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RetargetKit Lifetime Deal RetargetKit Lifetime Deal is Starting At $35 Only. (Offer Ends Soon) The need to stand ahead of the competition in any business is giving opportunities to developers to create new tools that will help them in digital growth and opportunity. It’s become mandatory for all businesses to have a robust online presence, […]

RetargetKit Review

RetargetKit Lifetime Deal is Starting At $35 Only. (Offer Ends Soon)

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The need to stand ahead of the competition in any business is giving opportunities to developers to create new tools that will help them in digital growth and opportunity. It’s become mandatory for all businesses to have a robust online presence, and for this discovering new tools that help them in doing so has become a mundane thing.

What is RetargetKit

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All-in-one Retargeting ToolKit For Digital Marketers

RetargetKit is a retargeting software that offers all-in-one retargeting solutions for digital marketers and social media marketers. Today we will see the review for this tool. Keep reading to find out what is best in this retargeting software.

Here is a genuine RetargetKit review.

10 Reasons why you should use this retargeting software

why you should use retargeting software
Now save time, effort and money by doing the right retargeting of your customers, mostly one-time customers. Here are ten reasons why you should use RetargetingKit:

  • It keeps a constant image of your brand in front of their eyes, so they come back to you as potential customers.
  • It helps you target specific visitors. You can post specific ads that will convince them to buy your product/ service.
  • RetargetingKit is a retargeting software that shows you those customers who have expressed their interest in your product or similar products.
  • This tool is also a branded URL shortener that helps you create crisp and engaging URLs
  • You can find customers that are familiar with your brand or related products and services. After identifying them, you can use conversion campaigns to target them.
  • This tool also helps significantly in retargeting customers based on their behavioural activities and purchase intent.
  • By creating retargeting ads, you can send across personalized ads potential past visitors who may get converted.
  • With this tool, you can add custom HTML widgets to your website. You will also be able to add codes to any webpages.
  • Using RetargetingKit is simple. You don’t need any coding or technical knowledge to use this tool. This makes it incredibly user-friendly.
  • Build strong bio and landing pages with this tool that compels and encourages users to buy from your brand.


How RetargetKit Tool Works

how retargetkit works


In this RetargetKit review, you will learn more about this software’s features, pros and cons and much more. So keep scrolling.

  • Significant brand customization – The products and tools are specially curated to target the customers at the right time. You can now have better brand customization with RetargetKit. You can design it as your own by creating a brand name, theme, logo and so on.
  • Help guides to assist – RetargetKit offers guides to follow in case you are unaware as to how to go about specific products. This helps you eliminate the task of writing support materials for your client.
  • Easy to work – RetargetKit is simple and easy to use. You do not need any developer skills to work with this tool. It is extremely user friendly and gives significant results in no time.
  • All-in-one – RetargetKit is an all-in-one tool. Once you add this to your list of tools, you need not depend on other additional tools for various purposes to promote your brand.

RetargetKit Lifetime Deal is Starting At $35 Only. (Offer Ends Soon)

Try it For Free Now


This retargeting software offers a wide range of products that focuses on various areas of your website. These tools assist in targeting the right customer base. Here are the products that they offer:

Lead Generation

lead generation

It is the method of finding potential customers for your brand. This involves finding information about possible customers that can be used to reach out to them. With lead generation, you will be able to make more sales by converting them to full-time customers. RetargetKit collects leads for email marketing, promotes sales and discounts, invites collected leads to your social media groups and sends direct inbox emails.


bio link features

You can assemble all your website links in one place, you can also add all links related to your products. Sales promotion on Twitter and Instagram is one of the features. A bio-link lands your customers to a page where you can add all related links for them to go through.

Branded URL Shortener

link shortner

Long URLs are not only confusing but are hard to remember. For customers to quickly name your brand to others, there should be a simple yet effective URL. RetargetKit helps cut down unnecessary words from the URL, making it more polished.


digital marketing blog

All the analytics for clicked links are tracked, including clicks, unique clicks, conversion rates, top countries, top browsers, top operating systems, top devices, top refer hosts, top refer links, etc.

Curated Page

The curated page is a better version of something similar to bio-link. The plus point here is that you will be able to optimize and combine content and visuals. Here you can add blogs, products, affiliate links and so on. With RetargetKit, you can promote YouTube videos, combine website blogs and so on.

Custom Widgets

Retarget customers to your curated page or bio-link or any other page with customized widgets. It enhances the page appearance and creates interest in customers.

Call To Action

It is an invite to a visitor requesting to take necessary action. The end goal is to make them interested and channelize their actions to make a purchase. This button influences the buyer to get involved in the product or service you offer.


RetargetKit is priced at a very nominal rate for starters. Four different pricing options are available. Based on the requirement, you can choose to pick one.

Personal – $15/ Month

This plan is priced at $15. This is specially curated for personal use and so can have only a single user. Deep linking is not possible in this plan. You can have a free trial for 14 days.

Professional – $24/ Month

This plan is priced at $24 per month. You can have 20,000 clicks per month and up to 2000 leads. This plan offers unlimited links and 20 curated pages. It is the immediate higher plan next to the primary or personal plan.

Team – $40/ Month

The team subscription is priced at $40 per month. Under this plan, you will be able to add up to 5 team members and three clients. You are also entitled with an unlimited retargeting pixel. 

Agency – $65/ Month

This plan stands priced at $65 per month. The best thing about this plan is that you can add up to 10 team members and up to six clients. Also, there is white-label, deep linking and API access with this plan.

RetargetKit Lifetime Deal is Starting At $35 Only. (Offer Ends Soon)

Try it For Free Now

RetargetingKit is one of the best retargeting softwares to consider if you want to explore the tool before buying it. They offer a 14-days free trial. The best thing about this free trial period is that this option is available for all the listed plans. So irrespective of what plan you are choosing, you can always work with it for 14 days and then decide if you will want to go ahead and purchase the tool for full-access.

Pros and Cons of Retargetkit

What Do I Like

  • There is a unique Agency feature that allows you to make your own retargeting toolkit for your own brand
  • Allows you to add custom widgets and codes to any webpage
  • With RetargetKit you will be able to source socially verified emails using lead magnets
  • RetargetKit assist in shortening your links while making sure it is branded
  • Content curation and bio landing pages pose as a great advantage of having this tool
  • Economical and easy to use
  • Is a branded URL shortener tool that helps you create crisp and engaging URLs

What I Don’t Like

  • There is no option to buy each tool separately. All tools are to be purchased together
  • You do not have the opportunity to have your curated pages Index-able

RetargetKit is The Best Alternative For Replug & Switchy

RetargetKit is one of the most effective tools for various reasons. Here’s a comparison of this tool with various other softwares available.

RetargetKit vs Replug

replug alternative

Replug is one of the most used link shorteners in the market. However, it lacks some of the most essential features that are available in RetargetKit. Here is a comparative analysis of these two softwares:

Verified Leads –

One of the most important aspects of retargeting is finding leads.Collecting leads is a time consuming activity. RetargetKit is a smart software that does this for you by eliminating the need for manually searching and confirming leads. Unlike in Replug or other similar apps, RetargetKit works in its backend to find socially verified active leads. This software also does one step extra by verifying them and also data export. This feature is not available on Replug.

Boon to affiliate Marketers –

When you do affiliate marketing it is very important for brands to know your profile and your visibility as an influencer. For this, most times you will be required to share your blogs and other related links. RetargetKit offers a one-stop solution for all of this by helping you curate a creative landing page that will let you include all links related to your affiliate marketing like blogs, deals, product links and so on in one space. By doing so you are offering easy access to your followers in knowing your influencing ability. When we look for one such feature in Replug, it is not available.

Client Addition –

You have the option to sell sub accounts on RetargetKit if you are an agency. By doing so you will have an option to earn a reasonable amount over letting it out. This feature is not available on Replug otherwise.

Set up your agency –

One of the coolest features of RetargetKit that is not available in Replug is the agency setup option. If you are a new digital marketing agency or an existing one that is looking to move all your work to one platform for a better management, then this tool is the right choice. The white label feature enables you to create a new agency right from scratch and it will not need any expertise in development.

Flexible extension – Unlike in Replug, RetargetKit lets you edit meta title and description right from the Chrome extension. 


RetargetKit’s basic plan starts at only $19. While this software stands at pricing only $180 per year for a basic plan, Replug’s charges come to $228 per year.

RetargetKit Lifetime Deal is Starting At $35 Only. (Offer Ends Soon)

Try it For Free Now

RetargetKit vs Switchy

switchy alternative

On our second comparison we have Switchy, another similar tool that assists in link shortening. Let us explore how RetargetKit is a better option than Switchy

Leads –

RetargetKit does the work of collecting verified leads so you can spend the time required in that for a better task. It also has the CTA feature that lets you get more leads. These two are not available on Switchy.

Traffic from Instagram –

While it is Instagram from where you get to connect to so mnay new customers, it is disheartening to accept the fact that there is only one provision to provide a link to all your work. It is important for customers to see your projects to collaborate or buy from you. The bio is the only place on the whole of Instagram where you can do this. RetargetKit’s bio optimizer will let you combine multiple links under one link which you can put on the Instagram bio.

Helps in Affiliate Marketing –

Unlike in Switchy, RetargetKit has a special feature where you can add multiple links to one landing page. By doing so you can share all related links be it blogs or videos at one place for your affiliate marketers to see.

12+ Integrations –

While Switchy has only two integrations available, there are around 12+ of the same yet more efficient and helpful integrations that help in quality retargeting. 

Others – There are two of the most essential features of RetargetKit that are not available in Switchy. They are a flexible chrome extension and agency setup option.


Switchy is priced high when compared to RetargetKit. While the basic plan in RetargetKit is taken for a whole year, it costs around $180 while Switchy charges $47 per month that adds up to being $390 per year.

RetargetKit Lifetime Deal is Starting At $35 Only. (Offer Ends Soon)

Try it For Free Now


To conclude, RetargetKit is an effective tool that has everything that is required to retargeting at one place. With this tool, you will be able to create brand links to your domain and a fully branded client portal. This is one of the very few tools that is a branded URL shortener. The best thing is that it is extremely user friendly and you do need neither technical knowledge nor coding to do this.

RetargetKit offers excellent hand guides to help you understand various concepts of retargeting. But if you still wish to learn them through visuals, here is a link for you to explore that –

Also, if you are excited about using this tool, you can now avail a lifetime deal by clicking this

RetargetKit Lifetime Deal is Starting At $69 Only. (Offer Ends Soon)

Try it For Free Now


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