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The below mentioned are few blog posts I have admired in the year 2009. It covers Social Media scenarios from different perspectives. Be it risk, tools, situation or scenario of Social Media the below mentioned blog posts is a potpourri of them:

1. 17 victories for social media in 2009 , Social Media India highlight 2009 and Year of Social Network 2009 – Opinion of social media experts about the social media achievements in 2009.

2. Video: Social Media Revolution – Great video by Erik Qualman author of Socialonomics

3. Twitter Lists and Its Potential – Wonderful article on how to leverage twitter lists by Sampad Swain

4. Video: Social Media ROI – Great video by Erik Qualman author of Socialonomics

5. 20 Tips to become a major player in Social Media – Amazing post by a world renowned Personal Branding firm Elitad

6. Social Media Marketing Examples From India – A collaborative list discussing Indian companies on social media on Santosh Maharishi’s blog.

7. How are Human Resource Professionals Using Social Media? – Interesting blog post on Gaurav Mishra‘s blog gives HR insights on Social Media and its usage written by Karishma Daswani.

8. 240 Social Networking sites and Collaboration zones – Brief explanation about the most popular social media tools used worldwide from marketing perspective.

9. Top 50 twitter tools – gives you an overview of the famous twitter tools majorly used for tracking, analyzing and managing twitter accounts.

10. Five minutes on YouTube, a $30m Hollywood contract

11. Best of 2009: 24 social media experts interviewed – Fantastic opinions from Social Media experts from different industries and famous companies. Written by Graham Charlton a consultant + blogger at Econsultancy.

12. Top 10 Social Media Presentations – Featuring 10 presentations watched, shared and appreciated in large numbers.

13. 99 most useful Social Media (and PR) Blog posts of 2009 all popular Social Media and PR related top lists and most popular articles here, written by Adam Vincenzini

14. WAT blog – certainly this is not an blog post but a hub with interesting updates on Social Media India scenario.

15. 5 Ways to Do Good Via Twitter – Good cause via twitter.

16. 13 Enlightening Case Studies of Social Media in the Classroom

17. Social Media for Social Causes Study: The Results -Helpful for NGOs.

18. 10 Social Media Campaigns that Rock! – Learn How to do the Same!(Ford, Burger King, Dell, Sony Ericssion and many more listed)

19. 10 Social Media Campaigns that Failed! Avoid their mistakes! (Advani, Wal Mart, Brin Popcorn and many other featured).

20. Criticizing Social Media? – The main reasons why social media is criticized in year 2009. Written by Daksh Sharma.

21. Social Media and Social Change goes hand in hand– Explains five ways to use social media to bring world change.

22. How to best promote your brand using Social Media.

23. 10 Ways Social Media will Change in 2010– fantastic 2010 predictions by ravitlichtenberg

24. 5 Tips for Artists to Create their 1000 True Fans

25. 10 Must-Haves for Your Social Media Policy

26. Landing Pages Turn Traffic Into Money– Avails you a landing page makeover clinic. 21 interesting case studies mentioned. Helps you design banner ads to place on Social Media.

27. 10 of the Best Social Media Tools for PR Professionals and Journalists

28. LinkedIn as an Advertising Medium

29. Social media as a crisis management tool

30. Social Media ROI from Mashable – how to measure?

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