10 Best Online Digital Marketing Courses With Course Certification (Free & Paid)

You've come to the correct spot if you're looking for information about where to study online digital marketing course and how to do it effectively. In terms of recruiting demand and salary, digital marketing is one of the greatest jobs to go into right now. I'll also show you how to gain this vital skill using a variety of online marketing classes and other resources.

online digital marketing courses

With online courses reaching optimal enrollment, online digital marketing courses are the most enrolled course in this pandemic. 

Digital marketing and its scope are evident to everyone. Did you know that the digital marketing field is growing at an annual rate of 11%? 

This is thus far the largest growth value any sector has seen. Learning digital marketing can be the best skill that you can add to enhancing your business, gaining an attractive job or for anything in general. 

With the pandemic situation that is prevailing amongst everything, a digital front and online certification courses are what people turn towards for upskilling themselves. In which ways there are numerous online digital marketing courses with certificates that will help you build your resume and skills right at home. 

We’ll start with the basics since, if you don’t already have friends or colleagues in the field, online courses are the greatest approach to mastering digital marketing.

Because this topic- ‘online digital marketing course’ is rapidly expanding, an online course will provide you with more up-to-date information than a book or a university programme. Individuals who want to establish a name for themselves in the dynamic field of internet marketing may take advantage of online digital marketing courses to grow and strengthen their skill sets. A professional and experienced digital marketer offers a plethora of digital marketing employment options all around the world.

Advertising agencies, public relations firms, company conglomerates, and a variety of service providers, as well as small and medium-sized businesses, all need to build a solid digital marketing plan. Expert, qualified individuals who have previously established their excellence in the digital marketing area teach the various online digital marketing courses

With the proliferation of digital marketing platforms and social media, it has become important for all businesses to be proficient in digital marketing operations in order to develop. In addition, a number of start-ups have sprung up in Mumbai to take advantage of the city’s varied financial prospects.

To conduct all their day-to-day activities in the online realm, these start-ups require competent digital marketing specialists. Search Engine Optimization, YouTube, Email Marketing, and Mobile App Marketing and Optimization are just a few of the main sectors that require skilled individuals that understand the complexity of Digital Marketing.

The intricacies of digital marketing can only be grasped via adequate training, whether it’s through online courses or in a classroom setting. 

Rising Demand For Digital Marketing Experts

Let’s examine how many jobs are now advertised for digital marketing-

digital marketing blog

Learn more about the digital marketing careers in India

The above advertised digital marketing jobs are at the time this post was written. Kindly take a look at the posting voluntarily. Jobs get updated every minute and second.

Companies all around the globe have made the momentous jump from billboard advertising to internet ads in an online-based era when the great majority of transactions are done online. Digital marketing isn’t simply a trendy marketing tactic; it’s also the most successful type of marketing ever developed. And the outcomes are plain to see.

Companies have surpassed marketing constraints and discovered enormous earnings from internet leads thanks to Digital Marketing.

There’s a lot more to digital marketing than meets the eye. It’s the wonder of modern technology that has aided the growth of enterprises all around the globe.

But this brings up the question of how digital marketing actually works. What are the fundamentals and important features of this marketing marvel?

Let’s start with a definition of digital marketing.

How Do You Define Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a strategy for achieving business objectives by promoting a company’s products or services via digital media. Over the last several years, the phrase has exploded in popularity, and it is now one of the most commonly used terms in both small and large enterprises.

There are several types of online advertising. Knowing which digital technologies to utilize for your unique business will help you prepare ahead of time and achieve your marketing goals.

Digital marketing uses a variety of tactics to achieve a single, overarching objective via many means.

Consider digital marketing as a business where the tactics are the people that work in various departments. All workers work for the same company and have the same goal in mind: to make the company successful.

Likewise, all digital marketing techniques work together to drive traffic, raise awareness, and convert leads into long-term clients.

With that in mind, let’s delve a little more into the primary digital marketing methods.

Search Engine Optimization

The first thing you do when you need to know or buy anything looks it up on the Google search engine. When the results are shown, most consumers find what they’re searching for on the first or second page of Google search.

That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. One of the most critical tasks in digital marketing is to make your website SEO friendly. You will be left behind in the searches if you do not optimize your website to be Search Engine friendly, and you will miss out on possible leads and visibility for your business.

Organic traffic to your site does require time, work, and patience to develop, but if you don’t want to spend to appear on the top page of Google, SEO is the way to go. SEO is simple to adopt and progressively enhances the site’s traffic.

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing

Simply put, you would have to pay for the number of clicks each time a person clicked on your displayed ad. It’s the simplest and quickest technique to increase website visitors. This form of traffic generation is not considered organic.

Nevertheless, PPC advertising should be used because SEO takes time to bring in organic visitors.

Website Promotion

One of your most valuable marketing tools is your website, which may assist potential buyers in finding what they’re searching for and making the ultimate purchase.

Before making a final purchase choice, the average customer spends a substantial amount of time on a website. It is your obligation to deliver an exceptional user experience that encourages customers to stay longer on your website. They should be able to quickly access information about the items and services they want.

Make a positive first impression on your customers by using your website to represent your company.

Keep the visuals, style, and general layout of your website in mind while you create it. Make sure it’s mobile-friendly, as that’s where the majority of your customers are.

Content Marketing

In the realm of digital marketing, content marketing is extremely important. You won’t be able to establish a customer base, brand, or engage your target audience into taking an interest in the business without content marketing, regardless of what web marketing method you choose.

Essentially, content marketing is the process of advertising your company by connecting with clients and persuading them to make a purchase. Videos, testimonials, e-books, podcasts, infographics, blog articles, social media postings, and so on are all examples of content marketing.

All of these might be used as part of a digital marketing strategy to raise customer awareness of your company.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the most popular and efficient means of digital marketing. The unrivalled transformation that social media has brought to company marketing is unrivalled.

With the ever-increasing number of social media users throughout the world, the amount of exposure your company may receive is mind-boggling. And, with all of the behavioural data available, you won’t be able to promote effectively by throwing darts in the dark.

Your lottery ticket to preaching about your goods and services while staying in touch with potential clients on a platform where they spend the bulk of their time is on social media. You may utilize social media to conduct ad campaigns and contests, develop innovative and interesting content, and even provide customer care.

Email Marketing

Forbes estimates that the typical individual checks their mail twenty times each day, although this figure might be higher.

Email marketing may not be the major source of new leads for your company, but it is frequently utilized as a means of connecting with customers who have expressed interest in your services or goods and have elected to receive updates from you.

Through email marketing, you may boost your chances of gaining loyal clients who will continue to buy from you. Most companies use email marketing to send out weekly newsletters, promotional offers, and service and product updates.

Affiliate marketing 

This type of marketing is having a spokesperson for your company who assists in engaging with potential customers and recommending your company’s services and goods in exchange for a fee or payment.

You might also pay influencers and successful persons in the digital marketing field to advertise your business to a huge number of people.

Knowing how each component of digital marketing may aid your organization will help you decide what kind of digital marketing structure to build and implement.

Native advertising 

Native advertising is advertising disguised as native advertising. Its purpose is to merge in with the information around it, making it less noticeable as advertising.

Native advertising was developed in response to today’s customers’ aversion to advertisements. Many customers will assume that an ad is prejudiced if the creator pays for it to appear. As a result, they will disregard it

A native ad avoids this prejudice by providing information or amusement before going into any commercial content, thereby minimizing the “ad” component.

It’s critical to accurately mark your native adverts at all times. Use phrases like “sponsored” or “promoted.” If those signs are hidden, readers may spend a large amount of order to engage with the material before realizing it is advertising.

Consumers will feel more positive about your content and brand if they know exactly what they’re getting. Native advertisements are intended to be less intrusive than standard ads, but they are not intended to be misleading.

Your digital marketing strategy should be planned, implemented, and optimized.

Launch your digital marketing campaign by identifying your target audience and goals, and then implementing analytics to guarantee that you’re continually improving.

Step 1: Determine who your target viewers are and segment them.

Buyers nowadays need a personalized experience at every touchpoint. To do so, you’ll need to know their demographic, firmographic, and technographic characteristics, as well as how to respond to their inquiries and concerns.

Step 2: Set goals and devise a measuring method.

To build your goals and measurement approach, use audience information to build personas and gain a comprehensive picture of their sales cycle. Impressions, reach, clicks, CTR, engagement rate, conversions, cost per lead (CPL), effective cost per thousand (eCPM), and back-end metrics, including return on investment (ROI), return on ad spend (ROAS), first- and multi-touch attribution and lifetime customer value are all important metrics (LCV).

Step 3: Configure your advertising technology and channels.

Make sure you have the proper data management platforms (DMPs), demand-side platforms (DSPs), supply-side platforms (SSPS), & ad exchanges in place before you get started with ad technology. Align your team, clarify everyone’s goals, and demonstrate how their channels fit into the overall digital marketing picture.

Step 4: Go live and fine-tune.

Digital marketing may be utilized for customer acquisition, nurturing, loyalty-building, and branding. Periodically check analytics to see where you are thriving and where you need to improve in order to become a leader in this high-impact, high-demand field.

Why is Online Digital Marketing Course The Best?

Online digital marketing courses give you the flexibility to gain noteworthy skills in digital marketing right from the comfort of your home. Although nothing can beat the experience of gaining skills through offline courses, 

After all, isn’t that what digital is all about?

Making use of the digital platform to send across information and receive the same. So, as a digital marketer, it will be a good experience to know how the digital world works. Things can get done right at the comfort of your home, and that is what 

Online digital marketing courses can be taken up by entrepreneurs, sales and marketing professionals, homepreneurs and freelancers. This will help grow businesses and skills. 

Choosing The Right Online Digital Marketing Course

Courses that are specifically designed to help people learn digital marketing are an important resource to have, and it’s no surprise that more and more people are turning to online courses to take advantage of the convenience.

For people looking to start out or who aren’t quite sure what to focus on, it can be helpful to find a course that covers the basics, as well as more advanced topics. That way, you can learn just what you need to know.

In this blog, you will find a list of ten online digital marketing courses that are available for free and for an affordable fee as well. I recommend that you take the time to check them out at your convenience.

A lot of people may not have the time to go through these courses and learn digital marketing. However, they can be instrumental, especially to students who are trying to decide what to study.

Recognize Your Requirements

Before you start looking for a digital marketing school, I’d suggest making a list of why you want to master digital marketing in the first place.

Consider this:

  • Why am I pursuing a degree in digital marketing?
  • Is it my intention to learn digital marketing to improve my skills or to pursue a profession in this field?
  • Do I want to take a comprehensive digital marketing course or focus on just one module?

After your goal appears to be more clearer, figure out what you want to prioritize.

If you want to learn everything there is to know about digital marketing, enrol in a thorough postgraduate course or digital marketing diploma programme.

You’ll be one step closer to deciding which course is ideal for you if you figure out what you desire. You may always join up for only one module to test the waters if you still can’t decide. You can then specialize in extra modules if you want to learn more about the digital marketing environment.

Which is better for you: self-study or mentor-led training?

We now have two learning alternatives in the virtual world: one is self-taught learning, and the other is learning with a tutor.

Now that you have a better understanding of what you want to study, consider the following questions:

  • Do I do well in a classroom setting?
  • Do I require my own time and space in order to learn?

You’ll discover mentor-led online digital marketing courses to be the greatest match if you need that additional push while learning. You’ll have the opportunity to study in a collaborative setting with like-minded people.

Nevertheless, if you’re like me and have a strong desire to learn but a limited schedule, self-paced digital marketing classes will be the perfect option for you.

Self-paced courses allow you to learn from professionals at your own speed and, more importantly, when it is most convenient for you. If you can encourage yourself to progress ahead in the programme without continual monitoring, it gives you the best of both worlds.

Are the Course Instructors Experts in the Field?

Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and other types of digital marketing fall under the umbrella phrase “digital marketing.”

Each of these fields is extremely complex, and mastering them requires years of practice.

A social media marketer, rather than a digital marketer, in my opinion, can better educate your social media marketing. This because? Simply because he or she engages in social media marketing on a regular basis.

Sure, a digital marketer is aware of social media marketing, but not to the extent that a professional social media marketer who has worked in the area has. If you stumble across a course where only one teacher teaches all of these topics, that should be your initial warning sign.

As a result, each topic at IIDE is taught by a different practising professional, all of whom are specialists in their discipline. They assist you in learning each lesson by delving into the subject’s nooks and crevices, letting no stone unturned.

Thus, while selecting a digital marketing school, search for teachers that have more expertise in their particular digital marketing disciplines, as this will help you grasp both a theoretical and practical context.

Concentrate on the Format of the Course.

After you’ve looked into the trainers the course offers, it’s time to look into the course format, or rather the ‘course features.’

Check to see if the course you’re considering checks the following boxes:

  • Do they have any ongoing projects?
  • Will they do presentations in the classroom?
  • Do they believe in hands-on learning?
  • Is there a chance for an internship or a job placement?
  • Will I be paired with a mentor?
  • Do they do any kind of evaluation?

All of these factors are critical in assisting you in becoming a marketable digital marketer.

Digital marketing is a very experiential field, and the only way to learn it right is via hands-on experience. As a result, we always advise students to extensively examine the format of an online digital marketing course before enrolling.

Do they provide career advice?

Being a digital marketer requires specializing; being distinctive in one area allows you to be at the top of your game. This is why I urge that you seek an online digital marketing course that can help you advance your profession.

As they review your performance throughout the course, dedicated mentors can assist you in identifying your talents and guiding you toward the proper speciality.

As a result, ask the following critical questions:

  • Is it true that they supply course mentors?
  • Do they provide one-on-one career counselling?
  • Will they assist me in developing my resume?
  • Do they offer interview preparation classes?
  • Will they aid in the development of my communication skills?

Bear this in view. We propose that you seek for a school that will provide you with outstanding job placement prospects when you complete it.

Is it in accordance with your budget and timetable?

You need an online digital marketing course that best fits your needs, whether it’s in terms of scheduling or budget.

Before you choose a course, consider this piece of advice we provide to all of our students: see education as an asset rather than a cost.

Consider a course as an investment in your future self, since it will add to the skill set you currently have, and you will undoubtedly reap the advantages before you realize it.

The following stage is for you to select timings that will easily fit into your daily routine. Weekends could be the only time you get to relax if you’re a working professional.

Register for a Free Demo Session.

We strongly advise you to take a demo class at any institution before deciding whether or not to spend your time and money there.

When you’re deciding whether or not to take a demo class, ask yourself this question:

  • Is the learning environment up to expectations?
  • Is the lecture going to be interactive?
  • Is there anything new you’ve discovered?
  • Do you believe you’re being tested?
  • Was the learning pace similar to your own?
  • If you answered yes, you should certainly consider enrolling in their course.

You may even go a step further and ask to talk with one of their graduates or check their internet evaluations. Doing your homework can help you feel more secure in your decision.

Who Should Follow an Online Digital Marketing Course?

Learning online digital marketing courses has been one of the most popular alternatives among students over the period. 

Digital marketing does not limit you to a single type of employment. Furthermore, top businesses such as Google, Twitter, and Facebook provide a diverse range of professional opportunities. The option is up to the professional who wants to make a name for himself in the field of electronic advertising.

 New online job is announced on a regular basis for various firms and also businesses. This has the added benefit of allowing for different types of work and workstations to be created.  

Digital marketing, unlike other professions, does not need you to get a degree or qualification before you can begin working. Without joining desktops quite yet, the digital realm offers plenty of options to start your career in digital advertising. You may start writing and work on growing your fan following at the same time. 

Taking online exams like the Google Analytics Exam can help you assess your knowledge and talents. After you’ve successfully completed the exam, you may add your certificates to your social media sites, such as LinkedIn, to ensure that recruiters can see your profile and perhaps shortlist you.

Fresh grads, job seekers, and marketing experts will benefit from the digital marketing courses. Services of all kinds and shapes are gravitating toward advanced online digital marketing courses to enhance their hold in the advertising industry, thanks to the rapid proliferation of technological breakthroughs and the acceptance of digital platforms in every corner of the globe.

Aspirants may demonstrate their skills in advertising on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Messenger after finishing the top digital marketing courses. 

Digital marketing certifications and training are among the most in-demand courses currently!

Why Are These The Best Online Courses in Digital Marketing?

If you Research ‘Online Digital Marketing Courses,’ you’ll find a slew of options covering a variety of digital marketing topics. 

There are courses that focus just on SEO or social media marketing, for instance, but they do not provide a comprehensive overview of all digital marketing platforms.

The goal of this blog is to highlight comprehensive online digital marketing courses that cover a wide variety of digital marketing topics rather than focusing on a single topic. 

The article covers courses for beginners, intermediates, and experienced users of various sorts and levels.

You may go ahead and pick any from the below-mentioned online digital marketing courses. We’re sure they all are going to assist you better in the future!

Now with no further wait, let us dive into the Top 10 Online Digital Marketing Courses!

Top 10 Online Digital Marketing Certification Courses

1. Digital Scholar

4-Months Advanced Online Digital Marketing Course (Paid with Certification)

Digital Scholar offers a 4 months advanced online digital marketing course. This is an agency based online digital marketing course. This agency style approach is the best for gaining experiential learning.

They make use of comprehensive strategies to deliver the best for the students. Global practitioners and well versed digital marketers will give you a thorough knowledge of digital marketing.

Right from basics to advanced entities will be covered. It is a paid course, and you will receive a valid certificate which you can make use of at any point and anywhere to get yourself a good job. Even freelancers, marketers, and business owners are benefited from this course.

Digital Scholar is a comprehensive online digital marketing course that covers everything from the basics to the most recent digital marketing trends. Digital Scholar is one of the most well-known places to learn about digital marketing. Many students have used it to get a footing in the digital marketing business.

Many people are ready to enter the digital marketing sector and take advantage of the numerous developments since it is flourishing. If there’s one thing to remember with digital marketing, it’s that there’s a lot of misunderstanding out there.

Students may acquire hands-on experience in the business with Digital Scholar’s agency-based digital marketing training.

You may be curious as to how we go about accomplishing it. On the other side, our educators pave the path. At Digital Scholar, you will be trained by Sorav Jain, an industry-leading specialist with a decade of experience in the digital marketing field. His digital marketing business has a sister company called Digital Scholar. Students at Digital Scholar participate in agency-based learning, which offers them a fantastic learning experience that will help them in a variety of ways.

Digital Scholar also has a team of highly qualified digital marketing experts that are prepared to share their expertise and provide students with practical experience.

And over 300 national and international employment firms partner with Digital Scholar. Students may use Digital Scholar to guarantee that they have the best chance of landing a job at one of these famous firms. Additionally, as part of the course structure, Digital Scholar provides students with the opportunity to intern at echoVME Digital.

Thanks to Digital Scholars, students from all around the world have learnt a lot about digital marketing. Students from all around the world have registered in Digital Scholar’s courses, including Malaysia, Singapore, and many other nations.

Digital marketing is a requirement of the moment, and everyone should be aware of it, regardless of their sector of work. And by going with Digital Scholar, you can find the top online digital marketing course.

Below is the course module for Digital Scholar’s Online Digital Marketing course.

Online Digital Marketing Course Highlights

  • 100% Internship Guarantee by echoVME Digital
  • 4+ LIVE projects
  • 100% Placement Assistance with an average salary hike of 110%
  • International Freelance Marketplace forever
  • 18+ Advanced Modules including copywriting, affiliate marketing and Ecommerce Management.
  • Affordable Fees.
  • Ad Budgets, Domain and Hosting and Internship Cashback
  • 25 Certifications
  • Most Intense Modules are at half the price.
  • Learn from World’s Best Digital Marketing Influencer, Sorav Jain who has 176k followers on Instagram, 107k subscribers on YouTube and has trained over 100k students till date.
  • Harvard-Style Case-Studies
  • National and International Trainers
  • Start your own Digital Marketing agency with our agency-style unique approach
  • Become an International Freelancer with our course
  • Learn Complete Automation

Program Type

Online Digital Marketing Course

Online Digital Marketing Course Trainers

digital marketing blog

Sorav Jain

Position: Founder & CEO of echoVME

Sorav Jain needs no introduction. He founded and successfully runs echoVME Digital, and is the leading Digital Marketing Trainer at Digital Scholar. His experience speaks volumes about his training calibre. A session with him is all you need to get started with your journey in Digital Marketing!

Sorav Jain

Founder & CEO of echoVME

digital marketing blog

Rishi Jain

Position: Co-Founder of Digital Scholar

Rishi is as interesting a person as his niches. An expert in building landing pages that attract and sell, and a Automation Expert, he is also an entrepreneur and a Digital Marketer who is on a mission to train and help coaches and consultants successfully set-up their business online. His classes are nothing short of interesting and engaging!

Rishi Jain

Co-Founder of Digital Scholar

digital marketing blog

Karthikeyan Maruthai

Position: WordPress & SEO Expert

Karthikeyan heads the Development Team at echoVME. Having been in the industry for over a decade, he is the go-to person at echoVME for any website and SEO needs. Learn the tricks shining on Google and ranking on top of the SERP from the best here at Digital Scholar!

Karthikeyan Maruthai

WordPress & SEO Expert

digital marketing blog

Charu Latha

Position: Social Media Marketing Expert

Charulatha is an enthusiastic social media professional with 5 years of experience in the field. She now steers the Social Media team at echoVME Digital, Chennai, handling clients and the team seamlessly. With Charu, it is not about just learning theory, it is about engaging in activities, discussion of case studies, and practical implementation of social media theories.

Charu Latha

Social Media Marketing Expert

digital marketing blog

Ashutosh Bhandari

Position: Content Specialist

Ashutosh is a published writer, who heads the Content Team at echoVME. With a soft corner for words, and speciality in blogging, social media content and script writing, Ashutosh is an expert in writing and the technicalities of the field. Learn to up the quality of your brand’s communication and the art of persuasion through great content in his sessions!

Ashutosh Bhandari

Content Specialist

Guest Lecturers

online digital marketing course guest lecturers
online digital marketing course guest lecturers

Google Reviews and Ratings

1,769 reviews and 4.9 average ratings

digital marketing blog
Course Fee: ₹59,000
Course Duration: 4 Months
Course – Training Mode: Online Training
Next Batch Date:  Coming Soon
Trainers: Sorav Jain & Team
Contact Number: +91-9513632705
Email: info@digitalscholar.in
Website: www.digitalscholar.in

2. Simplilearn Digital Marketing Courses (Paid with Certification)

Simplilearn Digital Marketing Training Courses Online
Best Online Digital Marketing Course

It is a paid certification course, and this digital marketing certification course will transform you into a complete digital marketer with expertise in major digital marketing domains. You will be working on real-world projects and gain experiential learning. 

3. Google Digital Marketing Courses (Free with Certification)

Google Digital Marketing Courses Online
Best Online Digital Marketing Course

Google is offering this best free digital marketing course. This is a good guide for those who are beginners in digital marketing. It helps them understand the fundamentals of digital marketing along with google products.

After taking this course, you will be able to take up an exam. On clearing this course, you will get an accredited certificate from google. 

4. SEMRUSH Academy (Free with Certification)

Free Online Digital Marketing Courses
Best Online Digital Marketing Course

SEMRUSH Academy offers one of the best online marketing courses with free certificates. In SEMRUSH academy, you will learn all the fundamentals of digital marketing in a well-organized manner.

These courses are curated by field experts, and they are very informative. The certificate provided on taking up this course has good value.

5. ClickMinded Digital Marketing Course (Free and Paid with Certification)

ClickMinded Online Digital Marketing Course
Best Online Digital Marketing Course

Clickminded website has numerous resources. It is a very reputed platform to gain good knowledge in digital marketing.

The ClickMinded Digital Marketing Certification is designed in such a way that it helps understand the needs of the clients.

It is an important aspect of digital marketing, and clickminded helps garner skills for it. ClickMinded offers both free and paid courses. 

6. HubSpot Online Marketing Courses (Free with Certification)

HubSpot Online Marketing Courses
Best Online Digital Marketing Course

Hubspot has numerous resources for online marketing courses. They are free and also provided with certifications. They have quick practical courses and comprehensive certifications.

You can learn a plethora of things and gain a lot of skills from the courses. They cover hundreds of topics, and you get unlimited access to them. 

7. Udemy Digital Marketing Course (Paid with Certification)

Udemy Digital Marketing Courses Online
Best Online Digital Marketing Course

Udemy is one trustable online learning platform where you can find many valuable courses. There are numerous courses which you can select from.

They are mostly pre-recorded videos by experienced professionals. Udemy is a paid platform to access courses, and it is worth paying for because of the credibility of the courses. 

8. Copyblogger Online Marketing Course (Free)

Copyblogger Online Digital Marketing Courses
Best Online Digital Marketing Course

Copyblogger gives you an idea of internet marketing education with 16 ebooks and 20 emails. They are absolutely free.

They provide smart ideas to mix social media, content marketing, and SEO for lead generation. If you are starting off fresh, then this course is for you to get an amazing idea into the basics of digital marketing. 

9. Udacity Digital Marketing Course (Paid with Certification)

Udacity online digital marketing course
Best Online Digital Marketing Course

Udacity is an amazing platform to gain real-world experience in running live campaigns. You will be provided with a 360-degree understanding of digital marketing.

You will be learning from the top experts in the field. The course is a paid one with certification. 

10. Optinmonster Digital Marketing Training (Free)

Optinmonster Digital Marketing Training
Best Online Digital Marketing Course

Optin monster offers digital marketing training to explode your business growth. It is where entrepreneurs, business owners and marketing officials gain ideas on how to attract and convert website traffic into customers.

The courses offered in it are free and are of good informational content as well.

One more online course on digital marketing you can check it out is

Online Digital Marketing Course by Sorav Jain (Free with Certification)

sorav jain free online digital marketing courses
Best Online Digital Marketing Course

Well, yes. It is my own course, and it is absolutely free of cost. Why do you ask?

Well, I am launching this as a token of gratitude for successfully training 3500+ professionals via 150+ training programs organized in various cities of India and Sri Lanka in the last five years.

Right from website development to social media presence, I will be teaching you all the required basics in digital marketing. 

It is a paid certification course, and this digital marketing certification course will transform you into a complete digital marketer with expertise in major digital marketing domains. You will be working on real-world projects and gain experiential learning. 

If you are interested in digital marketing, then I would ask you to indulge in any of the above courses without a doubt. Digital marketing is sure to be an important part of every sector, and you must inculcate the knowledge and skills in it. 

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