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In this session of my Digital Talk Show, I had a chance to interview two very popular Digital Marketers, Shrenik Gandhi, CEO of White Rivers Media and Rohan Mehta, CEO of Social Kinnect.

We discussed some very valuable topics, i.e. to understand the agency business, and what are the Digital Marketers looking for while hiring a Social Media Marketer. This yielded results that can be very useful for people trying to venture into this field.

Some important tips shared in this interview were:

  • ‘Doing impactful work is the single most important thing in making your client relationship better. And by impactful I don’t mean award-winning work. Award-winning work shows the external world that you did something great but impactful is something that the CEO and the entire management recognizes as great, that’s something that can never be forgotten.’
  • ‘The first important skill a person should have is that he should be a marketer. If you’re not, you’re not welcomed in the industry. And the other soft skills that follow are Passion, Honesty and Street Smartness’
  • Knowing good English isn’t the only requirement. There are opportunities for people who are great in Hindi, Marathi or other regional language Content. Yes, there are fewer opportunities, but they do exist.

Apart from this, they shared the Salaries prevailing in Mumbai market for the UG and PG employees, their idea of the right learning culture for an agency, the mantra to make client relationships better.

This was followed by a fun round of Rapid Fire where we got to know what steps they would take if they are trying to retain a client form each other.

Watch the entire interview in the link below.

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