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US is known for its Internet boom and the advanced ecommerce scenario when compared to other countries in the world. The impact of Social Media Marketing can be better judged from the US of which maximum crowd actively engage with brands online or spend more time on Social Media comparatively.

US Scenario

A research conducted by Morpace on the consumers in US confirmed 68% of the consumers would increase their chances of purchasing a product or visiting a retailer if recommended by their friends or peers on facebook.
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41% respondents meant being a fan is equal to supporting a brand and they preferred being fan to show to their friends what product they support. Aligned with other researchers, Morpace found that coupons and discounts were also key motives to join a fan page, cited by 37% of Facebook users. On average, users were fans of nine pages
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More details on how active Hispanics are on Social Media can be found on the emarketer blog.

Indian Scenario:

In India as per my analysis and observation people share their feelings about the brand, complains, and ask questions on Social Media right from the era of Orkut. India is a country where decision is set or confirmed by peers and family members, today Social Media has become a potential source to obtain confirmation on decision and sharing on Social Media has become a vital part of the active Internet users which makes up to millions.

This is mere a assumption but the usual engagement and conversations, brand recommendations, queries is a usual process on the popular social networking sites besides on other Web 2.0 sites that is specifically designed for such purpose ex: Burrp.

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