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There has been tremendous change in the insight feature of Facebook fan pages that could help you explore your ROI of Social Media Marketing campaigns via Facebook. The major change you will see that the platform has dropped the reference to “fans” and substituted them with “users”, and they now offer a standard monthly or daily view for insights which was not available previously. You cannot currently adjust the date range shown or cannot seek weekly stats as we can do with help of Google analytics. Surprised? There is yet more in the bag now.

Facebook has also started showcasing insights for your domains, which gives you an heads up in detail about the value of Facebook to your website and can avail you minute information that is not even available in the paid analytics tool.

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5 simple steps to integrate Facebook analytics with your domain (Helps you link up your personal profile / fan page to your website/blog):

1. The tracking authorization is as equal to Google or any other analytical tools. Facebook avails you a simple META tag to your site, individual pages, blogs and also to your personal profile.

2. To obtain META tag go to any of your fan pages (of which you are the admin) click the option on the left side ‘View Insights’

3. Click on the top left pale purple option ‘Insights’

4. Following which click the right hand side option in green color: “Insights for your domain”

5. Enter your domain name and integrate the code before the head banner of your website or blog (HTML).

You can check the print screen above in order to have quick look. I have just done the integration right now so you can observe there is not much of a difference to it (Picture below). It will at least take 24 hours to get upgraded.

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You might want to ask I am a fan of the Old Facebook Insights how can I avail them?
Facebook has not closed its old insights it is still available for people to view. The benefit of the old version allowed for you to select particular date ranges and the page loaded quickly, the new update seems to fail in these areas.

Fascinated by the fact that Facebook is surprising the world with advanced features. Marketers needs to learn and enter the Facebook space to engage with customers.

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