Interview: How Siddharth Slathia is making his Passion for Singing succeed using YouTube – a Rockstar in Making!

Siddharth Slathia (born 25 July 1991 in Jammu, India) is an aspiring singer from India. He is the son of Mr Kullratan Singh (Official at Jammu & Kashmir Bank) and Mrs Madhu Lata (Teacher in State Govt.).


Few months back I was searching for ‘Abhi mujh mein kahin song from Agneepath movie on YouTube’ and I accidentally landed up on a video uploaded by Siddharth Slathia. Impressed by his singing skills I joined his Facebook page which showcased amazing engagement practice by this young 21 year old chap. Siddarth ensures he responds personally to all the criticism and appreciation he received on the YouTube comments section, he owns one of the popular YouTube Channels:

1. with 20 Million views and 1,75,000+ subscribers

Quick introduction of Siddharth Slathia: 

Siddharth Slathia (born 25 July 1991 in Jammu, India) is an aspiring singer from India. He is the son of Mr Kullratan Singh (Official at Jammu & Kashmir Bank) and Mrs Madhu Lata (Teacher in State Govt.).

Siddharth grew up in jammu and went to J.K Public School. At the age of 10, he took interest in singing and gave auditions for the school annual day. His teacher selected him and was very impres…sed by his voice quality and provided him good platforms to showcase his talent. Siddharth sang in All India Radio and the local channels of Jammu, and also took part in many State level and National level competitions.

After his +2, Siddharth came to the city of Sufi & Qawwals – Jaipur to study Engineering. His college never supported his singing but his friends and fellow-collegians appreciated his singing and encouraged him to pursue a singing career.Siddharth left the college and started learning Hindustani Classical from Pt. Kundan Mal Ji.

Siddharth is now studying Bachelor of Music from Jammu University and learning Hindustani Classical from Pt. Bholanath Misra Ji (from Benaras Gharana).

Here is an email interview of the Jammu based young & energetic singer: 

What inspired you to post your first video on YouTube? When was it?

It is the easiest platform (although the most competitive one) to showcase your talent. I uploaded first in 2009.

How many videos have you posted till date? You own two YouTube channel – whats’s the purpose of each?

I don’t know the exact number but more than 100 for sure. One is my official channel, the second one is a backup channel because I upload a lot of covers and a lot of times, videos get blocked by the copyright owners. So just to be on the safe side, I have kept a backup channel.

How many opportunities did you get from YouTube? Any play back singing? Invitation to concerts? Invitation for teaching etc? Please share your experience in detail with us.

I have had a lot of requests for collaborations from other artists across the world. My private album which is due to be released this year in India, Pakistan and the UK…I got this after the UK-based producers of Pakistani origin saw my video on YouTube. I have had a lot of invitations for live shows. Teaching..haha, I’m not a teacher. Yes, I have uploaded a couple of vocal tutorials on YouTube but that’s not to become a teacher. That was because I receive requests from fans on YouTube and facebook to give them tips about how to sing…so I thought I’ll upload some tutorials for the audience.

What other Social Media channels do you use apart from YouTube? I see your Facebook page has about 30,000+ fans – are they organic or have you spent on Facebook Ads?

All the fans on my Facebook page are organic. No money spent on Facebook ads. These are fans that come to my page after watching my videos on YouTube. Most of my videos have my Facebook page link in the video itself.

I love the way you engage with Fans on Facebook and YouTube comments – You respond to every comment and feedback – is that very important part of your follower base?

It is very important to form a bond…a connect with your fans. It is not just about putting out your talent there. It is also about knowing what exactly your fans want from you. Last year, I started taking song requests from fans. I was uploading about 2-3 videos a day singing songs that my fans were requesting.

 Who takes care of your technical needs? I observed your YouTube channels are well customized, videos are technically advanced.

My brother Raj.

What equipment does a Singer/Artist require to record and post videos on YouTube? Please share it in detail (this will help many) 

If singing is just a hobby, all you need is a good quality camera..most smart phones have this. If you sing well, you don’t even need a music instrument to accompany your vocals. However, if you can play guitar, you don’t even need a mic. But if you want to pursue music professionally and want to upload high quality audio, you need a condenser microphone, a soundcard, a pop filter, a pc and a recording software.

What are your future plans?

My future plan is to do playback singing in Bollywood and also become a pop star in India. I want to bring back the era when people used to be crazy about pop albums like Sonu Nigam’s Deewana. In the nearer future, I have many things lined up. I am recreating old classics like “Ajeeb Daastan Hai Yeh” and “Abhi Naa Jao Chorh Kar” with Saregama Records. I am also going to be featured on MTunes HD channel within a month or so. Apart from that, my private album will be releasing in India, Pakistan and the UK by the end of this year.

Did Social Media change your life?

A. Yes, of course. It has been a very difficult journey but yes, it has given me great opportunities. It wasn’t easy though. I didn’t become what I am over night. I have been struggling since 2009.

Any advice for the young talented individuals like you with reference to how can they become Virtual World Popular? 

I can certainly share something with other aspiring singers. Bring originality to your songs, be versatile, be quick enough to get first-mover advantage by uploading covers of the latest songs before anyone else on the internet, upload songs in high quality, engage with your audience effectively…check your comments regularly and reply to people.


Story of Siddharth Slathia is for sure going to inspire many of us! I like the way he sings and the humbleness he owns. However, here are some social media marketing lessons that one needs to learn from this young chap:

  •  Facebook Community will organically grow if you owe some fantastic content on publishing platforms such as slideshare, YouTube or blog.
  • Outsource technical work if you are not good at it, but definitely be technically sound to showcase seriousness of your Social Media Presence. Siddharth’s video has a like button / link of the page integrated with the video or is displayed at the end of the video.
  • Be the first to do it or talk about it! Like how Siddarth ensures to add a unplugged cover of the most popular songs of Bollywood.
  • Respect the feedback received and acknowledge them with a Thank You note or your feedback to the same.
  • Add the personal touch, record a video, tell the story, share the making of the video etc. to create excitement!

Thank You Siddharth for some fantastic job out there!

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  1. gini

    so so so so happy for for you
    well this is just the beginning
    you have a looooooooooong way to go 🙂

  2. surabhi

    your voice is magical. i recommend you plz give oditions for singing competitions like indian idol.truly i love ur voice.u r soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooopreb.plz go on uploading as many videos as u can.u have a great future.

    • SoravJain

      Woah! We all love Siddharth! Don’t we? 🙂

      • Nishant

        Hi Sourav.. I am also an aspiring singer and want to make cover songs but I have a doubt that can I use the original karaoke of the songs to make cover songs without the permission of the makers? If u have any knowledge about this please reply ..

        • SoravJain

          I have no clue about it Nishant. Sorry!

  3. Rahul Jha

    No doubt you are a ROCKSTAR Siddharth.
    Loved your every song till date you have uploaded.
    Keep the Momentum on dude a long way to go..!!!!!
    Keep smiling keep Rocking !!! 🙂

  4. Rahul Jha

    If possible I wanted to listen a song sang by Nusrat Fateh Ali-khan “ye jo halka halka suroor hai”

  5. rajesh kushwaha bhopal

    realy sid ur great singer ……. wow..

  6. unnati

    hello sir!! i hear almost all the songz of urz i just luv ur voice its soo magical.
    sir i am a student ryt noe in 9th grade 15 yrs old
    i am a keyboard + piano player
    i am learning keyboard nd piano from last 3 years i hav given trinity examinations for keyboard
    i am just looking for a platform to come up..
    so if u can help me.?? i would be glad
    sir my email id is nd my fb link is
    sir i think dat u can really help me..
    i will be very fortunate if u do help me
    sir plzz try atleast ones

  7. Anjali roy

    Wowwww siddharth happy to ur 1 more achievement….congrats,
    well it was nyc to read ur answers thy r veruy much simple amd touching…. N i luv d way jis trh tumne raj ka naam so simply lia …. All d best siddharth 🙂

  8. harshid khan

    Siddarth Sir am a big fan of u. I like to follow u.becuase ur way is correct way to rockstar .now am studying karnatik and guitar.i waching ur many videos .tum hi ho wholemhe mashup thats super taking .i dont have words tell about u…becuase ur verry verry well….great ma sir …,

  9. Name gireesh thakur

    Pls sir help me..aapki dwara samjhaya,music se mujhe ..labh hua hai,,,,kya mujhe,aapke music school mai seekhne ko mil sakta hai,,,pls send y r contect no,,my no..09406721717…&I am devotional play back singer,,

  10. Soham Oganiya

    You’re voice is awesome I love your voice… Sid

    • SoravJain

      We all Love Sid! 🙂

  11. Soham Oganiya

    awesome yaar sid

  12. Prashant Balol

    Hi Siddhartha, I am listening to your songs from last one month. I am learning Hindustani Classical in Bangalore. You voice is very sharp and it matches the requirement for Bollywood playback singing.. All the best for your future.

  13. Er Pratik Gajera

    I Am Best Singer

  14. Er Pratik Gajera


    • vipan

      sidharth bro u r the great man i learned lot from ur tuturial learning day by day u r hope for the hidden singers keep it up. Bro please the others raag i want learn raaga

  15. vineeta

    hiii sidharth,
    i have recently watched your tutorials. these are amazing.
    your story inspired me a lot. keep uploading your tutorials for whom who can’t afford learn singing. you are a great singer.
    thanking you

  16. vipan

    sidharth bro i learned basic of music from ur tutorial and i want learn more ragaa please share

    • SoravJain

      Congrats 🙂 You can ping him on

  17. Tanamika

    he has a mesmerizing effect in his voice… i too upload cover songs on youtube but i am new in this ground. check out my covers on youtube, in this link . i’d like to hear a feedback from u.. 🙂

  18. pravin

    Thank you very much siddhartha ji..
    for the raaga’s tutorial…

  19. Bharat Singh

    Hello sid, your voice is soo sweet and energetic, i love ur voice,,,Have a nice journey ahead.God bless you bro.

  20. Avinash mishra

    hello siddharth i just wached your video, your voice is so energetic

  21. ChetnaVasishth

    Know How After Engineering Dropout #SiddharthSlathia Become Famous on YouTube


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