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Facebook has announced on Thursday that now it will display ads to all the web users who are not the members of its network. This is done mainly to expand their online ad network. So now it will be very beneficial to marketers to show their ads to all the users who will visit websites and applications in its Audience ad Network. Facebook will track members and non-members information alike with the help of cookies, like buttons as well as plugins that are embedded on third party sites. This will help them to target non Facebook users and serve related ads to them. Well this has privacy concern issues from Europe regulators. Facebook will also use patterns within its huge user base to make quite few guesses about non-users to help them target with more appropriate advertisements.

Can’t escape from Facebook anymore, it will track information about all the people from their browsing behaviour using the like button and other codes on various websites.

Lookalike Targeting Outside Facebook:

Targeted advertising is common in internet but Facebook feels it can do it more accurately as it has lot of data on 1.7 billion people who are using their site. Facebook says it can make inferences from the available data about the behaviour of non-users knows and the technique is known as “lookalike” targeting. Bosworth, Vice President of Facebook’s Ads and business platform tells they have greater opportunities compared to other companies because they have understood over a billion of its users.

Users Have a Choice

To reflect the changes in its ad Network Facebook has updated its cookies policy page. Facebook account users can opt out for this ad scheme by just adjusting their settings while non-Facebook members in US can opt out through Digital Advertising Alliance, while in Canada can opt through the Digital Advertising Alliance and in Europe through the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance. So as per my understanding users have a choice but what about Non Users? – I hope only the cross button on the right top can help (Only if Facebook provides so)

How will this help Marketers?
  1. Marketers with time will start using Facebook platform extensively for advertising.
  2. Earlier Facebook allowed for 3rd party Mobile app network which was a brilliant move for many advertisers – especially from retargeting point of view.
  3. ‘Lookalike’ on the basis of user behaviour of a billion people and the sites the visit, shows they are here to innovate and create advancements in technological platform that can allow marketers to innovate in their strategy.
  4. There are higher chances that the predictions made about ‘Lookalike’ audience might go wrong. But, let’s look at it – a person who is reading about staying fit will definitely love to see an advertisement on Losing weight instantly. For generic means, this move is great for a niche target – I am little doubtful – how will it really play an important role.

Another interesting introduction from Facebook – Topic specific Feeds to deliver more content

Undoubtedly everyone is aware that Facebook has been coming out with lot of changes in their platform. For past few weeks Facebook has been testing out variety of new streams on Android and Topic Feeds was initially identified in October and then again got noticed in April, now they are progressing them out more widely. Currently these changes are available in Australia and confirmed that all the changes are in testing phase, they are not sure how they are going to widespread those test.  But you can change the feeds by clicking on the gear that is placed at right.

It’s not clear that how feeds rank themselves but they are not based on your interest but it will match to some extent of your responses. Yet Facebook want to share more content on their platform without the normal changes based on your behaviour and interest. Zuckerberg is going to be beneficial by having this and just people clicking on the platform to check what’s offer.

As of now one cannot tell how this feeds are going to be beneficial to both users and Facebook. It might turn out well once feeds are more specifically refined and show your more of higher importance.

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