101 Latest Social Media Facts and Stats from India – 2016

Like every year, it’s time to compile the best stats and facts in the space of social media, digital marketing on my blog. If you are looking for numbers based in India, this blog is going to be of great help to you. I have put my best efforts to identify these stats from various […]

Like every year, it’s time to compile the best stats and facts in the space of social media, digital marketing on my blog. If you are looking for numbers based in India, this blog is going to be of great help to you. I have put my best efforts to identify these stats from various sources. Perhaps, 2016 saw the biggest shifts that revolutionized social media for good. Video content and Infographics became the most powerful tool for brands and businesses looking to communicate their point easily with readers. Having a buy-button on almost all social networks was another development experienced, which made advertising and shopping handy.

Likewise, the year also saw businesses scramble to boost digital offerings with new apps, brought app-integration into streamline. The growing interest of messaging apps such as SnapChat, Facebook messenger and Whatsapp highlighted that more people were actually interested in communicating than broadcasting and such seismic shift in intimate conversing process are clearly defined by sharing happening beyond the confinements of traditional social media pattern. Here are some amazing social media facts 2016 in wider terms, covering facts from social networks, online behaviour, brand advocacy, video marketing, content marketing and more.

Social Network Facts and Statistics India

Facebook Facts From India

1.    India has world’s largest number of Facebook Users with over 195 million users, overtaking US by over 4 million subscribers.
2.   There are 155 Million Monthly Active Users (MAUs) in India, of which 147 Millions MAUs access Facebook via Mobile Phones and 73 Million users are active daily on Mobiles.
3.    Top 5 countries accessing Facebook are India, USA, Brazil, UK and Germany.
4.    Key Facebook Users from India are aged 18-24, which is the largest and fastest growing population segment.
5.    A users revisits Facebook more than 3 times in a day.
6.  Indian users can access Facebook in 12 languages and 670 Million users are connected to at least one News Publishers page.
7.    In India, 76% of Facebook users are Men, and 24% users are women, which illustrates the barriers women face in India to access technology and information.
8.    Most popular Indian Brand on Facebook is Aaj Tak with 14.4 million global fans.
9.    Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the most popular Indian on Facebook with 32.9 Million likes as of 2nd quarter of the year. Deepika Padukone is 2nd most popular person with 31 Million likes.
10.    Rajnikanth VS CID jokes is the most followed Indian Facebook Page with over 11,894,377 likes
11.   Nearly 52% of Facebook Users in India hesitate or aren’t bothered to mention relationship status on their profile.
12.    In India, Facebook is the only social network to cross 150 Million Users.
13.    Most of the active Facebook Users like to keep their stories and posts to “Only Friends”.

Twitter Facts and Stats From India

14.    Twitter, the microblogging site has 23.2 million Monthly Active Users in India, which is 2nd largest in Asia-Pacific after Japan with 26 million MUAs.
15.    Over all, Twitter accounts for only 17% of Indian Social Network users.
16.    Again, PM Narendra Modi has Largest Audience following totalling over 25,148,264 fans. On the 2nd place, we have Amitabh Bachchan with 23,731,193 followers.
17.    Most followed Indian Brand on Twitter is Reliance Mobile with 2,92,496 followers and Airtel India is on 2nd position with 1,813,07 followers.
18.    In terms of Twitter Community, “Awkward” has the largest audience of 2,931,989 followed by “Pakalu Papito” with over 2,474,466 followers.
19.    Twitter is at 2nd place in terms of User Engagement after Facebook.
20.    Globally, Twitter has 320 million users, 140 million of Daily Active Users and 305 of Monthly Active Users.
21.    According to twitter, 80% of users tweet from mobile devices.
22.    Every second, around 6000 tweets are sent which means over 350,000 tweets per minute, 500 million tweets per day and 200 billion tweets per year.

LinkedIn Facts and Stats from India

23.    There are over 30 Million LinkedIn Users in India, while 467 million users globally.
24.    LinkedIn, comparatively, is the fastest growing professional network in India.
25.    Currently, LinkedIn is the most frequently used social network for recruiting, because it results in the most successful hiring.
26.    Most active users on LinkedIn India are of age group 24-35.
27.    46% of LinkedIn users are Female and 54% are Male.
28.    Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for $26 billion in 2016.
29.    Top 5 countries posting on LinkedIn are USA, India, Japan, UK & Brazil.
30.    India accounted for 6.76% of regional distribution of LinkedIn traffic after United States with 33.53%.
31.    A profile with photo makes users 36 times more likely to get a message on LinkedIn, while it makes 14 times more likely to be found on LinkedIn.
32.    Every second 2 members join LinkedIn.

YouTube Stats and Facts from India

33.    YouTube, the video-sharing site has more than 60 million unique users in India with users spending over 48 hours a monthly viewing video `content.
34.    More than half of YouTube viewers watch YouTube Videos on their Smartphone or tablet.
35.    ChuChu TV is the most subscribed animated YouTube Channel in India with 3.43 million views, followed by CVS 3D Rhymes having 2.16 million views.
36.    T-Series has the largest audience on YouTube India with total views of 12,505,859,352 followed by ZeeTV with total views of 6,364,519,553.
37.    Actor wise, Ranveer Singh has largest audience of 4,091,138 views, and Vir Das is second most popular Actor on YouTube with total views of 2,627,336.
38.    Tanmay Bhat is India’s top YouTube star (co-founder of All India Bakchod (AIB) having 1.55 Million subscribers and 143.23 million views.
39.    The estimated earnings of ChuChu TV is $220,000-500,000 per month
40.    Over 70% of YouTube viewers in India are aged below 35, female users’ accounts for 38% and Male users are 62% on YouTube.
41.    When compared to last year, YouTube in India is up by 90% while the watch-time has grown by 80% in 2016.
42.    Top 5 countries viewing YouTube are USA, India, Japan, Russia & Brazil.
43.    Globally, YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine after Google. 1/3 of Internet users use YouTube. Monthly 6 Billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube.
44.    The Partnership Program of YouTube gives 55% of the advertising revenues to the creators.

Pinterest Stats and Facts From India

45.    Globally, there are 176 million registered Pinterest users out of which 110 million are active users.
46.    After Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is 3rd most popular social network in India.
47.    80% of traffic to the site comes from Mobile device.
48.    Pinterest has 80% female users and 20% male users.
49.    Majority of daily active users on Pinterest are under 40.
50.    The site generates more than 400% revenue per click as Twitter and 20% more than Facebook.
51.    The most browsed categories on Pinterest include- DIY & Crafts, Fitness, Home Décor, Food & Drink.
52.    92% of overall Pinterest posts are photos.

Instagram Stats and Facts From India

53.    There are 16 Million Instagram users in India.
54.    Globally, there are 400 Million active Instagram users with 75% of users from outside US.
55.    30% of overall Internet users are on Instagram
56.    74% of Instagram users in India are Men and 26% are Female
57.    More than 90% of Instragramers are below 35 in India.
58.    The 1/4th Indian Population uses Instagram to post Selfies.
59.    Instagram “Private Accounts” in India have increased in numbers.
60.    Deepika Padukone is the most followed celebrity on Instagram with over 10.7 million followers, and Priyanka Chopra is at 2nd place with 10 Million followers.
61.    Top countries posting on Instagram are USA, Russia, Brazil, India & Turkey.
62.    Top 5 brands on Instagram are Nike, Starbucks, NBA, Adidas Originals & TopShop.
63.    48.8% of brands are currently on Instagram, by 2017 it is expected to touch 70.7%.
64.    The average users post engagement rate of Instagram is 3.31%, while Twitter has an average of 0.07% only.

Other Interesting Interenet Facts from India

65.    In India, there are over 462 Million internet users and 200 Million are active social media users
66.    In 2016, 24.33% of Indian Population accessed Internet via Mobile phone and the trend is predicted to grow at 37.36% by 2021.
67.    India is second largest online market behind China.
68.    Internet usage is male dominated in India with 71 percent to 29 percent female.
69.    Google+ is 2nd most used in India with 82% accounts after Indonesia with 83% accounts.
70.    Activities on Social Networking sites are high between 6 PM to 10 PM.
71.    Mumbai and New Delhi accounts highest traffic to social media sites.
72.    Over 60% of active social network users are college going students.

E-Commerce and Advertising Facts From India

73.    E-commerce in India is said to be the largest and most profitable for a new business start-up.
74.    India’s Digital advertising market has grown at 33% annually between 2010 and 2016.
75.    E-Commerce in India is currently at 2 Lakh Crores and is predicted to grow 5 Lakh Crores in 2017.
76.    77% of online users buy products exclusively on Social Media.
77.    43.8% of Indian Internet Users has purchased at least one product online and by 2019 it is expected to grow by 64.4%.
78.    59% users shop on tablets, 69% shop on Mobile devices, and 38% shop on weekly basis.
79.    50% of shoppers buy products online based on recommendation through social media networks and 74% of customers rely on social media for making their purchase decisions
80.    The sale of physical goods via digital channels in India amounted to 16.8 Billion U.S dollars in revenues.

Private Messenger App Facts

81.    SnapChat, the messaging app has more than 150 million daily active users, which is bigger than Twitter.
82.    52 per cent of Indian instant messaging users are on WhatsApp, 5th most downloaded application in the world.
83.    India is top country to use WhatsApp Application followed by Brazil, Italy, Turkey and Spain.
84.    Globally, 64 Billion messages are sent on WhatsApp messenger.
85.    42 per cent use Facebook Messenger. Skype is used by 37 per cent. WeChat has a 26 per cent share in the market.

Content Marketing Facts

86.    42% of B2B marketers are active at content marketing and call it effective.
87.    93% of B2B marketers are using content marketing over traditional marketing.
88.    60% of marketers create one piece of content at least every day.
89.   78 % of consumers understand that a organization offering custom content are interested in building good relationship.
90.    Content Marketing is 3 times more effective and cost 62% less than traditional marketing.
91.    78% of CMOs agree that custom Content is the future of marketing.
92.    Most effective B2B marketers are spending 39% of their marketing budget on content marketing.
93.    73% of organization hires content strategist to take care of content marketing.
94.    Branded content are considered 72% more effective than magazine advertisements
95.    64% of B2B marketers outsource content job.

Video Marketing Facts

96.    Adding Video while sending email can increase 200-300% of click-through rate
97.    Video on a landing page could increase 80% of conversion rate.
98.    A full page ad with video can augment user engagement by 20%.
99.    A real estate ad with video receives 403% more inquiries than a listing without video.
100.    64% of users decide to buy a product after watching video
101.  96% of B2B marketers use video somehow in their marketing campaign, which reports 73% of positive response on ROI.

PS: It’s time for you to explore Facebook Marketing Trends of Year 2017 as it is predicted that year 2017 is going to be all about Video Marketing on Social Media Channels. Explore the complete story.

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