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‘On a mission to help people with Digital Marketing’ For those who follow me on my Social Medias and my blog, you may recognize this line from my Bio and my ‘About Me’ section. And yes, this has been the core vision of my Digital Marketing practices ever since I first started my journey into […]

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‘On a mission to help people with Digital Marketing’

For those who follow me on my Social Medias and my blog, you may recognize this line from my Bio and my ‘About Me’ section. And yes, this has been the core vision of my Digital Marketing practices ever since I first started my journey into the online world and even now when I’m finally launching my online digital marketing course. I always wanted to help more and more people join the Digital wagon and use it responsibly.

If you have been following my career path, you could see the direction into which I plan my activities. Every now and then there is a milestone where I educate people in one way or the other. This has moved on from taking guest lectures in colleges to doing corporate sessions for various organizations, training professionals in the field of digital marketing, giving away free courses on through emails & video lessons, and finally starting my own institute and an online digital marketing course.

The entire trainer journey of mine has been an amazing roller coaster ride which is now in a place where I can guide anyone who has the passion and zeal to learn Digital.

Digital Scholar:

Before going into the course I have to offer today, let me give you a bit of a back story. In September 2019, Digital Scholar opened its gates to the first batch of students. This was a long-planned project for which my team and I prepared for months. And the response we got was amazing. To date, we are on the verge of completing 2 batches and we have already turned more than 200 people to Digital Marketing professionals.

Where some successfully got 1000s of walkins through Facebook ads by spending just a few 100 Rupees, some successfully conducted their first offline classes and got houseful registrations through Social Media Marketing. The list of success stories is endless.

Digital Scholar is a Digital Marketing Training Institute in Chennai where we follow an exclusive agency styled approach and a well-curated curriculum filled with case studies, real-time clients, and practical problems.

But every time I ran ads, campaigns, social media posts for Digital Scholar, I saw many emails, DMs, comments, replies, requesting the same thing, ‘I am not from Chennai, but I still want to join the institute. How can I?’

So do not worry, I have been reading all those requests, and have come up with a solution that will help me increase the reach of Digital Marketing even further.

And hence I present to you my next venture, Digital Scholar’s 3-Months Online Digital Marketing Certificate Program.

Digital Scholar’s Online Digital Marketing Program:

In my next venture, I am providing the same curated curriculum combined with even more perks of amazing guest lectures, and all this at the comfort of your home.

The program constitutes of more than 20 modules that cover everything from basics to more comprehensive and advanced areas of Digital Marketing and everything around it.

To take you through this journey, we have top trainers who are seasoned industry practitioners, who have handcrafted modules through their experience with the subject. This will enable you to understand the concepts through their perspective.

Highlights of the course:

  • More than 20 in-depth modules
  • 15+ industry-recognized certificates
  • Leadership and Softskills training
  • Learn to start your own agency
  • Become an international freelancer
  • Internship opportunities in some of the best agencies
  • Placement assistance
  • Become a highly paid influencer
  • Practical approach towards the course
  • Agency styled learning
  • Live projects and team building

Being in the online space for more than a decade, I have seen the industry trends grow and have been an active part of it. One of the main things I have realized through this is the massive industry gap between the demand for trained professionals and their highly scarce availability.

Agencies usually hire people with some creative background, and with time, train them and season them into professionals. This takes a lot of effort, experience, and training. There are not many institutes specializing in giving quality Digital Marketing training and hence the demand for professionals is very high. Digital Scholar’s approach makes sure that the students graduating from the institute can take up the mantle right from Day-1 and innovate the brand they take up.

The institute is perfect for:

  • Students looking for an amazing career opportunity
  • Freelancers looking to upskill
  • Homepreneurs looking for an opportunity to earn
  • Professionals looking for a way to hone their skills in Digital Marketing
  • Entrepreneurs looking to take their brand online

This is a complete Digital Marketing course you will ever need. Here, you will not just learn, but make connections that last for a lifetime, skills that will help you in every part of your life, and a learning experience that will change the way you see the online world.

So be a part of this course and join the Digital chariot now. Click here to register today.


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