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SaaS tools are an integral part of any organisation. To maintain order and consistency, and to have records of various activities like billing, accounting, timesheet subscriptions, one relies heavily on tools that can do this. But how would one choose the right tool from hundreds of tools out there?

It is also a taxing job for developers to go out looking for potential brands that might need the tools that they have developed. While developing a tool is a significant task, finding brands and pitching it to them is another job. One becomes incomplete without the other. To manage this every dynamic chain, Saastronautics has come up with a brilliant solution.

Safe SaaS Platform for Developers

Saastronautics serves as a bridge between those seeking SaaS tools and those providing them, thus completing the loop of buying and selling. Saastronautics proffer platform for developers and potential buyers. By doing so, they are working on providing a safe outlet for developers to launch their product.

Oftentimes, developers run out of money to pitch their product to the right customers who will be able to pay them for the price. When a developer on boards Saastronautics, the developer finds a safe zone to launch their product. A significant advantage of onboarding with Saastrinatuics is the feature of LTD.

LTD or LifeTime Deal is an option where a buyer can pay the charge and get life-time access to the tool. There are two advantages to doing so. First, the developers get an amount in a lump that they can utilise in further advancement of the product or invest in expanding their team. On the other hand, the end-user is relieved of getting into the mess of constant payment cycles through various subscription plans. This also helps with customer-trust and satisfaction.

A Complete Guide and Mentor

Saastronautics is not merely for connecting the buyer and the seller. They also work in empowering and giving other services as well to the developer. For this, the team works closely with the tool creator and understands the mechanics of the tool. Also, they analyse and make sure of picking the right and the best one from among the lot. Saastronautics takes a demo account from the creators to test and understand the product. If it passes the screen test, the team proceeds further in bringing the tool to a plethora of customers. 

They build a strategy for each of the tools to make it ready for launch. Saastronautics has a vast user base where numerous companies are continually looking for better tools to make their tasks more straightforward. Once a tool is picked, Saastronautics work on successful ideating strategies for its successful launch by creating sales copies, running webinars, and everything else.

Saastronautics is thus a great distribution platform for aspiring developers and seeking companies. They work in collaborating with the right people and complete the loop of business management. 

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