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I recently did a quick linkedin question and answer session with marketing experts and social media enthusiasts from different parts of the world. As, the various recent research studies contradicts the co-relation between the sleeping hours and time spent on social media with few suggesting youngsters spending more time where as the research led by University of Hampshire confirming there is no relationship between social networking and the sleeping time.

Well, contradiction in research always happens when it is survey based as the geographical, cultural and demographic elements differs and besides that penetration of internet, technology, social networking popularity also varies.

Be it whatever the situation marketers are rejoicing the era of social media and with increase in number of users + the more time spent is a longevity beckon of the era.

Drew Howard the Marketing Director at BlueCamroo Inc consider people spending more time on Social Media as a good sign. He feels the less people sleep and more time they spend on Social Media, the greater the chances are of someone stumbling across his message and the more face time his brand can have with customers.

Majority of Social Media enthusiasts sleep hearing the chirps of tweetdeck, if not there are youngsters who prefer playing poker, farmville and other applications. The revolution of keeping awake and spend more time on internet has started and this makes companies happy whose marketing strategy revolves around the new media.

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