling Kodak users’ worldwide to share their joy and experience. Kodak has launched its page in Facebook ( and Twitter ( ).

Kodak the Pioneers in many Products has moved on to establish a direct relationship with its users and fans. Facebook already has more than 500 million registered users worldwide. Kodak which had always helped share thoughts and memories through its products has now set the platform to upload the photographs and videos to the Social media network directly from any of Kodak’s new digital product. World’s foremost imaging innovator Kodak with its range of products can meet anybody’s need or demand through more interaction in social media.

Kodak page encourages users to share the recorded moments with family and friends, compete and win exciting prizes, view comments and share experiences. Kodak keeps its users posted about new product launch, competition and updates (news Kodak). Kodak users can now invite friends to view, comment and vote their photographs through social network sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook allows the users to upload more photographs than any other website. Facebook with a growth rate of 250 million new photos per week is already strong with 15 billion photos (Facebook engineering). To facilitate easy access Kodak page has new user friendly features and applications like easy share software and Kodak share button.

Kodak now resonates through social media to a wider and wiser fan base. No one is far away with the advent of social media networking sites. With more people turning towards social networking sites everyday, Kodak page helps the users’ exhibit their work and connect with more people. Kodak promises real life experience. Helps convey and conceive ideas, thoughts and memories. Kodak have come up with few blogs (, pluggedin blog and growyourbizz blog ) where people share photos and exchange comments.

Will it succeed?

In the past we use to click photographs, get the reel washed and bring the photos home printed. The fashion is no more popular; people click pictures from their digital camera and upload them on Facebook, Flickr and more thus locking their moments on web for historic evidence and easy share. With more time spent on Facebook and Twitter people have no time to wait for the photographs to develop thus share.

With most photos shared online Kodak plays essential role of making them avail the first thing connecting passionate photographers with the “camera”. Being on Social Media will not just lighten the moments of customer service and queries but will also enhance the brand conversation; example: Hey Just uploading first flicks from my @kodak camera!

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