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Pinterest is used to discover, search and save great content from across the web. This social media platform gives a massive opportunity for brands to drive sales and leads. Recently, Pinterest have added three new targeting options which will help the advertisers to retarget and reach a wider audience.

Previously in Pinterest, businesses could target users based on their demographics, search terms and interest. Now with the new targeting tools, they can reach the right set of people. Though all the other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google have these ad- targeting options but now it’s possible on Pinterest as well.

Here is what the advertisers need to know about the new tools in place.

Customer list retargeting: Reach out to the existing customer in your database who has shared their email ids and mobile numbers.

Website visitor retargeting: Target the people who have visited your website or used your app, like this you can reach prospects who would like to buy your product

Lookalike targeting: You can reach to people who haven’t done any of the above activities but share similar characteristics and then make conversions.

How Brands/ Advertisers can be benefited?

Pinterest is one of the major digital platforms which have made retargeting possible while other platforms are already equipped with these options. Mary Meeker’s internet trend report findings state that 55% of people use Pinterest for shopping. So, when it comes to look alike targeting, customers searching for a dazzling party wear dress on a brand’s website can also be targeted for accessories, shoes, cosmetics etc. This will increase brand’s visibility and gives higher chances of driving in-store sales.

Along with other ad-targeting options based on interests, keywords, searches, Pinterest is also working with Epsilon and LiveRamp for brands to bring data for this kind of audience targeting.

However, all these targeting activities aren’t new in the digital space but brands can now use Pinterest as well for retargeting, using the same audience in a newer way. Attractive pictures and visuals are the key to grab audience’s attention but it is possible only if these ads are made visible to them. By the end of June, advertisers will be able to leverage these targeting options and drive conversions.

In nutshell,

1. Not many brands heavily invest on paid pins. They don’t use it for targeting fresh audience in India as they are very skeptical about its audience type.

2. This new tool allows brands to heavily re-target people who have visiited website mainly – Makes it lot easier for Brands to have their presence felt on Pinterest. Not 100% of their audience will be on Pinterest but 1% would be and that 1% audience is good enough for re-targeting.

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