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Personal branding is of colossal importance in these times of digital progression. It is the key to grow your audience and make your services reach a wide range of people. Sorav is an author of book #BecomeABrand which is all about building personal brands online. Sorav has worked with 1000+ individuals helping them build their personal branding online.

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Personal Branding Strategy

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And anyone who wants to build a personal digital identity for themselves.

What You Can Expect

Identifying Purpose:

The Internet is a vast space, and to gain the perfect reach, you need to have a specific purpose and know what value you can provide to your audience. We help you find your online purpose on the Internet.

Figuring Niche

Knowing your niche is the first step towards making a grand online presence. We will help you figure that out!

Understanding Individual Strength and Weaknesses

On your personal branding journey, we will give you insights into what you are doing right and what you can do better, giving you an idea to identify your strength and weakness.

Content Calendar

Content creation is an art, and we will give you a perfect template as to how to schedule your content for maximum reach. This includes content templates and workbooks.

Growth Calendar

Once you hit notable milestones in your personal branding journey, we will give you an analysis to observe your growth.

Investment in Digital

Investing in digital will give you back more than what you invested, but if only you know how to do it right, we will help you make smart investments.

How to Monetise Digital Presence

There is a multitude of ways you can make money online, and we will act as a bridge in helping you reach your digital monetisation goals.

How to Polish Profile

A polished profile is substantially essential for creating a polished individual online presence. We will help you come with a perfect bio, perfect picture, an ideal landscape for your profile grid, and much more.

The package will be pivotal to set up your Personal Brand and polish various platforms the right way. This will also help you understand the investment factor that is involved in growing a personal brand.

How It Works

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digital marketing blog

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