Social Media for Business – Stories of Indian Brands

It would be to wear blinkers, to dismiss Social Media just as a socializing individual-oriented platform. Indian brands are soon realizing that Social Media can be hotspots to reach their audience on a personal level. But unfortunately, the realization stops with just that.

Social Media: Stories of Indian Brands by industrial expert Sorav Jain takes you, through thoughts, illustrations, examples and proven models to go beyond just the realization. The author effortlessly illustrates his Social Media philosophies by giving a insider’s view of the challenges and opportunities for Indian brands to turn to authentic execution of branding in Social Media – the phenomenon that has already delved deep into the Indian fabric.

This book will help you learn how Social Media can be perceived from different aspects of business. This book is filled with case studies, tips and perspectives on how social media is a virtual world that provides various business opportunities apart from regular business networking.

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