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What is Re-Targeting?

An interesting process that makes your advertisement more reliable, more precise and niche targeted! In this process the advertisers generate a code from Facebook or Google called the Custom Audience or Re-Targeting Pixel code and is integrated with the website.

This code tracks the visitors and places your advertisements on their Facebook timeline. Lets do a simple task:

  1. Visit and go back to your Facebook channel you will start receiving ads from Echovme on your Facebook timeline.
  2. Visit and you will start receiving ads from Dr Paul’s about Hair Loss on your Facebook timeline or on Google Ads Network.

You would have noticed this quite often with e-commerce sites the moment you check out shoes or T-shirts but decide not to buy. You later start receiving ads of the same shoes that you showed interest in on Facebook and Google ad network. In this case, there are different pixel codes raised for different URLs and products in order to make for a precise targeting.

Re-Targeting is one of the smartest ways to impress or haunt your audience. Some people feel excited about the ad and some really get annoyed so you need to be smart enough in creating different ad variants and not to target your customers with the same ad copy!

Always remember, your visitors on website come from across different sources (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Search, Direct visitors and more) and they spend more time on Facebook or they are searching for stuff on Google most of the time! Wherever they land after they visit your site, they see your ads and that’s just the BEST WAY FOR STRONG BRAND RECALL! J

 5 Reasons Why Re-targeting Should be Done:

  1. Re-targeting click through rates are usually higher than other ads.
  2. Helps your brand stay on top of your customer’s mind.
  3. Email marketing is now passé – Re-targeting is the best solution as you are not spamming your visitor’s inbox.
  4. Re-Targeting can help you answer the most common query raised by placing answers on the relevant audience’s timeline.
  5. Re-targeting for a different product or post sale service can also be done post purchase as it shall help you discover a Repeat Customer!

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