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I have been running vernacular ads for my workshops and also clients at echoVME and in doing so I have understood that this mode of communication is becoming the need of the hour with the increasing number of Indian internet users every day. People from rural and remote localities are now discovering the potential of […]

I have been running vernacular ads for my workshops and also clients at echoVME and in doing so I have understood that this mode of communication is becoming the need of the hour with the increasing number of Indian internet users every day. People from rural and remote localities are now discovering the potential of the internet and social media. They are also developing the curiosity to learn more about the ways to tap into the powers of the internet.

There is nothing like learning a subject in your language, it creates a larger impact. For example, when I tell my 3 year old son stories, I tell it in Hindi first as that’s the language he understands the most and then I communicate the same in English, so that once the meaning is well understood it becomes a lot easier for him to get English words. This has inspired me the most to launch a Free digital marketing course in Hindi.

Of course, we aren’t focussing on learning English here, but a subject that I like to tell stories about.

Key Stats on Indian Language Users:

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A study by KPMG showed that about 68% of Indian internet users considered content in their local language more reliable than English content. It also said that 88% of them are more likely to respond to ads in their own language. What was even more surprising to me was that the rural internet users had a higher engagement rate than their urban counterparts. The government has also made it mandatory for smartphones to be enabled with all Indian languages. It has also announced initiatives to improve digital literacy in about 60 million households in the next three years. Stats show that Tamil, Hindi, Kannada and Bengali languages have the highest Internet adoption. Though 39% is the 2nd best, it still hosts the biggest market share.

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All this is reaffirming my belief that vernacularism is definitely going to be a game-changer and highly disruptive in the years to come.

Digital With A Purpose:

By June 2018, about 500 million people in India will have access to the Internet as reported by the Economic Times. 60% of India is still not internet savvy. My purpose of life is to ensure that I am able to reach out to the rural and urban Indians to show the positive side of Digital and how important it is to define the purpose of using digital very similar to defining the purpose of life. While people need to realize that digital is not just about searching for information, chatting, social networking or using it as a source of entertainment, this course aims at making them understand the seamless possibilities in the world of digital.

Why Digital Marketing in Hindi?

I observed this while I was launching my Digital Marketing courses in English – a large portion of my audience wanted to learn them in Hindi. So, I ventured into translating my course content into Hindi and launching a website ( to learn Digital Marketing exclusively in Hindi. Along with this, I have also launched a Facebook group for Hindi Digital Marketing which you can join by clicking the link below and filling up the form ( Very soon, I will be turning out the website into a Hindi Digital Marketing blog so that people can learn this subject in the regional language and read interesting articles.

My FREE Hindi Digital Marketing Course:

The course comes as a series of videos that you will find on my YouTube channel, which will guide you from the basics of Digital Marketing to breaking down deep subjects such as affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, inbound marketing etc.

You can enrol yourself in the course by filling the form below:

The course contains 18 video lessons and given below is the curriculum of the course.

Lesson 1: Future of Digital Marketing in India

Lesson 2: What do you need to start your digital Marketing Career

Lesson 3: What are the modules in Digital Marketing

Lesson 4: What is SEO?

Lesson 5: What is SEM?

Lesson 6: What is Social Media Marketing?

Lesson 7: How to generate leads using Facebook Ads

Lesson 8: What is Email Marketing and how do you use it?

Lesson 9: What is Affiliate Marketing and how do you earn with it?

Lesson 10: What is Influencer Marketing?

Lesson 11: What is Inbound Marketing?

Lesson 12: How to build your personal brand on LinkedIn

Lesson 13: How to build your personal brand on Twitter

Lesson 14: How to generate leads on LinkedIn

Lesson 15: What is Google Analytics?

Lesson 16: How to increase your followers on Instagram

Lesson 17: Tools to learn designing from home

Lesson 18: My journey from blogging to marketing

Once you have successfully completed the course, you will receive a Course Completion e–Certificate (Soft Copy) from The Digital Academy Of Sorav Jain. The learning does not end there! I go live on Instagram every Tuesday morning at 9 A.M to fill you up with some weekly insights and also answer questions from people who have attended the course.

Can You Become a Digital Marketer with this course?

The domain being vast and quite dynamic would require you to continuously learn, read articles and follow blogs. This course will help you learn the basics of digital marketing in the simplest methods and also set you on the right path to learning the subject. You can also stay updated by subscribing to my blog and receive weekly and monthly updates.

How can you contribute?

Do you believe in the power of Digital? Want to help your parents understand what digital marketing is? Want your distant relative sitting in some part of India learn digital marketing in Hindi so that he can decide his future? Well, you can ask them to enrol for this course. I will ensure that every step of this course is in the regional language, which makes it simpler for everyone to understand. Currently, about 5000+ people have enrolled for this course and I’m aiming to reach about 5 lakh people in 2018.

So, join me in my journey to empower India with the knowledge and power of Digital!


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