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Snapchat has become a persistent platform amongst the young users as it plays a significant role on how they communicate and associate with their peers. Its popularity is huge amongst the millennials but how the app remains to be a prominent challenger in the social space is what is important.

Snapchat unveiled its new look for the Stories page and Discover channels in an effort to boost views of the publisher’s content and help build the advertising business which is the company’s primary revenue stream. You can now see live stories on the Stories page. With a magazine-like layout, the new Discover options show you not only the publisher’s logo, but also a headline preview of the content on offer inside, which will no doubt get more people click through.

Stories Page Then and Now

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Discover Page Then and Now

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The top bar of the new Discover gallery also scrolls by automatically to show you what else is on offer. The goal here is to make the professional and community-curated content just as attractive as what friends share on the app. The integration of new visual elements enhances the experience and will no doubt lead to a significant jump in engagement for Discover content. Marketers and brands, now have a chance to make their channels more lucrative by making the content attractive with visually appealing images. This update makes the content more accessible which will get more readers to the publisher’s channel. As reported by BuzzFeed and Cosmopolitan, they have reported great results from their Discover channels – Cosmopolitan has said it’s getting three million readers a day on Discover, while BuzzFeed reported that a massive 21% of all BuzzFeed content views are coming via Snapchat.

It also brings a new added feature, where users can subscribe to channels that they want to follow more closely. You can subscribe by pressing and holding a publisher’s story after which that channel will always appear in your stories — both at the top near the Live Stories and in the “recent updates” section. Snapchat’s challenge is to be more appealing and bring increase in viewership to everyday stories produced by its partners.

This latest update should help Snapchat in moving ahead in its ongoing expansion.

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