New Zenler Review 2021: Overview & Features (Get FREE Training!)

With the age of social distancing descending upon us, online tutoring has come as a ray of hope for coaches and consultants worldwide. Having a reliable LMS (Learning Management System) set up for your brand can prove to be a trump card in these trying times. In this Zenler review, we’re going to be looking […]

new zenler review

With the age of social distancing descending upon us, online tutoring has come as a ray of hope for coaches and consultants worldwide. Having a reliable LMS (Learning Management System) set up for your brand can prove to be a trump card in these trying times. In this Zenler review, we’re going to be looking at one such LMS that is poised to redefine the landscape of online learning.

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The E-learning Arena

As of today, the online learning sector is governed by the giants in the arena. Big names like Udemy, Coursera and SkillShare all thrive on their unique MOOCs that bring value to people from all walks of life. Tackling them on their turf is an uphill battle, considering the massive audience they hold sway over. 

Luckily, online management systems like New Zenler are foraying into the sector, looking to level the playing field. The USP of platforms such as these is their versatility, as we will see in our new Zenler review. With this breed of software, you can create learning systems that seamlessly integrate into your existing digital infrastructure. Along with this benefit, you also get a little bit more leeway on how you construct and manage your courses. We’ll take an in-depth look at all this down below. Before that, let’s get down to business in this brief overview analysis of Zenler and its services.

New Zenler Pro / Cons: At A Glance

What Do I Like

  • Complete Control Over Course Creation
  • All-in-One Functionality through Lead Gen Infrastructure (LP, email funnel)
  • Holistic Community Building Features
  • Dynamic Progress Tracking For Your Audience
  • Accessible Pricing Options

What I Don’t Like

  • Learning Curve Is A Little Steep
  • Takes A While To Set Up
  • Still In Beta Phase (Access through invite request)
  • Can Be Unresponsive At Times

To be fair, the three cons mentioned are mere nitpicks, in the spirit of an honest assessment. The fact remains that New Zenler is an excellent tool in the market for those looking for peak functionality in an LMS. This new Zenler review will have a deep dive on all the core aspects of the service. From unique analyses to concise verdicts, read on for the full details!

We’ve already covered what an online course platform is above. However, Zenler is a little different from the rest of the pack. How? Let’s find out.


New Zenler: The Fundamentals

Yes, Zenler is a software tool to create and sell online courses. What sets it apart from the crowd, however, is the ample customisation it offers. With New Zenler, you can create an online class that’s all about you and the skills you bring to the table.

The marketing advantage this offers you is self-evident. Since yours is the only course on the platform, you can market it as you see fit. Zenler was initially conceived with the idea of making a platform for creating online courses accessible to all. During its run, it served that purpose very well. But the minds behind Zenler weren’t satisfied. Which brings us to the question…

What is New Zenler?

new zenler logo

All In One Course Creation, Delivery & Marketing Platform

New Zenler is the brand-new entrant into the market from the house of Zenler. It’s got some sweet features under the hood, such as:

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Few Amazing Features

#1 Marketing Funnel

You can create up to 100 marketing funnels and store 25,000 leads in either the monthly plan ($47/month) or the Pro annual plan ($447/year) and upwards of 300 marketing funnels and store up to 100,000 leads in the platinum plan (1167 $/year).

Marketing Funnels is similar to creating your funnels on ClickFunnels!

Below, you can find the links for comparison to the landing pages created on ClickFunnels and on New Zenler! You can click on the links to see that they are quite similar.

Share Funnels is coming to Zenler, which means one person can create the funnels and share it with colleagues or friends so that they can start using the same funnel without having to build from scratch. How cool is that? Yes, it’s the same feature as Share Funnels in ClickFunnels.

Here are the links to see the difference between a landing page that I created on Zenler and ClickFunnels:

Click here to check Zenler landing page.

Click here to check Clickfunnels landing page.

This should be a convincing point for you: the team of Zenler is continuously adding new templates, after having already added 6-7 pre-made templates!

And this is why we love Zenler! You can save on your subscription on ClickFunnels ($297/month) and do everything in one place!  I’d give Zenler a 9/10 for their Landing Page features.

#2 Email Broadcasts

Email Marketing features are well-built in Zenler. You can send up to 100,000 emails per month in either the monthly plan ($47/month) or the Pro Annual Plan ($447/year), and up to 500,000 emails per month in the Platinum Annual Plan ($1167/year), which means you can send marketing emails to all the leads you generate, using the marketing funnels above and also automate using advanced segmentation and tags.

email broadcast by new zenler tool

#3 Zoom Integration with Zenler

Zenler integrates with Zoom’s webinar delivery platform, so that you can save on the subscription cost of Zoom!

You can host up to 300 participants in either the monthly plan ($47/month) or the Pro Annual Plan ($447/year) and have 100 sessions per month which can range between 2 hours to 2.5 hours each session.

You can host up to 500 participants in the Platinum Annual Plan (1167$/year) and have 100 sessions per month which can range between 2 hours to 2.5 hours each session.

Now you can host LIVE classes just for your enrolled students and nobody else will enter the webinar or meeting room!

You can use the LIVE webinar feature to conduct marketing webinars to sell your courses, and this will make all your core goals and prospects enter the webinar.

Also, you will be able to live-stream directly from Zoom to your Facebook Group or YouTube channel, and this can save you the subscription of streaming services like

zoom integration in new zenler

#4 Course Creation

This aspect remains as New Zenler’s bread and butter. Zenler’s interface offers a seamless experience in constructing your course experience from the ground up. Whether you prefer PowerPoint presentations, video lectures or even live sessions, New Zenler has you covered.

#5 Seamless Integration

As a course creation suite, New Zenler will fit right into your existing digital sales funnels. Not only is it an online course builder software, but it also accounts for selling your course to the target audience. That’s what’s new about Zenler!

#6 Progress Tracking

The lifeblood of any online course. With New Zenler, you can easily keep tabs on your students’ progress at any time through the interface. This feature helps you ensure audience retention for your course.

#7 Page Creation

New Zenler isn’t just about substance. You can also create compelling pages that can act as lead magnets in their own right. Target your audience with pinpoint precision with Zenler!

#8 Community Features

The community aspect is a novel feature I stumbled upon during my New Zenler review. The platform provides you with ample facilities to create a vibrant network among your students. This feature is a gamechanger for me because as a tutor myself, I know interactions are the crux of any successful course.

All these aspects form the gist of what New Zenler brings to the LMS market. In the next segments of this review, I will go over the workings of the platform, to give you a clearer picture. At this point, though, I’m sure you’re pondering over what kind of pricing deals you can get on this service! Let’s explore that next.

New Zenler – Pricing Model

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Before you take a good look and assess the prices, I want to remind you of two things:

New Zenler is still very much in the beta phase. The developers are tinkering under the hood to optimise the service. In short, not everything about Zenler is set in stone yet, including the prices.

There is FREE TRIAL whatsoever on any of Zenler’s pricing plans. You’re going to have to opt for an all-or-nothing approach here.




Price (year) $447 $1167
Courses & Students Unlimited Unlimited
Instructors 20 100
Priority Support Yes Yes
Leads 25000 Unlimited
Sites 3 10



Virtually every other feature is more or less standard across both pricing plans. In this Zenler review, I discovered that the plans you choose would be governed by quantity. Qualitatively, both plans offer more or less the same experience, which is a welcome sign. 

A notable point here is that this platform for creating online courses requires upfront payment. There is no provision for payment in instalments. If you want either plan, you have to fork over the yearly amount upfront. This may seem like a downside, but to me, it’s OK! New Zenler is still in beta. The price can fluctuate any which way. I recommend you get it while it’s still relatively cheap!

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This is the one of the best thinkific alternatives that give you many more options at a lower price than Thinkific. Only question is: will you still go for Thinkific?

Best Kajabi Alternative (Kajabi Vs Zenler)

In this Video, I break down the Features of Kajabi and Zenler and Compare these All-In-One Course Builder tools!

You will find complete kajabi review and zenler review in this video and make your decision by the end of this Video!

Best Teachable Alternative (Save 3500$)

In this below video, you will discover the best alternative for Teachable in 2021! Let’s find some amazing alternative that can save you tons of money and do more for you as a course creator platform.

❌❌❌ Teachable Does not Have an Affiliate System Outside of USA and Canada, So You cannot apply and Suggest to Your Audiences.

❌❌❌ Teachable Only Integrates with Zapier on pro plans and higher (not on their basic plan) for Course Access

❌❌❌ No Bulk enrolments possible in 39$ and 119$ per month plans, only possible using the business plan which costs you 299$/Month

❌❌❌ There is always a confusion between the school and learning account of Teachable, too complicated. The New Zenler is one of a group of course creation tools like Podia, Thinkific, and Teachable. New Zenler is a learning management system (LMS) and an online training course builder, that allows users to plan, design, publish and host their course in a structured manner. It is hands down the best teachable alternative since teachable is a costly affair and you can save atleast 3500$ if you use the tricks shared in this video.

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New Zenler Review: Market Comparison

While New Zenler may be new in the field, it certainly isn’t the only competitor in its bracket. There exist other LMS tools that promise similar features as an online course building tool. Since you’re keeping your value for money in mind, I’ve put together a small comparison with the other instruments, to give you added clarity! Let’s take a look. Here is a table that compares the features of three popular options in the same bracket as New Zenler, regarding New Zenler.






UI/UX Ease of use Good User-friendly Best
Transaction Fees? Yes Yes No No
USP Cost-effectiveness Feature Integration User-friendliness All-round functionality
Pricing $39/month $49/month $39/mo $47/month
Email Marketing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Webinars Yes Yes (Zoom) Yes Yes
Affiliate marketing Yes Yes (User Access) Yes Yes
Membership Yes Yes (Sub-based) Yes (No limits) Yes
Digital downloads No Yes Yes Yes
Messaging Yes Yes (email notifs) Yes Yes
Free Trial Yes (Free Plan) Yes (Free Plan) 14-day free trial No


Take a good look at that third column. Each of the three services is geared towards a particular aspect that can elevate your course online. With New Zenler, however, you’re getting ALL of it under a single, once-a-year price tag. In the interest of online course builders for beginners, New Zenler is also the new kid on the block. However, I’m happy to say that they have hit the ground running in terms of value for money. From customer support to community creation, New Zenler hits all the right notes to deliver a holistic online course builder software experience.

As you can see, New Zenler is an ideal choice for those looking to make their foray into digital courses. But before I make a case for New Zenler with a clear verdict, I want to walk you through the usage of the features. Let’s get right into the bulk of the New Zenler review!

Zenler Affiliate Program

Zenler offers a partner referral program where you can significantly boost your passive income by recommending New Zenler to your network.

Friends/clients can benefit with the New Zenler Partner Program. It offers generous income, and right now it’s available, unlike Kajabi where you have to be on their paid plans to get paid. The moment you stop being on the Kajabi paid plans, you will end up losing commissions even if your referral is on their paid plans.

Teachable offers affiliate programs only to USA and Canada citizens at the moment.

Zenler has the best systems where they generously offer 40% commissions to Tier 1. If that friend refers another friend, you will get 5% of what they pay Zenler as well – they call this Tier 2 commissions.

This is not just for the first year; it’s forever as long as the referrals stay with Zenler! Therefore, this is a totally amazing way to start making extra commissions with this extensive platform!

Inside The New Zenler Suite

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Let’s dive straight into the bread and butter of New Zenler.

The Course Builder

new zenler course creation

Granted, this aspect of Zenler was already its claim to fame. With New Zenler, though, they’ve made some significant improvements under the hood. Before, Zenler accommodated basic lesson plans alone, and that was it. Now, they’re back with more, including video lessons, PDFs, PPTs, download-ready files and more! New Zenler has rounded out their roster to provide complete functionality in terms of online course builder software.

The Live Factor

New Zenler live stream

You’ll notice that one of the major talking points of this Zenler review has been the inclusion of live interaction features. There’s a good reason for this, as it’s one of the newest features from the house of Zenler.

Some of the features you get from this aspect of New Zenler are:

Classes: Upload a session to your registered members onsite or course members.

Webinars: Share a link and get people to sign up. It’s that simple!

Social Media Stream: You can stream all your content to Facebook if you want extra lead generation.

Email marketing: You can broadcast emails that are centred around your course material, for added reach.

Setting up these aspects is as simple as filling out a form and specifying your parameters. Once you’ve run a sound and video check, you’re good to go! Definitely a plus point for New Zenler.

Page Setup

New zenler page designer

As part of the marketing ensemble, New Zenler offers excellent tools for landing page creation. Your marketing needs will be covered entirely through this feature. With Zenler, it’s as easy as dragging and dropping the elements you want, plain and simple. Zenler understands the need for an even playing field for those with no coding knowledge.

Split-testing, countdown-based elements, template-based blocks, it’s all here, and the list is ever-growing. New Zenler is still in its beta phase, so the developers are adding new features regularly, such as mobile optimisation and scalability.

Funnels, Emails and Marketing

New Zenler Email Marketing

Did you notice a general pattern so far in this New Zenler review? If you guessed that New Zenler is targeting the USP of being an all-in-one productivity suite, you’re right!

Their marketing tools go a long way in cementing their stature and capturing the market share.

Email marketing: Full customisation available. Zenler also lets you set up automation for the process as you see fit. You can also directly send the leads from your marketing campaigns into the emailer list!

The funnels give you full flexibility on how you want to sell your online course for beginners or other products to your audience. You can tailor your funnel around your course as part of a compelling strategy. Choose from lead magnet strategies with built-in downloadables, or classic drip video strategies to win over your audience. 

This Zenler review would be incomplete without a shoutout to the attention to detail that the platform offers. Whether it’s the funnels themselves or the specific elements in a landing page, New Zenler is right on the money. For a single price tag, you’re getting a world of value!

But we’re yet to see the final frontier of this New Zenler review, which truly takes the cake: the community building aspects:

Community For Courses

This aspect of New Zenler is by far the most game-changing card it has. Zenler has everything you’ll need to build and nurture a vibrant online community around your courses.

Creating a community is as simple as clicking the add community button and linking it to one of your established courses. From there on out, it’s plain sailing!

You can add segments of your course’s student body as you see fit. Within that group, students are free to interact with their peers and discuss content.

Crosslinking is also possible, where you can tether an existing community with a new course.

The icing on the cake is undoubtedly the live chat feature that Zenler provides. It goes a long way in boosting your credibility!

A service that would usually require an entirely different product subscription is seamlessly taken care of by New Zenler. This is a recurring theme in this New Zenler review because the software delivers on all counts for creating and sustaining an online course.

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So what’s the final word of my Zenler review?

Is it worth your money?

Well, if you’re an aspiring digital coach or consultant, I recommend getting New Zenler. As stated above, you’d be getting an entire army of features and facilities under a single price point. 

Since these are early days for New Zenler, you can avail a sizable discount on the product, through special affiliate deals! This offer makes New Zenler even more valuable as a productivity suite for your online course needs. As a signoff on the New Zenler review, here’s my final verdict:

If you’re in the market looking to launch your very own digital course, look no further than New Zenler. It is well and truly the complete package.


💓Awesome bonuses from our side if you book zenler from us:

✅ Complete New Zenler Tutorial ( Set of 9 Videos to help you understand Everything About Zenler )

✅ ClickFunnels – Two functional Share Funnels for Consulting and Agency owners worth 1997$ 

✅ Content Calendar For 60 Days for Social Media 

✅ 25+ Professional Canva Templates 

✅ 30+ High Engaging Captions for Your Social Media 

✅ Complete Email Marketing Course ( Learn how to setup lead generation and create your ebook from scratch in less than 10 mins and learn how to get started with email marketing. 

✅ 10+ Email Templates for you to get started immediately. 

So go ahead, test as much as you want in the free trial and let us know at once you’re ready for the next step

Yes, I want to Sign Up For Free & Get Bonuses

Have you used New Zenler?

What is your New Zenler review?

Let me know in the comments below!


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