An Interview with Shyjal Raazi On Best Lead Generation Chatbot Tool

A SaaS solution chatbot with automated chat script which replaces a manual agent asking the same questions to visitors again and again which shows a 3x boost of conversion in visitors. With a success of 250 websites using their service, “If you are looking to earn a passive income with an affiliate program, then you […]

A SaaS solution chatbot with automated chat script which replaces a manual agent asking the same questions to visitors again and again which shows a 3x boost of conversion in visitors. With a success of 250 websites using their service, “If you are looking to earn a passive income with an affiliate program, then you have to choose a good product. Otherwise all your efforts will go down the drain” says Shyjal Raazi Co-founder of All the prevalent questions about has been answered by him. Read on to know more.

Q1. Shyjal, how did the idea of simple chat bot came to your mind? How does this really help businesses?


Hey Sorav, first thanks for this interview.

So the idea of an interactive chatbot struck me when I was working with my friend in a travel website. His website was getting a lot of hits back then, but none of them were actually converting into leads. He had a pop-up on his site that would ask for the emails of his vistors. But most visitors would just close the pop-up and leave.

At this point, I thought of trying an automated chatbot. Chatbots had already started becoming a buzz word by then. I just wanted to see what would happen. It was a huge hit. The number of leads coming in just tripled. I instantly realised that if it worked him, it could work for others as well. That’s what led to

Q2. Can Collect.Chat be used for growing email subscriber base? How?


Absolutely. Email capture is one of the areas in which the bot excels in. There is a special message type in for this purpose. It validates the email address entered by the visitors. When a visitor visits a website there are multiple ways the bot can capture their attention. Users have the option to open the bot after a predefined time or if it’s an blog article, users can embed the bot inside the article and we also encourage the use of GIFs and graphics as well. All these means, the visitor will definitely interact with the bot and then the bot will start will collecting data.

Once the email has been captured, you can sent it to an email marketing tool like MailChimp using our Zapier integration and start pushing your email campaigns or newsletters to these visitors.

Q3. Can Collect.Chat be used for making your website visitors instantly send you whatsapp message? How?


We have the message type to include hyperlinks inside the conversation. There is a reserved option for WhatsApp as well. All you need to do is provide you WhatsApp number in the bot conversation and the visitor will be taken towards the WhatsApp app on his mobile. If the visitor is visiting the bot on desktop, then it will take the user to WhatsApp web and the same process will take place there.

Q4. Can you share an effective case study of Collect.Chat, some brands who has benefited the most?


One of India’s leading employee assessment and aptitude test platform, AMCAT from Aspiring Minds uses our bot on their blogs page. They are getting a ton of leads via the bot and uses it primarily to increase their subscriber base. They are very happy with the product.

Q5. Why website chatbot is essential for a landing page? Can you give 3 reasons?


Landing page is the where all the magic happens. It’s where the visitor decides to go ahead with the service/product or turn back. The decision is made within the first few seconds. This short period is very crucial and when the visitor sees an interactive chatbot on the site, it hits their curiosity and the interaction begins. Some users interpret this as an actual user whereas others understand that it is an automated. Either way, the data that needs to be collected form the visitor; his requirements and contact information, is collected by the bot and send over as an email notification. We have actually written a full article on this, how website chatbots are going to be the future of lead generation. Click here to read.

Q6. How Can We Integrate all the leads to SMS platforms and email platforms?


We support Zapier and also webhooks. Using Zapier it’s quite easy to send the data to a tool like Twilio for SMS or if it’s email campaigns, then you can send the data to tools like MailChimp.

Q7. What’s the difference between Live Chat Feature and a Website Chatbot?


With Live Chat, users have to sit 24×7 on their site replying to the visitor’s questions. Often, they don’t have the time or team to do this. And even if they do, most visitors just want to know what the website is about. The time spent on talking to visitors can be utilised elsewhere. If there is no one to talk to when a visitor visits the website, then that becomes a lost opportunity as well.

With website chatbots, the conversation is predefined and the interaction is sure to take place, all the time. This gives an upper edge over Live chat. More over, a buying decision is not made in the first contact. It is made after multiple touch points. After the chatbot has collected the data, sales reps can use this data to qualify their leads and assign them to the right persons. They can spent their time on the ones that they believe will have a higher chance of conversion. The additional touch points can then be made via email or call and promptly led to a sale.

Q8. Does A Chatbot Hinder Mobile Experience of a User?


Our chatbots are 100% mobile friendly and responsive. Creating delightful user experiences is our number one priority both on mobile and desktop. Chatbot simply add engagement to the site and does not hinder their browsing experience.

Q9. Is there Any Free Version That People Can Try?


Yes, we do have a Free Forever plan with a few limits. Users can try the bot and see the change it brings from day one.

Q10. Does Collect.Chat help people grow their Social Media Followers? If yes, how?


Again, this is possible using the Links message type. At the end of every conversation, we recommend leaving the links to your Social Media with a text prompt like “Follow us here”. This definitely leads to more followers and activity on your Social Media. It’s a great way to make use of your website traffic and performs much better than the header or footer links to your social media.

Q11. What are some of the key features of your tool that distinguishes your tool?


It’s easy to make the bot: This has been one of our objectives from the start of Using drag and drop message types you can create a conversation within in minutes and deploy the bot by adding the snippet code to the website. You can also use on of our 50+ templates to make the bot.

The bot is smart and more human: You can use conditional branching in the conversations to make the bot smart. This means you can change the questions depending on the option the visitor selects. You can also use variables in the conversation to address them on first-name basis.

Get instant analytics: We provide metrics and insights into the data collected over time. This will tell you what type of audience you are bringing to the traffic and what they are looking for. You can also restructure your conversation based on the results you see. Integration to Google Analytics and Facebook Ads Manager is possible with a simple copy-paste.

Q12. Can you share one last case study that makes the audience believe in the power of your tool? (0 to million case study)


Okay! Let’s take the real-estate domain. That’s one place where lead generation bots are in huge demand because they produce results. One of our customers uses the bots for his real estate clients and they have become happy-returning customers for him. Read the full story here –

Q13. What is the best discount you can offer for my subscribers?


Yes, definitely. Exclusively to your subscribers I will offer a discount of 30$ on their first purchase.

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  1. Arif qadri

    I thought It would be a good experience for Interviewer why I’m saying this because when the candidate comes for an interview for getting the job what he/she wants, so they prepare themselves already and when they sit down in while the front of interviewer while they realised now I’m able to crack the Interview and the interviewer either wants that whatsoever I wanna ask just give answer of my questions and fulfil my candidate requirement. that’s same work doing by Shyjal Raazi he is the one of the best answerable candidate Whosoever has got answered all the question who wants to ask him and give tips to get revenue by chatbot & all I wanna be like that answerable person at the time of interview. I must say one thing it was a huge experience to get this, I’ll thank sorav sir whose gives me this eventuality for getting such kind of things. In Digital Marketing


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