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Team echoVME had an opportunity to host the Social Media Marketing campaign for India’s biggest culinary event – #IFCA2015 and I personally got 10 minutes to speak on dias to teach the best chefs of the country on how best can they leverage Social Media for their personal branding.

My 10 minutes session was broken into three segments:

  1. Why Social Media is Important for Chefs? 
  2. Which are the important social media platforms for Chefs
  3. Recipe for making successful LinkedIn and Twitter profile. 

Like how DJs are showcased to drive a party, Chefs needs to be showcased too, to drive footfalls to restaurants or hotels. Chefs are always the hidden side of a restaurant or hotel – we never know who has made that lavish buffet possible! We never want to enquire about them and it doesn’t matter who cooks the food. I believe, Chefs who are popular because of their shows on TV are more likely to encourage people to walk-in – but they are handful. Chefs has that knowledge which many of the foodies don’t – we probably know how to eat the food cooked – Chefs in the online world can make a big difference to their identity and that identity is essential to sell their skills and to drive people online. They deserve respect and Social Media can drive it!

Chefs need to pick a niche that they want to become expert at and they must establish presence on YouTube and blog to create content. Most of the chefs are active Facebook user but whatever is posted on Facebook remains with friends and family. Blogging on the right topics can drive amazing traffic and help boost a chef’s identity. In my session i also cover ingredients and recipe of making perfect Twitter and LinkedIn profile. Check the presentation below for more details: 

echoVME was International Federation of Culinary Association’s official social media marketing partners for #IFCA2015. With a very minimal budget we have grown the community of chefs from 2,400 to 8,500 using Facebook advertisements. The online marketing efforts through means of social media had received more than 200+ registrations. echoVME had also organised a blogging contest for IFCA India and 2 bloggers were shortlisted to attend the 3 days fiesta. The food bloggers selected were Amit Patnaik and Sankara Narayanan.

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