Pabbly Review: Best Automation Tool for 2020

2020 has been an exciting year for digital marketing by my observation. I’ve noticed so many players in the digital arena change their game plans to accommodate life in a global pandemic. Most of these solutions based their focus on overall productivity in an isolated environment. Google, for example, opened up its GSuite features for […]

Pabbly review best automation tool

2020 has been an exciting year for digital marketing by my observation. I’ve noticed so many players in the digital arena change their game plans to accommodate life in a global pandemic.

Most of these solutions based their focus on overall productivity in an isolated environment. Google, for example, opened up its GSuite features for broader access to all. A welcome initiative, don’t you think? If anything, this time of global crisis has spurred people on to look for ways to pursue self-sufficiency. 

Pabbly Monthly Plan Pabbly Annual Plan

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In that regard, I’ve come across a highly-effective multipurpose digital marketing tool. It goes by the name of Pabbly, and it’s quite the powerhouse! This isn’t like your usual applications that are centred around a single purpose. 

I’ve had the time to experiment with it and go over each of its offerings. With every aspect I looked at, I formed a concise opinion, which I’m going to present to you in this comprehensive review. Right from the basics to advanced features, you’ll find it all here. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover, so without further ado, let’s get straight to it!

Pabbly: What It Does

Since we can’t make out anything from the quirky name, at first sight, let’s dive into the core of this Pabbly review. In simple terms, Pabbly is a suite of online services. As per their account, they are a SaaS company that specializes in elevating the growth-focused business to new heights of functionality. Basically, they help with the automation of core services in a digital marketing business.

pabbly connect’s workflow

What are my first thoughts on this? Personally, I feel they have a very well-rounded toolkit for a software suite. As a whole, Pabbly has managed to round off their set of services very well. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly they offer.

Pabbly’s Pillars 

  • Email Marketing. Possibly one of their biggest draws, Pabbly makes email marketing hassle-free and accessible.
  • Pabbly Form Building. Seamlessly collect precise data based on your specifications. This feature can be used for surveys and audience reviews alike.
  • Pabbly Subscription Billing. This was actually a surprising addition for me because it really is the complete package! Pabbly’s subscription package comes with inclusions for affiliate marketing additions as well.
  • Pabbly Connect. As a step further into creating automated workflows, Pabbly’s tool promises to make life easier for digital businesses.
  • Email Verification. Pabbly gives you the tools to optimally polish your email and subscriber list by authentic verification.

This is far beyond just surface level offerings. Pabbly digs deep and offers a blend of user-friendliness and functionality, as one of the best automation tools. Personally, I believe that for a digital marketing toolkit, this is a significant value. For a first-glance verdict, I give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

Speaking of value, how does Pabbly pricing hold up? After all, this is one of the biggest draws of any SaaS in the market!

Pabbly: Pricing Model

Pabbly Monthly Plan Pabbly Annual Plan

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Here’s the good news: Pabbly is completely free to sign up for. In fact, setting up a Pabbly account is completely seamless. You can use a 1-click Google signup, or other emails, as per your convenience. You will not be charged a sum, or even be needed to provide your credit card details. Sign-in is as simple as that!

pabbly pricing model

That’s where the freebies stop. I find that Pabbly cuts straight to the chase. Once you’re in, you’re in for the long haul. Pabbly never treats you with kid gloves. The tutorial is subtle, showing you what you can do with the interface but giving you room to explore. It’s all the bells and whistles, with none of the frills!

After signup, you can avail each of Pabbly’s services on a pay-per-use basis. Either that or you can opt for the more stable subscription plans. 

Signup with Pabbly

Obviously, the plus point to this is that it grants you full flexibility over how you plan your campaign. The downside? You’ll have to whip out your credit card every time you want to try out a new feature. Sounds like a pain, right? Allow me to introduce you to the premium corner of things. We’ll be covering the pricing model of each service in their respective sections, so read on for that. 

pabbly account

Pabbly Plus: The Premium Side

Let’s look at the premium side of this Pabbly review. What if you could have all of Pabbly’s value in one neat package? This is the question that Pabbly Plus answers. It’s a brand new feature. I’m pleased to say that Pabbly has hit the nail on the head with this one.

This is technically not a premium feature, because you pay for the base packages anyway. However, the pricing scheme is different, and that’s what sets it apart. Under this “premium” plan, you pay one price for all, and this doubles up as a fast track solution. Let’s take a closer look at the price points on offer for Pabbly Plus.

Pabbly Monthly Plan Pabbly Annual Plan

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premium feature

  • Validity: Pabbly Plus offers monthly, annual, biennial and triennial plans. Each of these come at their own competitive price points.
  • Tiering: The Pabbly Plus value comes at specific tiers too. There are four tiers, each at different prices. The difference between the tiers lies in the capacity of the services on offer. This applies to each of the four core services that Pabbly offers.

On the monthly plan, for instance, the price ranges from USD 29 to USD 79 across the various tiers. The inherent flexibility of the plans in these tier enables people to find pricing that suits them the best.

As far as premium service pricing models go, this one is unique. Usually, companies go premium to access services that are exclusively locked behind a paywall. That way, the service urges you to make a calculated choice between going premium or staying standard. 


With Pabbly, the pricing model is fairly free-flowing. What’s on sale here is not entirely new services, but the promise of better efficiency. This novel approach is a win in my eyes. It helps brands make the most of Pabbly even if they can’t afford the premium plans. On the other hand, it also offers significant value for a premium scheme.

The Road So Far

Like with most SaaS startups, Pabbly didn’t start out in this exact form and name. Time to take a walk down Pabbly’s road thus far. Why? To understand where they come from and what their motivations as a company are.

  • Pabbly is the brainchild of Pankaj and Neeraj Agarwal. It’s always a pleasure for me to see Indians hitting the jackpot in the business world!
  • Way back in 2011, the seed for Pabbly was planted when the founders decided to put their years of software training to productive use. 
  • They set out with a WordPress theme service on offer, by the name of Colorway. Thanks to the efforts of the team, Colorway saw great growth within just a year. 
  • However, the need rose far higher than that. The founders noticed that their audience demanded the inclusion of forms on their website. That’s where FormGet entered the scene.
  • FormGet was their latest offering that let users customize and create forms as they saw fit. It was a raging hit.
  • Before they knew it, FormGet’s success led to the audience demanding an email marketing service from the creators.
  • Naturally, they rose to the challenge and delivered on this front as well. Realizing the need for email marketing, they introduced MailGet – a service that boosted their business and their client numbers.
  • The obvious next step was to create a subscription tracker and manager that could seamlessly consolidate the client’s data. Sure enough, in 2018, welcome to the world, Pabbly Subscriptions!
  • Long story short, they saw an opportunity to integrate all their services under one unique brand name, as one of the best automation tools out there. Pabbly. FormGet and MailGet were incorporated into the Pabbly name. Cut to today, where Pabbly occupies a unique spot in the SaaS niche!

There’s an underlying success formula in this origin story. Can you guess what it is? It’s the tale of a software startup that goes from strength to strength. By being in sync with their strengths, Pabbly has maintained a key grasp over the audience demand, allowing them to leverage it into a solid footing in their niche. 

Today, Pabbly sits at a prime spot in the SaaS market, offering a world of functionality to brands at unique rates. The biggest takeaway from the tale is that Pabbly maintains a user-focused attitude. I feel this is always a positive sign for any digital marketing business!

What’s Inside?

What say we take this Pabbly review into the test drive phase right about now? We’ve already established how the signing up works, so let’s push ahead! Once we log into our Pabbly Account, you’ll be met with the home interface.

pabbly login

Depending on what services you signed up for, what you see on the dashboard will vary. On the left sidebar, you will see the option to select your account. Following this link will take you to your profile page, where you can view your account particulars. 

Pabbly Monthly Plan Pabbly Annual Plan

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Account Management

At the moment, this is very bare-bones. This page hosts a set of details that are filled out (since you already created the account. If you need to update any of the details, you can do so here. As for the details you can modify, they all fall under the simple bio-data category. There’s also the customary password reset facility present in this section.

pabbly account management


Right off the bat, I noticed that Pabbly has opted for the minimalist approach. The dashboard is refreshingly uncluttered and quite easy on the eyes. The downside to this is that there is no customization of the dashboard. What you see is what you can work with, no easy access shenanigans. This might be a problem for some productivity tsars.

Thankfully, every tool you have subscribed to is readily accessible from the panel itself. Each individual tab takes you to the respective section that you would like to focus on. In that sense, Pabbly gets full marks from me for a compartmentalized, seamless approach. The only minor nitpicks I have for the home interface is to provide some customization options. 

The profile icon on the top right is your gateway to managing your subscription specifics. Through this, you can access your invoice details, subscription validity and more. This is more important than you may think. Remember how Pabbly’s pricing is so fluid? You’ll want a list to keep track of all the services you’ve signed up for. With that, everything on Pabbly’s user dashboard is covered. 

subscription specifics

To sum up, Pabbly’s home interface offers a clean and crisp medium to interact with the site’s offerings. Is it minimally simple? Yes. Could it offer more value and functionality? Absolutely. 

We’ve touched upon the home interface, which is our landing base. Time to move on to our next target: the services themselves!

The Pabbly Pieces

Pabbly Connect

Let’s begin with the automation side of things. In principle, this feature from Pabbly covers the same ground as a Zapier automation tool. To elaborate on this, Pabbly Connect is the go-to choice for you to automate certain task flows online. Once you click the “Create New Workflow” button, you’re all set for liftoff. 

Pabbly Monthly Plan Pabbly Annual Plan

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Pabbly Connect’s workflow works on a simple three-tier principle. Each of these steps needn’t necessarily be performed in that order, mind you. Pabbly leaves it up to you. 

  • Usually, the first step you take will be consolidating all the software that you plan on using with the flow tool. Currently, Pabbly offers support for a wide range of popular online tools. This roster includes names like MailChimp, Razorpay, Amazon SES and of course, Gmail itself. Getting these connections set up is a walk in the park. Quite literally, it’s a case of plug and plays!
  • Set the specifics. This is where the workflow really comes out to play. There are two primary elements to this: the trigger and the action.

pabbly workflow

The trigger is the fuse for your workflow automation process. It sets the tone for what will set the actions in a flow. A classic example of this is setting the workflow in motion when people click on the CTA button. 

The action determines the bulk of the automation flow. This is instrumental in how effectively it functions. The amount of support that Pabbly offers in this regard is priceless, frankly. You can integrate multiple applications to perform diverse functions within a single workflow project. Functionality at its best!

The Pabbly Advantage

What Pabbly Connect offers is a hassle-free experience from start to finish. Since the entire process is automated, it practically guarantees error-free procedures right through. 

As a welcome value-add, Pabbly also gives you no limit on automation workflows whatsoever. It’s your playground to create and discover automation. As for the ease of use involved, it’s entirely layman-friendly. Getting started and set up with Pabbly Connect is just a matter of minutes, thanks to the video tutorials that are displayed. 

pabbly video tutorial

In short, Pabbly Connect delivers exactly what it promises: a seamless way to create efficient workflows to channelize your incoming data. The pricing is also nominal, offering much-needed flexibility for a service of this calibre. Every aspect of the service is executed well, such as:

  • Webhooks
  • Filters
  • Formatting Options
  • Security Measures and Protocols


Pabbly Connect’s pricing model is based on four tiers. 

Pabbly Monthly Plan Pabbly Annual Plan

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  • Starter: $9
  • Rookie: $29
  • Pro: $37
  • Advance: $57

All prices are per month, for the monthly plans. The difference between these is the number of projects you can do per month. This pricing model incorporates flexibility into the Pabbly user base. Definitely an ace up their sleeve! 


Pabbly Connect is a solid addition to the roster of Pabbly’s overall services. As far as functionality is concerned, this workflow automation service hits all the right notes. It strikes a balance between being user-friendly while also bringing a lot of value to the table. The pricing is also very affordable, catering to a lot of bases.

Pabbly Subscription Billing

Onwards to the next part of this Pabbly review! In many ways, this one is a lifesaver. As your business grows, the streams of income are also bound to multiply and increase over time. Sounds like a good prospect, right? Don’t you forget something, though? How will you effectively manage such a volume of clients and their financials? Even a small slip-up can cost you dearly here!

pabbly subscriptions

That’s where Pabbly’s Subscription Billing facility comes in. It’s a jack-of-all-trades in terms of what it does, giving you specific control over different aspects of the cash flow. There’s a lot of ground to cover here, so let’s tackle the tool’s elements one by one.

  • Dashboard. As systematic as they come. A nice touch here is that the interface offers all the basic performance stats that you’ll want to know. This includes sales, refunds, rebills, cancellations and new subs. That’s pretty much the complete picture! The list of subscriptions below provides easy access to precise data about your audience.
  • Products. This is where you manage the wares that you sell. In addition to this, the tool also lets you manage coupons and addons to the products that you sell. The sale bundle management and action tabs are welcome additions in terms of the information they provide.
  • Customers. This tab is fairly self-explanatory. What it offers is an interface to check on your clients with precision and derive insights from them. Adding and updating customer records with this interface is a breeze.
  • Sales. The sales tab deals with all the transactions that your products have been rolling in. The transactions are colour coded to help you take stock of whether the payments went through or not. A nifty feature!
  • Subscriptions. Virtually the same as the sales tab, but useful nonetheless. Since most businesses keep their sales and subscriptions on separate accounts, this offering from Pabbly helps streamline the process.
  • The remaining tabs all deal with parameters like invoices and webhook management. The extra addition of Affiliate billings management is a useful value-add in the package.

pabbly affiliates

The USPs

  • Pabbly Subscriptions supports integration with many payment gateways, such as PayPal and Razorpay.
  • Cheaper than most other alternatives in the market.
  • Zero transaction fees and unlimited revenue ceilings.
  • Integrated Tax Management features
  • Ample customization options for your funnels.
  • Unique affiliate management module.


Pabbly subscription management software is offered at $9 per month. On an objective scale, this is considerably more economical than most other offerings. The plethora of services you get under this package definitely justifies the price tag. If you’re looking to pitch aggressive sales of your products, this is a great fit for you.


At a nominal price, Pabbly Subscriptions provides a ton of value through the tools it has on display. Right from setting up the payment options to expense tracking, you’ll be able to stay one step ahead at all times. Managing your funds becomes a cakewalk with Pabbly Subscriptions. The icing on the cake is that it’s very user-friendly, with the minimal technical knowledge required!

The Emailer Corner

Pabbly offers two distinct services that actually tie into each other. Both of them involve email marketing. Since both of the services require a dedicated approach by themselves, Pabbly has split them into separate offerings. Let’s break them down individually.

Email Verification

A significant chunk of most online business’ clients come through emails. What we tend to overlook, however, is that some of those IDs can be duds. Every redundant ID is business that you are completely missing out on. It’s a great hindrance to the efficiency of your cash flow model.

online business

In that regard, Pabbly has pulled out all the stops to ensure that emails are secure through their service. Right from the get-go, their interface allows you to start working with your email ID lists.


The way the service works is very straightforward. Pabbly allows you to upload files with up to 1M emails. However, the platform only supports CSV files for now. Once uploaded, Pabbly cross-references the input email IDs against their own database for email verification. Alternatively, you could also use the single verification option for a quick check.

Salient Features

  • Removal of Spam IDs
  • Significant Bouncing Reduction
  • Domain Cross-checking For Authenticity
  • Database referencing for complaints against IDs
  • Email ID Syntax Verification


The email verification service from Pabbly offers pricing based on the number of emails you intend on verifying.

Pabbly Monthly Plan Pabbly Annual Plan

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The most basic price point is $5 per month for 1000 emails, which in itself is a steal deal. Higher on the spectrum, 1M emails will cost you $599 per month—very reasonable subscriptions pricing, considering the flexibility on offer. 

reasonable pricing


Email verification is frequently overlooked by big-name companies. Pabbly fills that niche with aplomb, delivering a service that does exactly what it promises with no hassle. It’s a welcome presence in Pabbly’s roster, and a service you should consider getting.

Email Marketing 

This is where email marketing truly comes out to play. Pabbly offers a neat step-by-step procedure to craft effective emails.

All that’s required for you to get started is the registration of your email address, delivery server and subscriber list. From there, you’re good to go!

Email Builder

Pabbly’s in-built email builder brings a lot of creative versatility to the table. Everything is available, right from image integration to link building. The interface is clean and requires minimal technical knowledge to use. Full points for user-friendliness!

The dashboard also incorporates tabs that let you regulate the delivery server as well as the subscriber list. In that regard, Pabbly places you in full control at the driver’s seat. 

As an added bonus, Pabbly also integrates automation features and plugin integrations right within the tool. So if you ever feel like getting fancy with how you manage emails, Pabbly’s got you covered!


email marketing service price

Pabbly has its email marketing service priced based on the subscriber amount. As expected, there are price tiers. The basic plan starts from $29 for 5000 subscribers, all the way up to $349 for a whopping 2 lakh subscribers. Compared to its competitors, this tool offers considerable savings over time, so it’s a win for me!


Pabbly takes the email marketing chain and simplifies it with the relative ease of use on offer. Thanks to the streamlined interface for email creation and integration, the platform hits all the right notes for a solid email marketing tool.

Form Builder

This, for me, is the highlight of this Pabbly review. The last of Pabbly’s services is actually the ace up their sleeve. Hear this. For just $10, you get a form that has ALL the features on offer. There are no restrictions whatsoever. From Form Analytics to Unlimited Fields, it’s all here. Take a look at some of their other invaluable features.

form analytics

  • Option to Save and Resume Later
  • Unlimited Views
  • Unlimited Payment Accounts
  • Unlimited Users
  • Third-party Integrations

It’s a complete bonanza at a price point that’s too good to be true! 

  • The drag and drop editor makes the process of form creation thoroughly user-friendly.
  • The email autoresponders are a facility that further streamlines the process.
  • Easy integration to third-party apps like Aweber and WordPress make form inclusion a breeze.
  • The inclusion of conditional logic in the form of creation adds an extra layer of functionality to the interface.

Need I say more at this point? No wonder businesses, both big and small, are flocking to Pabbly’s form builder. If you want to design a form that’s tailor-made to your specific requirements, Pabbly is one of the best options in the market. 

pabbly form builder

Overall Verdict

So now that we’ve completed the grand Pabbly review, let’s round up the results and inferences.

Pabbly is a SaaS Suite that is targeted towards digital marketing productivity. Their USP is the flexibility they offer, along with the accessibility of their tools. 


  • Vast array of features
  • Nominal Pricing
  • Seamless integration
  • Hands-on and User friendly
  • Individual service selection for flexibility


  • Premium plan has no intrinsic value
  • Still new on the block
  • Can be a little difficult to maintain track of service subscription.

All in all, based on the tinkering I’ve done with it, I’d say Pabbly is a true all-rounder SaaS and among the best automation tools out there. It’s unparalleled in value-for-money right now, and I would especially recommend it to budding digital marketers to boost their productivity. 

Pabbly Monthly Plan Pabbly Annual Plan

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Ready to give it a spin? Go check out Pabbly’s website and sign up now!


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