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About Brand: Renowned condom brand known as ‘Durex’. It has been in the business of making condoms for nearly eighty years i.e. even before the era of condoms or probably the demand began.

About Product: with the tagline “Live in Jeans. Love in Jeans” Durex Jeans is a trendy condom wear targeting youth

Social Media: Facebook (fan page)

Number of Fans: 5600 (as on 9th March 8:13 PM IST)

Social Media Strategy:

1. ‘Brand Awareness and Brand Building’ strategy.

2. Confused engagement strategy with contests.

3. Hilarious activities and contents on the wall.

4. A semi- engagement and more of consumer driven community (where customers be the most active part of the community, initiating messages, activities and other initiation to engage with others)

5. As the word ‘Sex’ rules the fan page the enthusiasm among the consumers creates a different feel on the wall post. Certainly different than the other fan pages I have seen.

6. The strategy can be called ‘sexy strategy’; activities, wall posts, and interaction revolves around sex.

7. Right target place (Love in jeans looks more of youth focused and facebook is the right choice)

8. Well designed FBML tabs and application ‘Champ the Damp’ that allows you to test your goodness on bed. Appreciative ‘Unzip your Attitude and Bunny Blues’ application. Overall a very creative approach to make the fan page completely lively.

9. Regular updates about brand activities (tee shirts, absolute loving, road promotions, advertisement videos etc)

10. Great Punch Lines as status message, one of the other impressive ones I would
like to mention in my blog:

The leggy ones, the heavy ones, the cute ones, the fiery ones, the silent ones, the giggly ones, the single ones, the not-so-single ones; be fair to the fairer sex today. Let us all appreciate their minds as well as their beauty today. Wishing all the women a very special Women’s Day

My Take:

1. No weekly activities or monthly activities set by the brand. There needs a monthly objective. If hosting a contest: the application, the material, how to advertise, time period, reward and how is it going to help the overall brand?. Need to use Posting/Month model.

2. The name ‘Love in jeans’ may result in the slow growth of the fan following and as the purpose of the fan page is to increase brand awareness and create brand image. ‘Love in Jeans Condoms’ would have been a better name for the profile that would have attracted the common condom lovers and Durex brand lovers.

3. Facebook has this wonderful feature of syndicating activities done via anybody. Ex: you join a XYZ group and facebook let your friends know about it. Similarly the fan page with title ‘Love in jeans condoms’ can generate keen and funny comments thus raising curiosity of many and increasing the overall fan.

4. User generated contents required to bring in more eagerness. Host contests were user creates suitable tag lines, creatives such as mugs, t-shirt designs, hoardings, etc.

5. End of the day this is an Adult fan page, ask questions about customer’s satisfaction level with Condoms that would zeal in more fervor and inquisitiveness.

6. 7 million Indians (above age group 18) are on Facebook so there needs to be regular advertisement of the fan page on the advertising board of Facebook as well as on the offline promotional activities.

Overall it is a great fan page to be a part of. The community interaction is high that gives customer an unforgettable experience and on an overall level, this contributes to the experiential marketing of the brand.

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